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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing one embodiment of
the ensemble mixer of the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are circuit diagrams showing
another embodiment of the ensemble mixer of the present invention, FIG. 4 is a perspective view
showing an example of the balance controller. TCI to TCn · · · · · · Tone control circuit, Bl ˜ Bn · · · ·
· · · Balance controller, S1-Sn · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · Balance control, S1-Sn · · · · · Output terminal, SFL, SFR, SRL, SRR ..... Speaker. − -95-real
opening 49-58333 (2) Fig. 1 one FL · X ■ ◇} 4 chan 96 real opening 4 g 58 333 (3) Fig. 5 FL /
5 FR \ ◇ \ 5 RL / 5 RR-97 one actual Opening 49-58333 (4) Fig. 5 FL 5 r RV \ n N / n L 5 RR 98
1 real opening 49-58 333 (5) Fig. 99-
[Detailed description of the invention] @ Record 1. Invented 0 Each name unmanned 2 * M Xin
Cheng-range of rusting request Various balance sound K @ Km Balance controller シ connected
to the output side of each separate tone control circuit, through this balance controller And mix
jlllC))-Output of the control circuit ll At least consider the key o O left right and right O and back
o O left and right three places kf! The position of the sound image of the musical tone emitted
from the 4110 speaker by transmitting it to the 1-rounded speaker and adjusting the balance
controller is arbitrary Km! For example, in the case of collective playing with electric appliances
in multiple types of electronic musical instruments, it is possible to use a speaker, for example,
from a speaker. Regarding an untempered mixer that can be arbitrarily set three-dimensionally in
the position of an electronic sound O sound image to be emitted-1-When performing electric
musical instruments and electronic devices collectively in a large hall such as a concert, etc. An
electric base, an electronic organ, etc. are connected to the input side of each tone control as a
sound collection signal source, and a 2-speaker connected in common to the output side of this
tone control circuit is arranged to transmit musical tones. It occurs! 1:うてしている。 The
sound image position of the musical tone generated from the two more speakers is flat, there is
no three-dimensionality in the sound, and it is not only unsatisfactory for the performer, but the
speaker should be fixed and set at a predetermined position. The sound image position can not
be arbitrarily changed because it is ordinary. This consideration is made in view of the above
points, and if the balance controller 5 is connected to the m power @ of each different tone
control circuit By arranging the speakers at a total of four places: front, left, right and back, left
and right, L, kE Balanced conotrolor ta, three-dimensional sound image of the musical tone
emitted from the speaker without changing the position of the speaker In addition, it is possible
to set an arbitrary unmixing mixer which can be set to an arbitrary number of 2-1. 0 or less An
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. Ilにおける
TO1〜TonはそれぞレトーンコントロールilIIテhb。 These tone control circuits 〒
C1? Although not shown on the input side of On, each tone signal source may be, for example, an
electric guitar, an electric bass, an electronic organ, an electric piano, an electronic musical
instrument or an electric electric machine. C) ctL et al. O)-Control iLIITQz-TenO Each output 114
balance control is -91 to BnK *), each balance controller B1 to Bn is, for example, 菖 4L!
As shown in l, it has 4-to-9 resistance resistors R1a, R1b, R1 (H, R1 (H, R1 (R1a to Rs4, Rsa to
R8dl · · eRna-RncL), and the operating lever ˜ further diagonally in the longitudinal direction) "E!
By moving to etc. These variable resistors R1a to R1d, which are books 0 to change the
resistance value of T * 1 6 °° ′ ′ ′ ′ d (RJa ′ ′ °°°° to IR3d, +1 @@@ Rna−Rn
+ 1), R'3-2a-Rad, R3a-Rad, and II6II Rna-Rnl are each connected in parallel Km, as is apparent
from Fig. 1a. The resistances Rh # L, R2a,... Of the balance controllers Bl-Bn are connected to a
common output terminal TFRK via resistances rxa-rnat. Also, the balance controller Bx to Bn
resistance R1b. The movable terminals of R and---Rnb are connected to a common output
terminal TFLK via resistances rlb-rnb, and WKFt1. The movable terminals of R 鵞 C 豐 eIIRnc are
connected to the common output terminal TRRKII via resistors rlC-rnC respectively. Good luck.
