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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is a plan view of a box, and FIG. 1b is a crosssectional view along X = X% I in FIG. 1a. 1c is a sectional view along Y-Ym in FIG. 1a, and is a
partially enlarged sectional view seen in the direction of the arrow, FIG. 2a is a plan view of the
lid, FIG. Fig. 2b is an enlarged partial sectional view taken along the line 2-2 in Fig. 2a and viewed
in the arrow direction, and Fig. 3 is an explanation showing the engagement relationship between
the container and the lid. FIG. 4 is a plan view of the disinfecting tablet. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · engaging claws, 12 · · · · · · · · disinfected tablets. Kura-29-True opening 49-42 10
10 (2) rtb B 1 1 25 1 4-64 1 71 1 st figure 1 house = 1 1 1 1 1 actual opening 49-42810 (3)
correction 48.1 . 18
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention is a single-use telephone
disinfectant container attached to the mouthpiece of a telephone. Since the conventional
telephone disinfectant container was designed to simply separate the container and the lid, it
may be removed during use, and (111 n -A 011'l-1 ' 1) Firmly fit so as not to remove this, and
further, SQtlj: Processed or glued with an adhesive etc., but in this case, the drug is filled into the
container. The process is not suitable for mass studies. In this device, 1) this missing dQ is to be
removed, and a lid filled with a medicine filled with a lid is inserted, and by turning the lid on one
side VC, the interlocking claws provided on the body are engaged Both; d unifying the body
during use without dislodging the four bodies in the opposite direction d: possible, characterized
in that there is no fear that the four bodies will come off the container It is. The f4 structure of
the present invention will be described based on the 'f' drawing yc. The six-body l is an I-Al (L, a
frame of , The same as the circular outer frame co, 0 circle inner frame 3 and force; radially
straight out by circling the inner frame 3 are combined by 1-2 straight 'rt', further vC1 outer
ring-and inner A middle frame S of a concentric circle is also provided in the middle of the frame
3. In addition, a protrusion & a is provided on the end of the bone, that is, a portion which is in
close contact with the outer frame, and the projection & a is projected thereon. The outer
periphery of an annular tablet 7.2, which will be described later, is placed on the middle frame 2
and the inner periphery on the inner frame 3 by the projection μa. At the position where the
upper reciprocation protrusion la is provided in a protruding position, and the periphery is
divided into four equal parts, iff, the engaging claws face the claw portion Aa downward instead
of the protruding portion μa There are 6 In the outer side of the outer frame Yu outside the end
of the month r of the projection lta, A body? There is a groove singer to sing. -A body 74-j, fii + @
pi-body-of +4 ua ICd compound 1-ur As a molded product of a synthetic resin consisting of a
tabular net body having an outer diameter, 1i1 frame 9 in the outer frame g1, excessive shape
The web 10 is reinforced by the ribs 10 of FIG. Then, at 4 μA near the iAJ line, at the b position
at: b, the engagement claw A and the engagement claw A and the engagement i = J ability
position, the engagement claw // or AQ 47 R 111-114 sono claw tal / B, facing upward. * 11:
Disinfecting and scraping! In the plan view of the figure, it is a flat annular body 1-, having a
thickness of 1 mmg, and the inner diameter lJa is approximately the same diameter as the inner
frame 3 of the copy l.
この′y! Since the plan is S-shaped as described above, insert the tablet tuck into the box 1
and insert the hook of the lid Y // against the hook 1 of the box 1. In the opposite direction, the
player is sung in the style / with 1 1 γ t t shifted to the direction of the opposing force. And that
4, 1. i, when the cover 7'5L is rotated in the direction of arrow 10, the hooks Aa, // a of both the
engaging claws A, // engage firmly as shown in FIG. Can not be returned in the g + direction, and
they will not be bothered by both. As the 4ρ L or more theory, as shown in the figure, the case
and the four bodies are provided with engaging claws respectively, IIII + 8'ft-combing, then
rotating by 10,000, each engaging claw Since the container and the lid can be simply connected
between them, the assembly process can be shortened. (4)□。 −□す。 1n−nC