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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a front view of an embodiment of a
telephone speaker according to the present invention. Series: outer electrode, 2: ring, ring 6, 6:
semiconductor element. Large scale 1-89-scale: 1.
【Detailed description of the invention】 Now it is inferior to the current activation machine 1 · 8
ど で あ 力 ろ ろ 一 小型 小型 小型 小型 素 子 素 子 素 子 素 子 素 子 素 子 素 子 素 子 −1 −1 <1 "l Replace the rod-but the wax is effective, but Daikabe Kitaji 1:-, C semiconductor-(use a child,
a single scratch, I J, take J -4 efficiency, correct / not enough Is the change of 4 plates for each
one? 8 sides-need to be fixed) 6-but as a chopping machine-All in one space for a space-1Completely small size all 4 children are indispensable There is a disadvantage that Ki is 44, which
is a major injury compared with a single command, live J.) small size. According to the present
invention, the above-mentioned disadvantages can be ameliorated by the following problems:-)
Overspoiling spear for spear------ The figure is a front view of an allegory and speaker related to
the present invention, 1.2.3. And 4. The outer pole 1 made of a metal of the metal group material
forming part of the magnetic Iol path, the ring, the inner pole bottom plate support, and the inner
sleeve 1). . 5. A plate of gold (1) material t, a steel plate (· A display 8 @) joined to the plate, and a
plate of S. 6. Is a t semiconductor element mounted in close contact with the end 6α of the inner
-1 base plate 3. In other words, the speaker for acid activity according to the present invention is
formed by bending the end portion δα of the inner wall provisional t3, which is the four gold
parts constituting one gas circulation, the frfr portion and the bent end portion 3α
(semiconductor Forceps 6 full density, 4F mounting dimensions 1. The heat from the
semiconductive main element 64 at the temperature D, ···, is the upper plate in $ 紀 bottom plate
6. リング2. Inner edge 4. The heat is dissipated by using it as the outer heat sink and the like
and the whole heat sink. Therefore, if the speaker is active, or if it is activated, the heat
dissipation area of the dedicated heat dissipation area, etc.) will be large enough to dissipate the
heat of the semiconductor element. I can do acupuncture), acupuncture and moxibustion itself 瑳
瑳 + + + i can be O1 ·