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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of a conventional speaker
system, and FIG. 3 is a circuit diagram of an apparatus showing one embodiment of the present
invention. L · ································································································ High or filtered. 1-75-July 4977830 (2)-+ 2 eyes + 9-76
[Detailed description of the invention] Ji-ho book t 4th letter spi カ カ レ ベ ル レ ベ ル レ ベ ル
羨 羨 place t * I @ 登録 請求 ■ ダ タ ダ O O Op O O 會 ヒ ヒ ヒ ヒ O tap 0 Fll O The output
terminal and 01 タ ッ ク ス ス ス ス ス! Each high-pass filter to L, 1 髭 tap ml! To form a double
O input forceps, and to switch the input terminal of the heat source by switching the K's input
terminal, the Meby Kashi 2 and Me level 2 stomach device are used. 11) The present invention
relates to Sbiekka system level tuntor II 壷 Kl), which transfers impedance by converting
impedance (1) East 40. 111 園 Kr speaker system シ ス テ ム, bass speaker (b) and treble speaker
(with two way speaker system). And the high sound speaker I '! The constant voltage II such as
the output of the transistor power amplifier is supplied to the input terminal 1 (81) (lill) k conden
charge (cl 賃 and inductor 訃). This high-pitched speaker (in el 轡 出 Karepel ol 141m is made by
changing the O supply voltage level to the high-pitched speaker (fi to a low-pitched speaker by
changing the inductor (T, T)) Loudspeaker (B) Jlk 1 Let's take the sound output and the patience
from Klk 1. However, ζ 040 does not have the input remark voltage only when the indata # 嬶 o
both figs, the input 儂 voltage is applied 1, and the tag (Ta) (Ta) (Ts) K rebukes (2) Therefore, the
high sound speaker (TiO sound output level can not be raised higher than the sound output level
of the low sound speaker (T) is also O). Then, when tap (T,) (Ty) (Ts) () is selected, the impedance
seen from the terminal (As-Am) becomes A and the transmission characteristic T11 has a
different defect. , () * () * (TB) resistance (hl) (-) in the lid so that the actual running impedance
becomes constant corresponding to the terminal (AI--n), tap (Ti 2 (■ (Layers) T1) and 4 select
resistances (R +) (R *)-(switching, constant a # l characteristics). Before, 總 2IIIIK show that as in
Subangsnam, install Inductor (2) k Step up 7 柑 7 (T,) 伽 伽 轟 ス ビ ス ・ ビ ・ 31 (O r) + 31 O O
Increase the sound output level Depending on the tap used, the terminal (AI-person,) sees
different impedances and 1 has a defect that the transmission characteristics are different. [111
1 1 1 1 1 1 1] 橡, each tamp (TI) (TI) ('re) K vs Jl [(J' tl) CR hold) in the lid KIi * L, with the tap
(Ta) (Ts) (TI) resistance Select (Ryo) El), switch, and keep the transmission characteristics
The present invention seeks to provide a Subaru, X-Dem level control device which can adjust the
sound output level very efficiently by adjusting the point such as ζO. One tK, home imo-example
will be described. The (s,) Cf) shown in the 311 is a transistor (4) power amplification-etc. O
output, so that a constant power is supplied, so an input remark-this one input terminal 1 (S,) K
switching ** Switch (SW). The change-over switch (8 W) has a switching contact (bl, in the case
of the present embodiment O, three switching contacts (b +) (b 嘗) (bi) with respect to the
contactor (a) K ing. An inductor (I) is formed by II: 0: indene (C 3) (c,) (C @) as a high-pass filter in
the changeover switch (SW) 0 joint (b +) (bs) (bs) I, 10 10 force dumplings. In the above interface
JILIFi, a plurality of taps (derived in the case of the present embodiment, 5 taps of tags (T +) (Tm)
(Ts) are derived to obtain the condenser t (Cs> (Cm) (Cm) as l1kH And form an input terminal.
And, in the tap (Tm) (TI) (TA) 4D of this inductor, the tap (5) · Yu (T1) is an output terminal, and
the tap ('r *) sI-and the inductor (2) 04h terminal Between the high-pitched speaker (a gun with
sugar pea coil. 11 medium resistance (RL) 杜, equivalent impedance of voice coil. The circuit
shown at 111L and 5mK is a high-pitched speaker (not to be confused, but in practice, it should
be parallel to one bass speaker (b) in the same manner as the circuit shown in 1111) to control
the sound output level. To make the speaker system work. Next about 1 action l! ̶ Do. Input
Note terminal (Ss) (sm) K, audio input modulation is supplied, and if changeover switch (8N) El
switching contact (b,) is selectively connected, input note voltage is the same level and for highpitched sound Loudspeaker (become one to be supplied to one! * And the speaker for highpitched sound (The O sound output level is raised and lowered #t, and <is an optional spring
switch for the changeover switch (8 W). For example, to increase the acoustic output level, ie, the
voltage across the two terminals 411 (RL) t, the switching switch (SW) is selectively switched and
the switching contact (ba) (bm) (ba) is selectively connected. The transmission a characteristic G
in the I / O junction is expressed by the following equation when the changeover switch (8 W) is
selected as the changeover contact (bl) K.
G B □ □ 〒-〒-stone W-1; 斤 i) −-niRL value, L1 is the value of 〆 (2) O 置 niO tap (T1) O
inductance (1-1, 2, S · ·・ Ci # i tap (Ti) (秦 コ ン コ ン デ ン デ ン デ ン デ ン デ ン (コ ン (((7 7
((は は は は は は は は は は は 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
7 7 LiL- @ L, (-) 麿 n. Because it is electric @ L1 (nl) 1 * Eri Ll + 16 niRL and *) +, transmission
characteristic G 辻 changeover switch (8 W) 0 changeover contact (bi) O selection without regard
to -jl K tk &. That is, by selecting and setting each condenser (ci) e value to an O value according
to each tag ('ri) e winding machine (nt) v inductance (Ll) so as to set Liei-constant Ke)) It is also
possible to obtain a transmission power I, and to make the transmission 4 I 一定 G constant. After
all, the sound output level of the high-pitched speaker, the level #C transmission G is constant,
and the level is easy. 俤 1) According to the addition, the sound output level does not change to
the sound quality, and the upper exfoliation is extremely wide 11 until it descends, and it is O
that can be variably adjusted efficiently, and it is used together with the te speaker When it
works, it can be balanced with 41kO speaker O sound power, and it can be done very much in
e1ss, and the transmission power is high-pass filter. From the various Km ゐ − 、 意-種 々 or
desired 0 echogenic K11i! I am selfish. t-iwe simple * m * IE111 and l52- 紘 A conventional route
of the conventional O-spinning system, aSS 路 showing an embodiment of the aSS 紘 invention.
(2) · · · Inductor, (tg · · tap, (C) · · high pass filter. (9) ′j′3イ− ? 1- (1)-WAt 3-2
double-piece 2-piece set S----Sat 2-A, -M,--town-You 2 te i Shiki t, L stock -[People L <y 4 body
butto-7783.04 Fang c11i J □ □ □ Te-本 本% l 札 4 (罐-本-^ ^ (1 extra · fu 1 + -1- 778 r7783 o%
5, Appendix II of the attached documents, 1 specification old (one drawing 11 f 1.3 'L fl 11 1! 11
古 ↑. 1 (6) application examination request letter 1 letter 6, agent other than the above, 1st
person J 1 person I −-JT JT, 8111 樺 6: 弁 6: ih 6 practice) 樺 value; p par