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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the
shape of a conventional speaker diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a plan view showing another conventional
speaker diaphragm, and FIG. 0-a sectional view, FIG. 4 is the same! "" 6. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional
view of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, FIG. 6 is a graph showing the
characteristics of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 7 is a graph showing
the same directional characteristics. The generatrices that make up the E-crest. 1 and 2 τ 1 1 詔75 1 50 50-10 23 1 (2) 第 3 レ 3 第 2 第 4 竿 5 b b / 1 to 1) 1) ... <J ゝ, /// a \ / \ / 迦 ωt00a 凌
? DDl ■ pQ periodicity C. ! ? + SiE counter ioooo 200 [) 0 樺 6 ports-76 = real open 50-to 231 (3)
correction in Fig. 7 correction 48.7.5 correction is performed as follows in Figs. -77- Japanese
Utility Model Utility Model No. 50-10231 (4) "1a (0 #) ■ Gomee / 1 to 10 (L (60 電? 1, \ b (609
ゝ) ・ ·. 1 ■ 1 de support 100 200 years + 000 round number 阜 7 Ma no fishing + (XXXI
package OO-78 one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a unique design
for the brass face of the peristaltic plate, thereby making it possible to make the length of the bus
bar O constituting the msm and the rate constant by means of a rock. In particular, the present
invention relates to a speaker 1 @ lossy movement plate in which the division side lifting region
O pressure shoulder wave number characteristics are significantly altered, in order to minimize
movement interference and division co-lifting in order to store the plate. In the prior art, most
general-purpose loudspeakers-moving plates have a broken shape / @ E. In addition, the curved
W-shaped moving plate, which has a curved 1-section dovetail shape, has the length of the
generatrices that make up the right cone g # -whether the direction W- Even if this is the case,
therefore, the vibration O traveling waves that work from the top part 7 and the top part 7 and
the KM waves that propagate to the top part to the top part by summer radiation at the edge
part. If, for example, concentric node circles are produced on the diaphragm, interference occurs
regularly and the sound pressure frequency characteristics deteriorate. In particular, at a certain
frequency of 20 minutes with a minute IIW range, a minute 111 # lifts up by means of a weir,
resulting in local over-motion or a convoluted nodal circle, It has become a cause of stagnation
and peaks and valleys on the capacity dust wave number characteristics. In addition, there was
an O fault such that a turtle pot deep pot could be produced if it occurred in the split crane lift
crab path phase. In addition, conventionally, a peristaltic disc, which is configured so as to
suppress the movement of the mother's gland O having a length II of the type IIa, or to suppress
the movement of the part 1111, or a straight line allljJ (* J @ l) and a curve 1i11141 as shown in
FIG. There was a system in which a circle-shape was constructed so that $ 4111) and 3 snow
were swayed radially to 豐 I, and the peristaltic WOW property was increased by the O11 nose
part to suppress the movement IIw. Page 3 This device is different from the previous 0xt- ★ -Jl @
diaphragm, and the conical surface of the moving plate has a unique latency. The following is the
loudest effect of the O effect of this device. To clarify the even number. In the case of a circle j @
IC, a vertex II / inner edge and an edge portion inner edge or a round end round disc with a
perfect circle, all generatrices j, j ′ ′ − ··· that form a pyramid are complexed It is a curve that
exhibits inward convexity, and the generatrix j at each position C of the form sO circumferential
pot O, J '---0 length 11 and the curvature cross the maximum and minimum ZC every 00 Each
time it is turned back (a speaker-moving plate made of brass 1111 * cleaned so as to
continuously change periodically in the unique range C). If the half apex angle 0 at each position
cm at the top / inner peripheral edge II is cyclically unique 颯 cm cm ご と く ご と く ご と く ご
と く cm ご と く ご と く 周 周 c c c c c c c c c This is a moving plate for a beaker which is
produced by changing the top IIg / inner circumference a and the edge vII-cone-cone-cleaned
cone 1 except for the edge II-.
Thus, the shape of the optional O cross-section of the bell-shape is different in amJl diameter,
which centers the same. 1131 41131 This -y # surface has a unique shape O lifting plate is a
periodical jingle of j, j '---0 length and rate that make up the paradise. It becomes uneven.
