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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of an example of the device of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional side view along a line 1 in FIG. 1 (with the spring
being non-cross section), FIG. Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional perspective view of the upper cover of
the device K stem, Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional perspective view of the same block board, Fig. 5 is a
cross-sectional side view of Fig. 6 showing one example of the conventional device, Fig. 6 Is its
plan view. In FIGS. 1 to 4, 1 is a ring-shaped main body, 2 is an upper lid, 3 is a central opening
of the upper lid 2, 4 is a leg portion of the shielding board 5, 6 is a space of the shielding board
5, and γ is a spring. Reference numeral 8 denotes a langle on the lower end periphery of the
main body 1, and 9 denotes lJ 9 L of the upper lid 2. Juice 1 Figure 11 Shi, \-· · 21-True Opening
49-26410 (2) 4 Figure (Le-22-True Opening 49-26410 (3) 5 years "") F 6 times-23-3
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a feeding and
cutting apparatus which makes it possible to easily close the mouthpiece and remove the
blockage when the telephone is used. During weekly talks with the other party by telephone, it is
often necessary to interrupt the temporary transmission because of a meeting or consultation
(1149-26410-02). In such a case, it is inconvenient for both hands to be restrained by manually
piercing the mouthpiece hole, and it is inconvenient because both hands are restrained. M-Kind O
The device of the present invention is such a need to temporarily close the transmission hole
during such a transmission (as opposed to a simple request with a finger of the hand holding the
handset And a device that allows the user to continue the t-talk after releasing his or her finger.
Of course, there are various known transmission block devices. For example, as shown in FIG.
5.4, the device disclosed in Japanese Utility Model Publication No. 1744440310 is mounted on a
microphone M of a telephone set * A / K this annular body / v, H,. . A plurality of resilient arms
−- + directed from the edge toward the center, and a hook-like lid 3 for opening and closing the
transmission hole of the transmitter is provided at the joint portion of the arms 20, One of the
articles of the lid is attached so as to face the transmission hole hK. According to the apparatus of
+ s + 49-26410-03-Knee, it is usually the lI! Of the lid 3 and the mouthpiece. If you need to close
it, you can push the projection provided on the joint part from A1 meat, bend the elastic arm, and
make the hole 3 It will be explained that if the pressure is stopped, the elasticity of the arm cocompany (it will be restored to its original shape and the lid 3d will be swollen, so that it becomes
possible to transmit). However, in the device according to the above-mentioned invention, the
transmission hole is opened by the closure lid 3 only with a plurality of arms. In the case of
stacking and transporting these devices, in addition to the fact that this arm is sagging and is
constantly closing the feed hole, because it is closed many times, As a whole, these arms are
lowered downwards to significantly reduce their elasticity, so that the joints jl to 113 almost
overlap the holes just above the holes so that they can not fulfill their original functions. I have a
habit. Moreover, the positioning of the lid 3 may be inaccurately 1 because the arms are made of
elastic material. The present invention is to provide a new sending device (+)-speaking device
which solves such a defect, and its summary company has a small hooking flange g for the lower
hook @ WINK, A ring-shaped body crowned with a microphone TK; having a hole 3 at the center
of the top surface, and having a large number of small holes remaining all jliK, flexible to close
the top surface of the body 10 An upper lid = a bowl-shaped flexible pliers S having a leg dab
engaged with the central opening 3 of the upper lid; a space portion 6 provided on the back side
of the base da of the closed tray S; A spring 7;
Hereinafter, the example will be described with reference to the drawings. In the present
invention, the ring-shaped body / Fi plastic, made of synthetic rubber or the like, the entire
circumference or a part of the lower edge of the sled is Ki! , A portion of the sky which is present
around the entire circumference of the base of the transmitter TO (this gap is visible in the socalled 6θOm telephone 11). The main body does not come off easily from the test microphoneas small pulls-for bh 7 lanyards looms towards the center of the main body l, its top rim portion l
' The inward end FIIK is provided with a hanging ridge 11-. In this case, the size of the main body
/ the telephone set aQ-IRa111-nF + -O will be enough to cover the T portion of the camera in a
planned manner, and the total height will be more than the height of the transmitter TO.
Company, high-to be. Also, the upper lid 2 (see FIG. 3) in the present invention is formed of a
plastic J1g7 snow-flexible material, and has a thick annular member in its ONN edge! H rare, its
member 2 also 7 runes towards the center of the upper cover! The bollards are covered over a
total of 111 bogs, and there are 7 more rajika \ Q bet standing walls! Is set so that the end of the
sled slightly exceeds the tip of the annular member 2)) 従 っ て Therefore, the standing wall with
1 = member! Seki ectly Ranjino made horsefly be present Extract annular groove / theta Bo all #l
Niwata bottomed of the. Thus, the groove 10F1 is dimensioned to be closely plated with the main
body / e ridge r. Furthermore K11 l standing wall! A circular holder member extends from the tip
end of the w through the entire wK. This member / / lj Central part hole ,? 1 Yes 51. j0. 酉 ゆ ゆ
1 Are mutually orthogonal to these large frames (s, 49-26410-065, ', it is known that a large
number of small square holes are thereby formed). Next, the suction cup-shaped voice collapsing
disc S in the present invention is made of a flexible material such as synthetic rubber, and has a
shallow bottom-like shape as a whole as is understood as shown in FIG. The base portion is
provided with a small space portion I in which the leg portion to be closely engaged with the
upper MO central portion opening 3 and the central bottom portion KFi encircling the hook-like
main body dali and the leg portion em * It is done. In addition, a slightly projecting annular 7
tenge 6 'surrounds this empty portion A # i and its am. 1k, the leg 4 of this bell body! There is a
partial dowel that protrudes slightly outward, but since this board is also made of flexible
material on both 11 'and 2', both this partial pressure is pushed to the opening 3 of the upper lid,
If you push hard, some companies will easily be determined 10 * in hole 3.
It is needless to say that one side of the board S has been set. At the same time, Klk is made to
face the transmission hole of the transmitter T. Finally, in the device of the present invention, in
the space portion 6 provided at the central bottom portion of the bed closing plate 3, the end
portion is Q Q [sublindac] which is a gloss, is provided around 49-26410-07 in the space 114
The spring 7 'which is an annular 7 flange 6' serves to capture the spring 7 '$ 1 housed in the
space A so as not to be easily released. In this case, the spring 7 acts to lift the upper li 2 and the
closure S as shown in the figure in the normal state, with the device of the present invention set
as a microphone (in the set state). . The seven spring companies have strength enough to press
and compress with one finger. The device according to the present invention has the abovementioned structure-usually, * that the feed hole is closed by the closing plate SK from 1-the
sound is a large number of O small holes in the upper lid, Pass q and build to be caught by @Tlc.
In the case where the temporary transmission is interrupted, one part of the squeeze board S is
pressed with a finger (indicated by an arrow P) to compress the spring 7 and wipe the board 3 If
you overturn the transmitting hole-. As mentioned above, this is sufficiently possible because the
upper lid% in the device of the present invention is also flexible. Then, if there is no need for
interruption, the push-down finger is released by -1 tf, and the Splinder 70 elastic force will
return both the retaining and closing plates and the upper lid to the original state. When the
device of the present invention is compared with the above-mentioned known example, the upper
lid and the spring are present, so the purpose is achieved as compared to holding the 311 g
board with only elastic arms and closing and opening the transmitting hole. It is clear that there
are even more outstanding effects.