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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a connection diagram showing a jack circuit
according to the present invention FIGS. 2 and 3 are connection diagrams showing another
embodiment of the present invention. U and U '..... Stereo reproduction amplifier, J1 * J2 and J1 t
J2 ..... Jack, J3 and J4 ..... Jack, SP and SP' ..... Speakers for stereo reproduction, 1 and 2... Plug
contacts, 3 and 4. Fig. 1 ll-1-49-201 201 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3-2-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a jack circuit
connected on the-output line of a speaker in an audio amplification avc, and this jack is provided
as a pair on l # and a headphone is connected to WI on one side, In the case where the other is
used as a terminal for writing, even if J1 is inserted into the jack of the jack which is paired, the
line leading to SPE + 1) Ao-嘔 jQn only n 1% 1)- It is said that 40 (40) related to Jack kllll'c. Ochi
O Haruka audio amplifier output part WCFi usually connect a speaker and connect headphones,
and l)! There are jacks and jacks for taking out signals for recording and the like. These jacks are
pre-differentiated for headphones and for recording t7C, and vcFi it near the jack's insertion slot!
l) The corresponding letters or # 'i issues etc. are clearly indicated to punish 1) Ruri is always. By
the way, the jack for conventional recording inserts a plug into this, and even if it is made to cut
out an output signal, the line rit to lead to the speaker! It is usually configured that there is no I +
C. For this reason, the letter H which is displayed near the I5) Yack O insertion slot is a symbol of
the symbol, for example, connect the headphone to the jack for taking out the signal for
recording, and in the following case only the headphone (2) AO-1 ')') nlnQ, S from the speaker is
also amplified, and in each case the plug of the headphone must be reinserted, operation-S * mK
easily and next. Here, the present invention is provided in the jack), and even if the plug is
inserted in any jack using the jack switch contact, the speaker line is always disconnected on the
nose so that the above-mentioned self- The drawback is that it enters and leaves λ. The present
invention will be advanced to the illustrated embodiment (based on specific 1G) and explained
first. In J, code UFi stereo playback equipment! IfK the amplifier on the right side and this output
line is the first jack ", the town II contact arc connection and this output line is divided and this is
the second contact of the second jack", fixed contact C <@ Continue. 15) The fixed contact of the
jack j1 is connected to the jack J, and the fixed contact bK speaker SP of the key 6 or the working
contact a (connecting and this jack) is connected. Furthermore, the left-hand O amplifier Ll 'in the
stereo reproduction apparatus is as described above; 3) An * 1 り 6 噌 ^ A,) <Same-oH path
configuration shutters J, I, J, I respectively II In this case, the movable contact a of the first jack J
+ 'on the left side is connected to the outgoing line of the amplifier U', and the outgoing line is
further branched to make it E, @ (@ @ 2nd book Jack j, 'v4 彎 contact cvcll 綬.
Let this jack J, 1 ar # # point arilfil note Zee? 7) Jl '01 N II fixed contact br ** and m's of jack ","
solid-contact btc speaker sp'. In the description of the embodiment of the present invention, the
description of the embodiment of the present invention is as follows. The jack 15 is configured as
a jack, and the signal from the plug pFi jack Jt inserted into this jack "15) Yak j, the signal
extracted from the contacts f1) and the contacts (2) Take each one separately, and use this same
cable to make it possible to take out the output for headphones or # -1 recording and use K11 l
"l, Jack" 1 and J. 14) 4Q-17nl-ne, The l-path connection of each contact in K is the same as the
one in Fig. 1111. Still another embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. 3. The left
and right second incense jacks J and Jt ′ in the above are separately combined with the jack 5
and the other jacks j and J, / With J / I, J / I, and J / s I together with the same signal as the
signal introduced to J / J / I, and terminal (3) in the stereo reproduction signal It gives the right
output. Furthermore, an end 10) and a child 14) are terminals for giving the output of the left fI
4 in the stereo red signal. By the way (jack Jlabi) 9, line <jack jI 'and J, 1 of each contact in 1! In
the case of FIG. 1 and a $ 2 diagrams, the circuit configuration is exactly the same. 5) Woodwork
has the above-mentioned constitution, and works as described below. That is, in FIG. 1 to FIG. 3C,
when the plug of the headphone jack is inserted into the jack JtK, the stereo signal on the right
side is introduced to the headphone via the contact point 5) ao-tl. At the same time, the cast
contact with the contact point 1 and the dead point is cut off and jack j! The contact point bKFi
stereo m at the point no longer is introduced and the λ peaker SP stops its operation. When the
plug of the headphone is inserted into the jack J, the connection of the jack J, a- (: interval is
closed due to the insertion of the flag, and the simultaneous VC contact ab is opened
simultaneously with this. So the headphones KhR point C? When the signal is introduced through
(the line from the amplifier U to the speaker 5P10 is a jack), it is disconnected between contacts
ma and b, and the speaker SP stops its operation after that 0 further 0 The output of the lefthand side 惜 全 愛 愛 持 つ 持 つ 1 '1' and j 鵞 'even the same tIIK is the same as described above
0 as described above 0 according to the present amplification 4 to S + S) ピ ーSince the ICam is
formed to reach the speaker F through the jack contact switch which is connected to the pair of
jacks, the power-consuming line is +61 AO-1 t even if the plug connected to the headphone etc. is
inserted into any jack of the pair of jacks. nl I '111) In addition to being able to operate
headphones without fail (the line leading to the speaker can always renew this, and it is
necessary to insert a plug). Identification of need and s) the jack upon insertion operation to
spring the practical effect will be unnecessary.