Depending on the direction of arrival to the traveling wave-engine Gno IFIIJ in order to confine
ILl 蜘 to the top / periphery, the wave resistance is therefore also different at each position of Email's 方 @ Because they are different, traveling wave, reflected wave and O interference. For
example, in order to produce a heart-shaped Ow circle, in the special ICI # IIII movement range C,
the presence wave is less likely to O, and the local Hakuru 6 we, the concentric Hyo circle m
resonance rumor As shown in FIG. 6 dormitory line a, even flat writing pressure wave number
characteristics can be obtained. The broken line O is lI! The characteristics of the 秦 0411 IIII
plate are shown. In addition, Snaktsunu of one part in the direction of movement of # and
aptitude angle becomes small compared to other S-minutes Bc at 1 ml / C, and the quantity of #
& apex angle is small, and along the 橢 -conical 聞 O bus Alga-approach to (as, the dynamic
granule snuff becomes smaller. The small part C of this OJ Naph type O can not follow the lift of
1111 / with a high number of perfusates, and the reduction in equivalent is reduced, and it is
used as a 橢 circular plate. Make a member. Therefore, as shown in S1 figure, high frequency & le
** cllllt! : H se 'ii' '9 v4 ° hate 霊 ・ O 崗 特性 characteristics become better. In the above
embodiment C, for example, even if it is a lifting plate in which only the central portion is formed
into the shape of a circle La of shape + 11C, and the other peripheral portion is shaped like a
brass IIi, the effect is almost the same. As mentioned above, although the largest one-ring
execution form of the o * vao effect has been described, generally, in the II-no inner peripheral
edge and the inside, the internal waste of 82112 is a perfect circle O conical shell-like moving
plate Busbars that make up! In order to make the length of the 3 '· @ tatami uneven by the weight
gang, the bus bar j, j' ring OII & iI-and-in the circumferential ring O at each position C of the
brass garden are periodically run This mobile I / O board for the IIO speaker, which forms one
garden that changes continuously in the space, causes no interference between the traveling
wave and the summer wave, for example, creating a concentric nodal circle <m1iv Also,
especially in the dividing side, the presence of waves is difficult to reach, and it is possible to
minimize split collusion as much as possible. As you advance O O, as in the bowl-shaped, unique
shape of the invention-in-the-2000-inspired diaphragm, the generating line of the cone 11ji! .
4mJ '· · · How to put the length-to-length ratio of O-(Thus, for the speaker which has significantly
reduced the blue crush 瀘 時 number-time ability by suppressing the split crane as much as
possible at 1 o'clock without making it into a fixed position-moving plate鵠 llm0-a simple
purchase II / II shows a mobile board O shape for the Shoto O speaker longitudinal-one, the other
conventional speaker l 9111!
-Indicates the shape of the plate-1st-1st J-is the same 0-a sever ■,-is 0-1> 1l [1m, it is happy!
Cabinet shows this discussion IIO speaker 1 @ shaking board, joy 4ml shows the speaker
MIIIWklIO characteristics of water bulk-so that. The 71st shows 71, あ う あ う meet. 1 峠 l is the
top, は is w wN 舊! ,! -One is a bus which constitutes @ form #-, y. 1 1 ン Δ Δ Δ 、 b, / 47/1 第
'20 4 4 fields 1023 j 峯 5' 1. '1. '1. , 6t, 1: X 8 l 'nearness; DO 1000 2001) 5 × 161 000 000
000 Tables CHz] FIG. 6: 11: 111 −−, 霞, : '□ ·······! Kltooall 50010002a50 [k] ICD ω m 埴
CHt3 察 7 肥, 手 続 Procedure correction book (1) 814 814i year 2 甚 5H, -5- wait Jf agency
secretary 綬 1, hand indication Showa 3 years 菅 ... 搬 和 第0510'lS No 2 · / ij industry (name Suh
0-Car m 1 1 椙 3, relationship with the case to make corrections (individual) λ サ 不 カ フ カ フ
カ フ カ フ カ フ address address Osaka))- City Nisshin-cho 2 No. 1 name (Q 271 Onkyo b type p
representative 11X Megumi 5 generation Takeshi 401 agent (1, place (. 5 Ma 2) Osaka
Prefecture Neyaya 11 + City Nisshincho 2 2nd No. 1 Oshikiyo stock meeting vomiting 2-Name
(64431 Patent Attorney Sataku Daichi Device 0720335631) \ 1 Range 1 嘩 = # = = w1 1 corps · ·
· 4 il-, G) to K1 (1) mouth face (z> E 1 January 911'70.hI 6 of the end, 砺. In order to correct Seo
1IlllO out of Reel 4 and Reel Coo like Eas with Ell. 1 鴫 書 j 頁 − 嬉 3 嬉 − − ・ ・ ・ 振動 ま た
嬉 指 指 鳥 鳥 な り な り 鳥 為 な り な り 次 次 補正. "・ ・ ・ Because it can be relaxed, it is
also a pleasure to compare in-the-finger characteristics comparison-IC Side, line concentration(40 ′ ′ ′) C, (0 0 @ @ 0 speaker swing plateー A1 ー V-Kuraichi 橢 11 011 tlIO 橢 O O O 饅 横
指 指 指 鳥 鳥 鳥 鳥 (破 線 鳥, broken line 1 (40 "> is I! Shows a speaker O directivity
characteristic, equipped with an east circle-shaped lifting rod. More than i: day 1 honest -1 111
brows □ to I I rel 4 frights 1 σ OO 5 5 fll biting table table 11 taste 6 figures at O ゝ) sound, 1
H ′ ′: 1 ■ ル べ 11 L /: 111 ': · (Materials) + 00 rich 5 DD width no ω ω i 卯; ff; I 阜 number 7
figure 6 以外 6 other inventors V person (1) inventor inventor address W trade shoulders each
neck waste Back number, No. Onkyo Co., Ltd. Ishika 77 Su o name Ishikawa m 呵 >> zu mekasu 0
I possible?
fr Hashisame Yuno