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April 1, Showa 7-Patent Office Commissioner Ido Takehisa 1-1. Title of invention-■ JP-A-49113190 published Japan. (1974) 1, 31 examination request growth (all 2 pages) Office internal
number 1 o Japan classification: Add 7i C · 4 彎 7 紹 ん メ)), 凌-to /! ((蒼 □ specification 1
title of the invention electrostatic transducer 1 name of the invention electrostatic transducer
2.11% claims 2 m electrostatic transducers different in effective area Form and housed in a
single case, both, 1;
Electrostatic transducer ····· ′ ′ ′ ′ Telephone: 0423-22‒1133 ′ ′ 4 Attachments − List of
Fs (]) Item 11) 1 copy (3) Application copy 1 copy (2) ['l + "" " "2-N, [Phase] Japan Patent Office
Office Open Patent Gazette
(3) Detailed Description of the Invention-The present invention is an improvement of the
electrostatic converter, particularly a small converter (such as an earphone, which has its
response area expanded by two rounds and its characteristic improved by two rounds. is there.
Traditionally small, like an earphone: etc! Shame 5: d. The desired response characteristics could
not be obtained due to the limitation of the vibration method of the diaphragm. This invention.
Two independent moving systems with different bandwidths are assembled as one converter, and
each moving system is gl @@ in a row to improve its characteristics. The first R '+ X3 having a
small effective area is connected via the center "-" 51c spacer "2" of the sound hole plate 1, and
the first diaphragm 4 is interposed in the middle. The effective area is relatively large, and the
second electrode 5 is cast at an appropriate distance of 11 from the sound hole plate 1 through
the ring spacer 6 to form the air chamber 7 so that the electrodes of the second electrode 5 are
in proximity to each other. The second diaphragm 8 is stretched via the spacer 2 ′. The back
chamber 9 is formed at the back of the second electrode 5 and is in communication with the vent
hole 11 of the case 10. Reference numeral 12 denotes a cover for connecting the earplugs, which
is in communication with the air chamber 7 by a vent 13 appropriately thrown around the sound
FL plate 1. According to the above configuration, the first diaphragm 4. The second diaphragm
81 responds in the high tone range and the low rt range, respectively, and by combining the two
in parallel and pivoting, the output can be obtained by mixing them, and the whole range can be
covered. As described above, the present invention is a great advantage on the grounds that it is
simple in structure, can be formed in a small size, and can significantly improve its
characteristics twice.
Brief Description of Drawing 19 '4: first diaphragm, 5: second electric' A + 6 Niringe spacer, 7: air
chamber, 8: second diaphragm. EndPage: 19: back water, 10: case, 2.1: 3: vent. 12:カバー。
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