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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a front view, FIG. 2 is a partial cutaway side view, FIG. 3 is a cutaway plan view taken
along line II in FIG. The drawing is a partial cutaway side view, FIG. 5 is a partial cutaway front
view, and FIGS. 6 to 9 are cutaway side views showing a corner even portion, respectively. 1
······················ Speaker ··· EE ····· Body. Fig. 2-73-real opening 49-38233 (2) Fig. 4 \ Fig 3 Fig. 6 Fig 774-actual opening 49-38233 (3) Fig. 5 Fig 8-Fig 9- 75-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic box
such as a speaker or player used as one of the acoustic devices. Generally, the box in this ridge is
made of a wood material that is acoustically preferable-it is complicated to manufacture and cost
4-Especially, M1 grade wood and other durable wood 49-38233-02-2- There is an uneconomical
situation that it becomes more expensive and not suitable for mass production because good
repercussions can not be obtained if only a homogeneous place of good quality is used.
Moreover, the barrier wall is likely to fluctuate due to the change of the humidity temperature of
the outside air, and it has an influence on the quality of wood, and as an indoor device product, it
is easily burned and there is a problem in fire protection. An object of the present invention is to
effectively eliminate the disadvantages of these conventional devices, and to provide an acoustic
box which is suitable for mass production and is extremely inexpensive and easy to configure. In
the present invention, there is no resonance in sound generation, and a sound effect, in
particular, a good performance in the low frequency band, and a stable state in all bands at all
times, and a good appearance and harmony in the room, +! Another object is to be able to be
easily configured in a high aspect. The present invention is formed by using a concrete material
having a core material 1 embedded in a nationally-shaped concave wall body 2, and surrounding
and deploying a frame 3 made of a plastic material such as a synthetic resin material around its
outer periphery, and the surface of the surrounding wall Temporarily hold the cover member 4
for decoration and connect the concave wall which becomes a phase via the frame 49-38233-033 integral part 3 with the connector step 5 to form the housing B Speakers and so on. In the
illustrated embodiment, a wire mesh, a porous plate, a lattice, cardboard, a glass fiber mat, etc.
are used as the core 1 and a concrete or foamed concrete material or a similar material thereof is
incorporated into the formwork VC and removed In addition, it is useful for shaping and
reinforcing the plate-like wall 2. In addition, in the concrete material, if necessary, it is possible to
use a block of water or a mixture of charcoal and other non-combustible materials. A
thermosetting resin such as polyester, epoxy, phenol, melamine, silicone, polyurethane, or the
like, for example, an outer frame 6 which combines dimensioning and a fitting member on the
outer peripheral edge of the solidified concrete material wall 2; A thermosetting resin such as
acrylic resin or methacrylic resin or a technical plastic reinforced with a fiber such as glass fiber
is used to integrally fix them in an appropriate thickness. In addition, the covering member 4 is
used by attaching relief printing sheets such as imitation paper or wood grain patterns, cloths,
and non-performing cloths to a concrete material of green sheet 2 blue cocoon The agent can be
distributed by spraying a spray together with the additives, or can be replaced by a olfactory
The concrete wall 2 made by the outer frame 6 and the covering member 4 is metalized into a
triangle, a square, a polygonal square or a cylindrical shape, and a box 1. The joint surface of the
frame is used as a concavo-convex surface of the fitting structure, or a fixed connection by
screwing, or a combination of these. It is convenient to use a fixed means 5. Note that although
the curved body 114 except the ++ iJ plane is used to form the pressure body A, for example, the
circumferential side wall, the canopy plate, and the bottom plate are the wall 2 of the above
structure, It is also possible to do surface facing processing which stuck or crimped a design
piece on the outer surface of 0 or OiJ covering member 4 which can be arbitrarily selected, or to
make uneven surface on the inner surface of wall 2, cloth, sponge, etc. It is rational to paste the
sound-absorbing material of the above and to process the inner surface. Furthermore, in order to
strengthen the connection between the wall 2 and the frame 3, it is roughened or roughened, or
as shown in FIG. 2-7, the core 49-82333-051 is protruded and extendedly embedded in the
frame 6. , A lingering piece (not shown) can be embedded or crimped or bonded across the two.
In the figure, 6 is a base, 7 is a height adjustable housing, and 8 is a grill net serving as a soundpassing body which also serves as a decoration. 9 is a speaker support plate, 10 is a speaker, and
various kinds of high-tone, low-pitched sound and medium-sound are arbitrarily combined and
mounted on the support plate 9. 11 may be a back cover, 12 may be provided with rough
surfaces or ridges 16 or recessed grooves in the connecting surface in a continuous direction or
locally in the longitudinal direction. After the core material 1 is placed on the formwork by the
formwork method and the concrete material is poured and solidified to form the wall 2, the outer
rim of the wall 2 is covered with synthetic resin using the pond formwork. The frame 3 of the
material is bent around 4 and molded into a flat plate shape or a curved plate shape, and the one
on which the covering member 4 is held on the surface is used as a side plate, a canopy plate,
and a bottom plate The connecting part of each surface is 49-38233-116-6, which can be used
as a speaker box in which the frame 6.6 is fixed by the connecting means 5 and can be used as a
big gold sealed box. According to the present invention, the nationally-recessed wall 2 is formed
using a concrete material in which the core 1 is embedded, and a frame 6 made of a plastic
material such as a synthetic front material is provided around the outer periphery. In addition to
holding the decorative covering member 4 on the surface and connecting the adjacent concave
walls via the frame 6 with the coupling means 5, the box concave wall surface is strong. The
distortion in the sound range is properly suppressed and there is no resonance, that is, a low
resonance frequency can be produced with a low resonance frequency compared to wooden, and
a good if writing effect can be produced while generating a large output even in a small box. In
addition to the above-mentioned, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of standing waves by
providing an inm quantity to the box and to prevent the occurrence of standing waves. It
becomes 0 ■ ability to make it easy to put out your back Even in the case of a wall, it is easy to
form the exterior surface in a harmonious manner in the room, with a good appearance, luxury
and high-class design, for example, 1 packing or bonding to improve the feeling 49-82333-07-7It is possible to embellish and easily change the design, and furthermore, the wall can be
manufactured by casting with a formwork, so that it has a relatively inverted shape, for example,
a back loading horn type. Can be manufactured at low cost, and it is easy to completely seal by
the presence of a frame even in the case of box connection, a clear back room can be obtained,
the structure is simple and extremely inexpensive, and there is no influence on the outside air
fluctuation Since it is stable, there is no need to take into consideration the complicated
consideration that is conventionally used for wood formation as in the conventional case, and
since it is non-combustible, it has practical effects such as being used safely in fire protection.