Similarly, the resistances R1d, Rm6, 6 @@ R * dO terminals of the 11C sheet t-balance controller
1-2Bx-Bn are one common output terminal TFIK connected via the resistor rldA + rndl. These
output terminals TFR, TFL, TRR are C. , TRLFi, speakers BFL, 8FH 8H, l! Disposed at the left and
right four places on the left and right and the rear of the # plane shown in FIG. It is designed to
connect IRLK. Next, the operation of the Kotsu conjecture configured as described above will be
described. (1) Toe 7 conotrol circuit 1 (For example, an electric guitar, an electric base, an
electronic organ, and an electric piano are connected to each input end of Hz-Ton, respectively,
and resistance RAIL of each balance controller B1 to Bn -R1ll, Rla to Rad, R11a to R8tl, R11! If L
to Rnl are set at the center position, the output signal of the tone j nodroll circuit 7Cl is the
balance controller B's resistance R1a-R11lk and resistor 1jr1, ˜ rxaTh1i and the output terminal
TFP, FL FL, ↑ FR , 'L' PII. Transmitted to Thereby, from the output terminal TIFR to the speaker
date PR, from the output terminal TPL to 1 bit: #Iqpr, from the k3 power terminal head to the
speaker 8 RR1 output from the ladder TRL to the X beaker 8RLIC so that each L note controlpath TC1 Output the output signal and generate the musical tone of the electric guitar from each
speaker-the following, +-C in 1liIIII, each output signal of tono control circuit TCs-Ton balance
controller BM-'Bn, resistance rla-rla, r3 Turtle ˜ rlld, rn & '-rnd output terminal TFR, IL, TFLR,
The speaker 6-K 8 FL, SWR, 8 RL, 8 RR Kara electric bass, electronic organ, electric piano,
generates musical tones. ffk: When the movable terminals of the resistances R1a-Rld, Rlb-Rld,
R3a- + R36, Rna-Rnd of the respective Balanos controllers B1 to Bn are in a balanced state at the
middle order tK, Corresponding musical tones are generated from the speakers SFL-SFR at equal
volumes. Next, E sing in the manner described above, for example, generate the volume of the
electric guitar at the point of Pl of 1b, create the electric guitar at the position of P2, the
electronic organ in the case of placing PS, and the electron organo, If you want to let the electric
piano 1 實 t4 :; in the position of P4 V low · · · [description. In this case, the sound pickup signal
of the electric guitar, which is the tone core troll circuit Tcxo output signal, may be transmitted to
the speaker SFL, so that the 'lance co' F =, -fBIO resistance R1a, Rlb and RldO resistance value is
maximized Set only the resistance KRC to a predetermined resistance value. Thus, the sound
collection signal corresponding to the electric guitar from the tone core troll circuit Tel is the
speaker 8FR. 6-81'lR, 8RLK not transmitted, speakers! The tone of the electric guitar is generated
from Iν10. Likewise, balance control? B1l0 resistance R job, Rub and Rle, pre-balance control
c1-la Bs resistance Hml, lsc and Roll, balance control Bn resistance @Rna, setting Rnajp and Rna
to maximum resistance, speaker The 8FR generates a company electric based tone, the speaker
8RL generates a tone of an acupuncture kidney organ, and the epi-1 judgment force lu generates
a tone of an electric piano. Thus, 4F ′ ′ = PaO In the position, the sound image of the electric
guitar, the electric base, the electronic organ and the electric piano can be obtained respectively.
The above description is merely an example, and the setting bait of each speaker 8 v L, JIFF,
IIJLR, 8 RII can be changed, and the sound collection O sound image position can be adjusted by
appropriately adjusting the patience controls B1 to Bm. It can be modified as appropriate, and it
is possible to obtain sound images three-dimensionally, that is, three-dimensionally-纂 m1ll is
another embodiment of this invention. In the example, two variable resistors R1aeRlb% R * a, R
bits b1R8a, R8b% Rna, and Rnt + are used as the balance controller B1% B11, and the variable
resistors Rhh, lsa, Itlm,. · · Rna () one end (one of the W) is connected to the common output
terminal te FRK through the resistance r1 turtle ˜ rna respectively, these variable resistance # ILR
Tortoise, R 粍RNA-· · to the output terminal TRL common via Lun end Inc. resistors rld˜rad of Rna
m connection has been - Ru.
