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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a schematic cross-sectional view of the
main part of the present invention. 1 ...... inner magnetic pole, 2 ...... outer pole, 3 ...... exciting coil,
4E voice E · · voice coil lead wire, 10 ... ... liquid, 11 ...... packing, 12 ...... horn, 13 ...... packing, 14
...... sub diaphragm 7 ...... fixing unit. −75−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a structure KIl of an
underwater speaker which can be used in a relatively wide acoustic wave area. The hollow I15 of
the inner magnetic pole 1 and the outer magnetic pole 2 is fully excited by the direct current of
the exciting coil 3 which is uniformly distributed across the exciting coil lead-out 4VK.
1−49−15934−02。 □ Voice coil 6 Fi Air I [5 and round bobbin 'IK in Oki's core] are
wound and fixed firmly, and the voice electro-sweat is made to flow through the voice coil leadout wire 9. The warning signal t is fixed to the main diaphragm 8 by a bobbin 7 '# fixing portion
7' by a method such as explosion welding. The main diaphragm 8 is a circular plate made of a
rustproof steel 5 which is highly water resistant and high in hardness. The main diaphragm 8 is
vibrated by the pushing and pulling force generated by the voice coil 6 # c transmitted through
bobbing. Is the horn 2 fixed to the column pole 2? To reduce the loss due to the interference of
the sound waves generated by the vibration of the main diaphragm 8 and to provide the main
diaphragm 8 with a large amplitude. Supported by the horn 12 in a holding structure with
waterproofing. One side of the main diaphragm 8 where the bobbing is fixed is in contact with air
and the other side is wet, and the other side is wet. #I is in contact with castor oil, for example,
liquid 10911. 1 i 11 diaphragm 14 ij is a diaphragm with a larger area than the main diaphragm,
made of a lightweight and strong material, the surface to the main diaphragm 8 is liquid 1 bK,
and the other side is the target of f # radiation fresh water t Is to touch the sea water. The cross
section of the horn 12 narrows near the main diaphragm 8 as shown in FIG. 49- 15634-03, and
the so-called ho-i shape becomes wider as it gets closer to the sub diaphragm 1 ·, and the main
diaphragm 8 is excited. If that fi! (2) is transmitted while spreading through the liquid 0, so that
the horse diaphragm No. 1 causes a relatively small amount of vibration. The backing 11 is for
dispensing the sub-diaphragm No. 1 to the predetermined position of the horn 12f), but if the
fresh water t- # uses seawater as the liquid 10, it has a waterproof structure for the reasons
described later. It is not necessary to make the horn 2 support only the auxiliary diaphragm 14,
and in some cases, the auxiliary diaphragm 14 or t may make a hole in a part of the horn 12 to
make the auxiliary diaphragm 12 and the horn] It is also possible 4 to allow fresh water or
seawater in contact with the outer wall of 2 to be drained. Although not shown, the junction
between the excitation coil lead-out 1 and the voice coil lead-out wire 9, the junction surface of
the inner reconnaissance pole 1 and the outside-pole 2, and the junction surface of the outside
pole 2 and the horn 2 are all made watertight- Fresh water t at the place where the liquid 10 and
the solution are installed is shielded from seawater.
Underwater 1 (when emitting fill! It is needless to say that the strong vertical length of # is
related to Tin 81i of the dynamic plate 49- 15634-04 moving plate * mK, but if the area of the
main diaphragm 8 to obtain the strength of this sound wave is made thicker itself and the bobbin
The increase in the negative amount of the vibration system achieved by applying the fP coil
does not significantly increase the exciting force. In order to reduce the t1 earth distribution
mass ′ ′, bobbing, f% of the coil 6 of the coil 1, −a <−t, b, □833. The difference in
amplitude on the peripheral support close to E7 and H7 becomes w4 and it becomes impossible
to cause the main diaphragm 8 to nearly equal piston vibration, and the radioactivity rate
becomes remarkable to degrade. Therefore, the area of the main fQ11 + @ B is not allowed to
increase significantly by the area given by the voice coil 6 and the bobbinbing. Therefore, since
this $ has the property that the liquid is difficult to press, main vibration @ 8 iii, ..., f ',): secondary
vibration [ho 1st page, 17 "" "? −Th j L 、
7? iu N ′ ′ K liquid
bends by the vibration given by the 111 diaphragm 8 and the liquid itself resonates, and the
generated pressure ··· ′ ′ 1 :: Thus, the sub-diaphragm number 11 b efficiently To bring about
its full 'rkJK uniform amplitude. At this time, the area of the auxiliary diaphragm No. 1 is given
considerably larger than the area of the main vibration lil + plate 8; The variable bandwidth of
the number of scraps tII is characterized in that the main radiation S plate 8 itself can be made
wider than the direct radiation. For example, the diameter of the main diaphragm 8 is selected to
be about 10CI11, the diameter of the sub-diaphragm No. 1 is accordingly selected to be about 20
cm, the facing distance is about 1.4 cm +, and fresh water is given to the liquid 10. 1 = V. As the
impedance matching of the whole vibration system is performed, the Wang Ping's resonance
phenomenon is IOKnM or not, compared with the conventional nubeaker of this kind l1laF #! l
band can be obtained. Although the present invention is described above, it is a # structure, but
to reinforce the vibration mode of both diaphragms ★ to be reinforced, to use a permanent
magnet for the excitation-magnetization coil 30's, to speak, to hydraulic pressure To adjust the
pressure of the air gap 6 according to the water depth 4 to balance the force by using a metallic
bobbin for heat dissipation of the intensifying coil 6 on both sides of the main diaphragm 80 by
raising the pressure Is possible. 49−15934−0・6′