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■ Mounting device of stylus arm ■ Specially intercondylar 45-58640 @ Outcondylar interval 45
(1970) July 3 @Imployed Joho Australian equivalence 庄 16 16 12 Sony Okusawa Youth House
in Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo ■ Application 7 7 350 agent patent attorney Atsushi Ito of the
person inc.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view from below when the
example of the stylus arm mounting device according to the present invention is applied to a
cartridge for reproducing a signal from a record, FIG. 2 is a sectional view thereof, and FIG. The
enlarged plan view of the device of the present invention, FIG. 4 is its front view, and FIG. 5 is its
explanatory view. −
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention converts a mechanical vibration into
an air vibration and further converts it into an electrical signal. So-called electrostatic
mechanical-electrical converter is used to regenerate the cartridge from the record. The present
invention relates to a stylus arm attaching apparatus suitable for application. The invention will
now be described in detail with reference to the drawings. In the drawings, 1 denotes a stylus
arm attachment according to the present invention as a whole, and the stylus arm attachment is
implemented in a cartridge 2. The cartridge 2 is not directly related to the subject matter of the
present invention, but is configured as described below. That is, it comprises a main body 3 and a
head portion 4, both of which are detachably configured by screws 5. The main body 3 has a
front substrate 6 and a cover integral 7 for covering the rear thereof, in which a converter 8 and
an amplification [111111] unit 9 for amplifying the output thereof are accommodated. Further,
as shown in FIG. 2, a main diaphragm 12 having a frame 11 attached to the outer periphery is
housed with the frame 11 in the front with a four portion 10 formed on the back surface of the
front substrate 6 The back plate (back electrode) 13 is accommodated via the spacer 14 on one
side, and the output terminal is respectively provided from the surface on the main diaphragm
12 side and the conductive film (both not shown) deposited on the main diaphragm 12. It is
constructed by pulling out fifteen. First and second air chambers 16.17 are formed between the
main diaphragm 1 and the substrate 6 and between the main diaphragm 12 and the back
electrode 13, respectively. A protrusion 19 having a through hole 1B communicating with the
first air chamber 16 is provided on the front surface of such a front substrate 6 and is formed in
a tapered shape. The plate portion 20 is attached to the front surface of the substrate 6 so as to
be integrated in a half of the road. On the other hand, the head unit 4 includes the stylus arm
attaching device 1 according to the present invention, the bellows 23 and the support 24 for
holding them in a predetermined relationship, and can transmit the vibration applied to the
stylus 25 of the stylus arm attaching device 1 to the bellows 23 It is configured as In the present
invention, the stylus arm mounting apparatus 1 is configured as described below. That is, as
shown in FIG. 3, the stylus arm attaching apparatus 1 according to the present invention is
provided with an arm attaching portion 27 for attaching a stylus arm 26 to which a stylus 25 is
fitted, and this attaching portion 27 is opposite to the stylus arm 26. And a fixing portion
mounting portion 29 mounted on the fixing portion 28 provided in the cartridge 2. The one end
30 of the mounting portion 27 and the one end 31 of the fixing portion mounting portion 29 are
respectively tapered to form both ends 30. In the state where the.
Thus, this shape is generally in the shape of a heart. When the fixing portion attaching portion
29 is attached to the cartridge 2, the butting position A becomes a movement point (center), and
the attaching portion 27 and the stylus arm 26 vibrate (rotation around the butting position A )
[111111] EndPage: 1 is performed. Further, as shown in FIG. 4, on the predetermined outer
peripheral surface of the mounting portion 27, a pair of pressure swing arms 32 and 45 °
angular intervals are maintained on both sides with respect to the center line XX of the stylus
arm 26 passing through the stylus 25. 33 are formed, and projections 34 and 35 are formed at
their respective free ends. The projections 34 and 35 extend substantially parallel to the stylus
arm 26 and extend to the Y-Y line corresponding to the tacking position A, and their tips are
tapered to form a so-called conical shape, and these tips are described above The respective
bellows 23 are made to face each other. The excitation arm 3233 and the projections 34 and 35
can be integrally molded. The stylus mounting device 1 can be used by molding and using a
synthetic extreme fat material such as polypropylene which is rich in pliability. According to the
stylus arm mounting apparatus 1 of the present invention configured as described above, the
vibration center or movement point of the whole mounting apparatus is at the joining position A,
so the vibration from the stylus 25 vibrates about the joining position A. The strain can be
transmitted to the bellows 23 through the projections 34 and 35 formed on the excitation arms
32 and 33. That is, according to the device of the present invention, since the vibration center
becomes clear, the vibration of the stator 25 can be faithfully transmitted to the bellows 23
without attenuation at the joint position A. Further, since the projections 34 and 35 are formed
to make point contact with the bellows 23, even minute vibrations of the stylus 25 can be
accurately reproduced as the bellows 23, and good record reproduction is obtained. Further,
when the excitation arms 32 and 33 are brought into direct contact with the bellows 23 without
providing the projections 34 and 35, an angle θ occurs as shown in FIG. 5 and the vibration
component of one excitation arm 34 is transmitted to the other excitation arm 35, for example.
Will be excited. That is, the amplitude of the transmitted vibration is represented by n tan θ (1sin). Where p is the length of the perpendicular to the axis of the stylus arm 26 from the point
where the protrusions 34 and 35 contact the bellows 23. However, as shown in FIG. 5, the angle
as shown in FIG. 5 is obtained because the tip of the projections 34 and 35 transmitting the
vibration to the bellows 23 is at the same position (Y-Y line). Such vibrations are not transmitted
because θ is zero. That is, even when only one excitation vibration 34 is desired to be vibrated,
the other excitation arm 35 does not vibrate so that mechanical vibration can be completely
separated and transmitted to the bellows 23 more reliably. There is an effect of being a dog that
can make good record reproduction.
The rubber ring 40 is fitted so as to close the abutting position A of the mounting portion 27 and
the fixing portion mounting portion 29 in FIG. 3, and as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. You may ■
Claim 1 1 One end of the arm mounting portion to which the stylus arm is attached and one end
of the fixing portion mounting portion to be fixed to the fixing portion are each formed into a
tapered shape, and both ends are turned together A stylus arm mounting apparatus comprising a
drive arm integrally connected, an excitation arm provided from the arm attachment portion, and
a projection extending to a position corresponding to the butt position at the free end of the
excitation arm. Wl111111EndPage: 2