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Secretary General Ido Takehisa 1. □。 Name B & 贅 lt lt ltt ツ 5 贅 agent! 160 Address NishiShinjuku 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku 1-chome No.8-1 (1 fi hotel building) · Tokyo (03) 343 = 5821
(Representative) Name (338 B) Patent attorney Atsushi Ito> 4705362 i [phase] Japan Patent
Office disclosure Patent Gazette: JP-A 4 4 9 、, 11101, Internal Code No. 10 Japanese
Classification Specification Name of the Invention Multi-Dimensional Audio Signal Transmission
Method I Multi-directional input audio signal t-i corresponding to sound source in original sound
field The transmission signals TL and ff2 are converted by the transmission signals TH and K to
be consolidated and t t! The first transmission signal TL is converted into the carrier signal CL of
the arm 1 and the carrier signal CR of the arm 2 within an appropriate band outside the
frequency band of the transmission signal of the ffl and the transmission signal of the carrier 2,
and the first transmission signal TL The forward input speech signal is distributed in phase to the
reference axis to the transmission signal TR of 5t'2 and 5t'2, and the rear side input speech
signals are #! The signals are distributed in reverse phase to the axes of the axis A and the axis 2
of the baron 1 and the front side input voice signal is used as the reference axis for the carrier
signal CL of the 51-1 and the carrier signal CR of the barb 2 The in-phase distribution, the rearside input audio signal is distributed in the reverse phase to the import of the first axis, A and fan
2, and the left-side input signal is more by the first transmission signal-and the first carrier signal
CL A multi-dimensional voice signal skeleton system characterized in that the right side input
signal is distributed more to the transmission signal TR of the side 2 and the carrier signal CB of
the side 2.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a vector diagram showing a conventional regular
matrix type signal forming tube, FIG. 2 is a vector diagram of a regular i trix reproduction signal,
and FIG. 3 shows a signal configuration of a conventional CD-4 system. Figure 4r! FIG. 5A is a
diagram showing the signal structure of the present invention system, FIG. 5-1 and FIG. 5D are
vector diagrams of the signal of the present invention reproduced by the regular matrix, FIG. 6-2
shows the signal according to the present invention 1i! -Vector diagram of the signal reproduced
by the cD-4 system, or 11 'X 1 and 7-2 are CD 4'! 8 is a vector diagram of the signal obtained by
reproducing the regular matrix signal according to the present invention. In the figure, LB: left
rear input signal, LF = left front input signal, RF: right front passenger power signal, 'R13: right
rear input signal, LB': left rear output signal, LF1: left front 5 output signal, NO, CR: Right carrier
signal. Patent applicant Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Agent 9 Fujitsu EndPage: 5 · S C-文 6 6-1 Fig.
2 Fig. 2 End Page: 6 Fig. 7-1 LF 'Hp' Fig. 8 q 'End Page: 7