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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a conventional apparatus. 1 ...... diaphragm 2
...... monkey-like stage d, 3 ...... chamber cover, 4 ...... carp E · full E · · · · Mak net 11, ..... packing. ?
Fig. 1 (Fig. 2-79-real opening 49-80. 730 (2) correction correction 47.11. 27 drawing Fig. 1-2
correction as follows O Fig. 1 Fig. 2 One (one) (one)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The purpose of this invention is to improve the
sound quality, improve the workability and increase the durability, and to make the L2 9
compact peristaltic device vCWA. In recent years, with the miniaturization of electrical
components, the transceiver has also been miniaturized, and the size of the transceiver is limited
by the thickness of the peristaltic device rather than the size of the electrical components.
However, if the area of the diaphragm is reduced, the sound quality is also thermally degraded,
so the ligature can not be made too small, but for the purpose of downsizing, we have to use a
bag of poor sound quality. Yes (this idea a chan? By making the (1 Australia C /) bar cover of the
same material as the diaphragm and making the vibration 1 product relatively wide, the structure
of the lead wire drawing is changed to make the manufacturing process easier. (For example, the
conventional small vibration device it has been significantly improved. That is, the present
invention will be described with reference to the embodiment. A wedge-shaped sunken portion is
provided at the central portion of the inverted conical yarn moving plate /, and the same material
as that of the annular stepped portion moving plate (for example 1. Fix the circumference of the
chamber cover 3 made of laminated materials at a glance, and pull out 1 · 1 from the coil base
[also, coil r4 * and lead '4S for connecting this to the power supply of the chamber cover It is
connected at the lower part, and in the figure 7 frames, g yokes, td dampers, / QIfJ magnets, // ri
banking. As shown in the first diagram, the conventionally known imaging device i1 is installed
regardless of the toe-chanper cover 3 and the peristaltic plate l, and can not become a central
part of the convective peristaltic plate gl. As a matter of fact, with the same diameter as this
device, the 小 さ く vibration area is small and the sound quality is bad, especially it is a lowpitched sound. In this invention, these 2 "'(") 會 were falsified, and the central part of the imaging
plate was also a source of imaging motion. Since the conventional vibration @ electric vC sawing
lamp and lead @ S penetrated the diaphragm and were connected to the coil wire l by solder at
point A, it is not preferable only for the movement of the diaphragm. Not, III! There is a risk of
disconnection due to the influence of vibration due to the following part-but in this device, since
the lower part of the 1 channel cover is connected in this device, the coil wire which is easily
broken is also short and the connection part is Effects such as not to be affected by vibration.
Since the -1 pIJ-wire does not penetrate the imaging plate 1 '), the work at the time of
manufacture can be simplified and suitable for mass production.