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Speaker with hardwood pulp mixed cone paper
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker that
significantly reduces distortion and improves efficiency by adding a fundamental improvement to
the structure of corn paper. The cone paper core of the cone type speaker 1 shown in the first
prior art Jill C plays the most important role in the performance of the speaker /, that is, it
conducts the vibration of the voice coil N3 without loss, and its lowest sound 73- Since it radiates
to high IL as high as JOOOO * z or more, it is required to smell various physical properties as a
requirement. First of all, the three main requirements are the low mass and the large thickness.
The fiber pulp making up conventional corn paper-mainly used softwood. -Perforated 鄭 tt = the
fiber length of t-softwood pulp (the door is relatively long (3 to! To the valley of the fryper's
fryper blade, which is larger than the method, during the beating process-it is shredded and
crushed by the fryper blade, and it is torn up and the original shape is totally destroyed and the
fiber in such a state Papermaking of cocoons makes the deposition denser, so the amount of
fibers per unit volume increases, and as the density increases, the overall mass of the finished
product (corn paper /) increases to 4. Also, since the fibers tend to overlap, the thickness
becomes smaller and the Young's modulus becomes smaller. Speakers with this type of cone
cone, which becomes a so-called low waist cone paper of one ribet pez, the vibration of voice coil
A / J, because the mass of the moving part (corn square 2 to the main square) is large.
Responsiveness is dull with respect to the crest, vibrations corresponding to the crest, parasitic
perturbations are generated, and sharp peaks and waves on the dust wave number
characteristics are J! It becomes a star and causes distortion sound and abnormal sound. The
present invention is a speaker 1 having corn paper- 'having a structure in which hardwood pulp
is mixed with jO or more by drastic improvement of corn paper Co EndPage: 1 page 2 having
such a defect. That is, in general, the broad 1asIl pulp has a fiber length as short as /..-.-1, as
compared with softwood pulp, and the size of the fryber blade of the 4 beating machine is
extremely small during the beating process. Because it is slippery to the blade of the fryper and it
is a lump, fibers are not damaged and natural i! It is sent to the papermaking process while
maintaining the complex original shape of I. Therefore, when such a hardwood pulp is mixed to
form a corn paper cob, the undamaged complex shaped original unshaped broad / bulk tree
valve fiber is intermingled with the other fibers, and thus this hardwood tree is mixed. Pulp fibers
bite the air, and the finished product is a small size, a small density, and a large thickness.
In addition, the distortion noise and abnormal noise are all (not very well-performed performance
by mixing with the long fiber of the fiber length). According to the experiment, the change in
density to the mixing ratio of hardwood pulp is as shown in Fig. 1, and the effect of this invention
as a speaker is the mixing ratio! It is a work written above O attack. FIG. 3 shows sound pressure
frequency characteristics of / J'om speaker 7-7 having cone paper-2 prepared only from
conventional softwood pulp, and FIG. The figure shows the frequency characteristics of Oka, the
second high frequency and the second high frequency, and FIG. 6 shows seven examples of
hardwood pulp such as beech, chestnut and hippopotamus as an example of the present
invention! Sound pressure frequency characteristics of a speaker / having a mixture of cone
paper sheets. FIGS. 7 and 1 are frequency characteristics of the second harmonic and the second
harmonic, respectively. By comparing these, it can be understood that the speaker of the present
invention has no sharp peak and valley in the sound pressure frequency characteristics and
sufficiently understands that the high-wave distortion is small. Thus, the present invention is
based on the adoption of corn paper made of hardwood pulp j0% -j 2 1 or more. It is possible to
obtain a high distortion speaker / with little distortion.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure of
the speaker /, l ′, and FIG. 2 is a table showing changes in density of corn paper prepared by
changing the plating ratio of hardwood pulp, @ Figure J is a graph of sound pressure frequency
characteristics of a speaker with cone paper made of only conventional softwood pulp; FIG. 4
shows the frequency characteristics of the second harmonic and the third harmonic, and FIG. 1
shows the hardwood pulp 7 of the embodiment of the present invention. Sound pressure
frequency characteristic diagram of the speaker / with speaker mixing cone paper-I, Figure 7,
Figure SZ is the same as before, second harmonic wave, $ 3 harmonic wave frequency
characteristic 1,-// Is the speaker of the present invention, and I is the cone paper of the speaker
of the present invention. '$ Z EndPage: 2 notification of address change (J2) 餡 ρ July 75 special
coverage agency Secretary of 1 ix 6; J 趨 431, delivery 1, the display case of the matter 47 47 鼾
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November 15, 1972 due to address relocation. ・、。 EndPage: 4 Warning: Page break out of 3