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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a sound
generating apparatus according to the present invention; FIG. Japanese Utility Model Application
Publication No. S49-72235 (2) Correction Japanese Patent Application Publication No. 49-72235
FIG. 1 to FIG. 2 are corrected as follows. Fig.1 Fig.2 Corrected image 47.10. 30
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to an acoustic generator
using a piezoelectric element such as barium titanate. As shown in the drawing, a piezoelectric
element (1) having an electrode (2) is attached to the-side surface of a metal plate (8), and a
synthetic resin sheet (4) is attached to the other side surface of this metal plate (8) . Pull out the
electrode (11) and gold 118) lead wire (5) +1) and connect it to the oscillator (6). The metal plate
(3) is supported by a support (7) at a portion corresponding to a node of the vibration, and the
synthetic resin sheet (4) is attached to the fixture (8) so as to be pulled from the periphery. A
cover (9) is provided to cover the synthetic resin sheet (4), and a large hole (91) is formed in the
center of the cover (9), and a large number of small holes (92) in the periphery. Is open. When
the piezoelectric element (1) is driven by the oscillator (6), the metal plate vibrates to generate a
single sound, which is emitted from the large hole in the central portion of the cover (9). At this
time, from the small holes (92) of the cover (9), a multiple sound due to the vibration of the
synthetic resin sheet (4) is emitted and synthesized with the sound coming out of the large hole
(91) to become a chord and a large sound. The sound quality changes depending on the size of
the large holes (91) and the small holes (92) of the cover (9) and the thickness of the plate, so
that the size and size of the holes (911, 92) can be obtained. You just have to choose the board
thickness. If it comprises as demonstrated below, the conversion efficiency can (2) favorable lid
for sound generation can be obtained.