Similarly, one end of * R1b, Rmb, Rmb-.. Rnb is connected to the common variable 111 via the
resistor rib-rub in the same manner as the variable 111, and the variable resistors Rxb, R11),
Rmb, a ** The common output terminal TRRK is connected via the other end # 1 rle to rna of R @
1 #. Furthermore, the movable terminals of the variable resistors R11L% Rnb of the balance
controllers Bx to Bn are connected respectively to the tone control path fQz to the TonO output
side Kli. Now, if the variable resistances R1a to Rnak and RFI) to Rnb of the balance controllers
BlxBn are set at the center position, then the 8-1 tone controller A1 circuit To1 to To is realized. !
1 output signal 4 # 1 'd + in the balance controller yBz ˜ l1In, resistance r1m + + rla, rla ˜ r raptor
a, rlazr 慕' * rmIL ˜ rn & through, speaker PL, 1lPR0IRR, IRIIKljE sending StLJbol do K1, Each
speaker PL, 1iFR, tmR, tlRL, electric guitar, electric pace, electronic organ and electric piano O
tweezers are generated in the warm state ・ next toe if, balance controller B16 variable ship anti
xz turtle, xzbo If the movable end J is moved downward, the output terminal! The value of m **
between PR and TEIPL and the balance controller a-yBz is large, and the resistance between the
output terminals TERR and TIL and the balance controller-laser Bz is minimum. Therefore, in this
state, the tone control-path TO1 o output signal is sent out via the balance control-block and the
resistors rxc, rl & the output terminal tee FLR, TILK (). MT, fiijllec L-c, / (97 X j: /) u 9 B 1-: n no
"1 capsule resistance 11 divisions, Rss, 罠 sa, R 8 I), Rna, Rn 4 appropriately, according to the
seven joints, tone 9- The output signals of the control circuits TOI to Too can also be sent to any
of the output terminals TTR-TRLJ). As a result, as in the case of the embodiment of FIG. JII1, only
by adjusting the Paranos controller f4L-yBn without changing the position of the speaker, it is
possible to set 1 儂 of predetermined sound collection to 4 at a predetermined position. Is a book
that can Now, 1Easl shows still another embodiment of this invention, and it is possible to
uniquely adjust each Paranos controller Bl-Bn as in the embodiment shown in [11] and [2].
Instead of the group and to adjust to (and the turtle's.
-In the embodiment shown in FIG. 3 in the embodiment ril E1 shown in FIG. By switching each
switch of 8 to 8nVt to each output side of ox to Ton and Balanos controller 9B1 to Bs1ll, and
switching between 1 to 8bn to the function of Paranos controller Bl to BstD and%, switching
group by group In one set of adjustment mvt, the switch g1w1m is a switch t1 to t11 which is a
movable terminal 11m and a fixed terminal axb to sza, a movable terminal lem and a running
terminal O at O-1〇-ζOSS s Terminal l 寓 Th # 8m 4% Movable terminal asb and Sonden
terminal S last s s1, Movable terminal 1na and fixed terminal Sn1 to n 直 straight, and each of the
exchangeable terminals ala to 8n is a tone punt roll circuit ! The output side Kll of 01 to Ton is
continued. Constant terminal sx b ˜ 2! 1b is connected in common and is connected to one end of
the balance controller-La Bz Ililtum turtle ˜ R1tttD, the nine constant terminals 116 ˜ -na are
connected in common, balance; resistance R $ of the tortola Bm Similarly, the fixed terminal @ z
6-1 ma is also commonly connected to one end KI of a to Rfi & connected, and is connected to
one end of the balance controller 1 纂 O resistors R 1 to R a1 V, る 0 菖 S (1) In the case of
01lIIIA-it is obvious that the tone control-road te 01-Ton drip control-La B λ-B 808 is not equal,
and the part of the ridge is the same as the example of the first cabinet, Configuration OI! For the
sake of clarity, the same reference numerals are attached to the same reference signs and the
explanation will be omitted. Now, in the ills II, among the balance controllers B1 to 1s, the
balance controller makes the resistance value large except for the resistor R1a of -La B1, and in
the balance controller lfi, the resistance value is large except for the resistance R bird d. In
addition, in the balance controller BS, it is assumed that the joints other than the wax and the
resistance Rsa are jointed 0 in this state, each of the nine terminal 81a-811 & of the changeover
switch 81-8n is fixed terminal 8z11. If it is switched to connect to Sac, Bsa り Sn, the output of
the tone control circuit Tol is the resistance R of the changeover switch 810 movable terminal
111a-fixed terminal 5xb-balance long roller Bz R-C-resistance rlo-output Terminal? It is sent to
the speaker 1iFL via the PL. As a result, the tone of the electric guitar is generated from the
speaker 11a L, and the sound image of the electric guitar is obtained at PI. The output of the tone
control A circuit TOj is the movable terminal lem of the changeover switch s. Balance control 5B
bird) mtllll j & -resistor r bird A point 12-10,000 terminal TFR The electricity-based musical note
is sent out to the speaker 8FH.
