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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of the present invention
headphone, FIG. 2 is a side view schematically showing the inside of a case in FIG. 1, and FIGS. ,
Cross-sectional view, and a top view. 1 and 2 are cases, 4 and 5 are antenna and connection
fittings, 6 is a headband, 7 and 8 are connectors, and r 'and 8 / are antenna insertion holes.
Shoulder 3 figure (a) = 3 first run 49-28402 (2) 竿 2 mouth -4-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo
headphone which also serves as a radio receiver, and in particular, the construction of a
connecting portion in which the connecting portion of the headband and the case combines the
characteristics of the antenna and the holding bracket by using a metal rod. Pertain to. It has
already been carried out that 1-49-28402-2 has been incorporated into radio receivers in all
stereos, but in the case of a plinth, it has a heavy weight to use as it is the telescopic antenna
normally used in a portable receiver. It takes a lot of space and is expensive. In consideration of
such At, according to the present invention, a bracket is used at the connecting portion between
the headband and the case to make the holding bracket and the antenna work as t as well as to
make the case all headbands easy to move all the way up and down. The present invention
relates to the structure of a connecting portion using elastic connection body sound and
simplifies and facilitates the structure. An embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to the drawings. In order to put 1 and 2 on the ear in the case, the sponge is
attached to the outer skin / v which is the pad l 'and ff are attached and the speakers 9, 10Th are
provided in the inside, respectively. Further, in the case 1, the receiving circuit unit 8 is
accommodated, and the symbol 08 'is an adjusting knob of the receiving circuit. 4.5 Fi radio
reception (l! A metal rod that doubles as the connection between the headband and the case, and
is electrically insulated from one end d-sl, 2 In this case, -'Is of the rod 4 is electrically connected
to the receiving circuit P1 unit 8. Further, both ends of the 6Fi head band are fixed to a
connecting body 7.8 made of an elastic rubber body or metal piece, a hole γ1 g is provided in
the connecting body 7.8, and the rods 4 and 5 are inserted. The sliding movement is also
possible with an elasticity of 7, 8 and the distance t-Th between the cases 1, 2 and the headband
6 can be freely made according to the size of the head of the user, and the case 1 for the
headband 6 2 can also be completely adjusted ○ Figure 8a, 8b, 8c show a slope view, a sectional
view and a top view of the connecting body 7 and the tip of the rod 4 is bent in a shape of 11
Two holes τ are also provided, and the other holes τ ′ for the leads 4111 are also provided.
Also, the headband 6 is directly embedded in the connector 7 and fixed. The same applies to the
connector 8. In this way, when assembling the radio receiver to the headphone in this way, the
configuration is simplified by using a metal rod that also serves as an antenna welder-λ 2-1-"4928402" Also, it is easy to handle because the sliding and turning can be easily performed only by
inserting the metal rod into the hole of the elastic member connected at the both ends of the