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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a central sub-sectional view showing a
conventional diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a schematic central sub-sectional view of the diaphragm of the
present invention, and FIG. Figure shows. 1 1 Z 3 '/ -5 "45;' 7-71 single open 49-25 25 2 (2)
Figure 2 Figure 3-72-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates in particular to the
structure of a diaphragm for a large input / output type horn speaker. Conventionally, as shown
in FIG. 111, the diaphragm of the horn speaker is formed by molding the circular chevron dome
1 and the weir 2 and the fixed surface 3 provided for vibration easily into a single disc, and the
dome inner surface lower inner surface circumference Forming a plurality of ridges 6 on the tside of the bobbin 5 along which the voice coil 4 is to be ridged, and bonding them with an
adhesive. Into the dome in one part, lead to the lead with the voice coil end and soldered to the
lead wire, the diaphragm made by such a method 49-20525-02J) r + It is impossible to use it for
large sound 1 with various defects · 7, for example, because the bobbin is fixed only to the
adhesive and fixed to the diaphragm, the deterioration of the adhesive and the work process
Using something already altered during Often a, to the coil bobbin in the result assembled using
leaves, also is or withdrawal this part with the use of a short period of time those of more than
100 watts a normal, or bending of the 811P! Furthermore, it is determined that the impervious
element, which is near breakage, etc., is the broken wire of the lead wire, that is, the lead wire in
the hook of the bobbin penetrates the adhesive when bonding the bobbin, and this is exposed
Since the part 9 is infiltrated and solidified, it causes a break and becomes unusable at the
boundary between the dried and solidified lead part and the soft lead part of the lead during
operation. What depends on this kind of car is the power capacity か '75 watt or more τ \ is not
manufactured or not. The idea is to make it possible to produce a horn speaker of power 4920525-03 capacity that extends to the enemy multiple of the vehicle with a single diaphragm
drive based on a novel configuration, with the exception of the above method. Its composition
and effects seem to be delayed next. That is, in the present invention, the dome portion 10 and
the outer shell IIa plate 13 provided with the vibration mounting portion 11 and the fixed
surface 12 forming the outer circumference of the dome portion 10 and the voice fill bobbin 14
are separately separately patterned. As shown in Fig. 3, the vertical portion 15 is molded on the
inner side of the capsule under the circular tom, and further on the bottom: the circular lI 416
which is bent outward: 9Q. , Fit the inner circumferential surface of 17 bent at 90 ° downward
on the inner shoulder of the outer diaphragm on the outer circumference of the vertical 15 and
bend the straight portion of the surface) way-Horse surface, internal pressure of x X ← dark In
the lower part of the dome body which is bent to match, the electric potential dimension is
secured as if to stop and both mating surfaces are bonded by the contact 118, so that it is
The voice coil bobbin 14 which matches the inner circumference of the boat is fitted and adhered
to the outer circumference of 1 city 17 and 1 upper end shoulder of 1 bobbin is fixed on the
horse in the bottom of the outside long moving plate Thus, as described above, the small holes
provided in each of the assembling cores 31 are dome four-speed [4 shape-matched from the
bobbin L side surface; Lead wire 20 and voice wire ring-end 21 to metal inner hole and crimp
contact 1m 22 [The outer periphery of the 4th eyelet is made by fixing this with the inner
surface of dome body-holder and adhesive 23 is there. Configuration as above 1. In the case of
the diaphragm, it is possible to ensure the dimensions accurately at the 8 m @ m neutral middle
stop portion without the need for a particularly precise jig during assembly, and completely
prevent the three from being separated by the eyelet fitting. It has the effect of driving. l!! In
the present invention, no adhesive is attached to the voice coil lead wire at all, so the wire
breakage caused by the former is completely eliminated, and the material change of the lead wire
due to high temperature as in the soldering by crimp connection. In order to evoke the town q,
without any problems, the bond is effective in eliminating the disapproval of the disconnection 6
j. This makes it possible to manufacture a horn speaker with a power cavicity of 300 watts or
more by driving a single diaphragm, and is extremely large for its effect tio-'ynryb-nr.