Therefore, the tone of the electric guitar is generated from the speaker 87R, and a sound image
of the electric guitar is obtained at the position P3. Similarly, the tone control glllTO3 (D output is
the movable terminal 811a of the changeover switch S3-fixed terminal 1 easy C-balance
controller B's HzR111-tiltrad-output terminal TPRtF via the speaker IFRilc electronic orga sohi
sound signal is sent out, speaker fiFR The electronic musical instrument also generates a musical
tone for the electronic sound. From this, the speaker aIR generates tones of the electric guitar
and the electronic organ, and the position PmK can generate the sound image of the electric
guitar I- and the electronic organ O and the tone control circuit! The output side of On sends out
the musical note of the Spic #aRI, #IC electric piano via the movable terminal -na-fixed terminal
of the changeover switch-n-li pile Rs *-IIar 3a-output terminal TML of the burnt controller Ba.
The tone of the electric piano can be generated from the speaker 8RL to obtain the position PSK
electric piano o11 儂 113-. In this way, if the balance controller 4-x Bx is appropriately adjusted
and the changeover switches 81 to 8 n are appropriately switched and selected, one tone of the
generated musical tone can be generated without changing the installation position of the two
speakers. It can be adjusted. As described above, according to the present invention, the tone
signal source is connected to the input end of the tone N and the detonation control circuit, and
the balance controller is connected to the output side. Speakers are installed at the total left and
right play places, and by performing balance control on this speaker and adjusting this balance
controller appropriately, it is possible to adjust the balance of the speaker second without
changing the arrangement position of the speaker. The image can be set three-dimensionally and
arbitrarily, and the three-dimensional effect of the sound is higher. Ill! Brief description of
the invention 111 111 shows an embodiment of the invention of the present invention n ■ ■ ■
■ 5 taih-and 113 ■ is a 14 o-r diagram showing an example of the slack O of the annamble
Mikina of the present invention The IiA diagram shows an example of a balance controller.
Diagonal -11 # 1A To1 ′ ′-Ton: Tone control circuit, B1 to Bn @ 6 II / (1 ′ ′ 1 ° ′ ′-roller
8 ′ ′ to 8 ° 1 ° switch, T de L, Tear R 11 plate, TRL @ @ out Taka terminal, S L L, 1i FIl, 8 RL,
1 i RRI--X force-* m * work, work: Nippon 秦 sw stock gold Company □ Attorney attorney sum 1)
Power law 18-Fig. 1 Tatami weight-TC---'-'-'-' □ 4 ◆ 9 months-TO □----1 rid TF.
(Fixed irc · TC − − − ′ ′ ′ ′ m 1 ··· i 1 1 1 ··· (support) 4, 3 Fig. 81 Fig. 81 "TFR control ·
coo--r + bTFLTC + 'RR--- Yl ylc L7 RL origin 壱 k C2 TC TC 5 'to R 柚 1- "n 1773., af +----r n b TC
n-(R nb'--r41 d 5 F 15 FR \ section \ / \ 5 RL 5 RR Ti S 2 Figure 8.7----- ------Cao Ding C1515! □
Part 4 FR 'St1 TFL----Converted γca n;) Fermentation 1 Cn 5 na 1 attack IV \, ■-1 \ / ■ L5 RR:
1 Fig. 9 Yu, R · db agent patent attorney sum-out adult