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Brief Description of the Drawings E: E: Variable resistance for adjusting the volume, 7: Power
switch, 8: Power battery, 9.9: DC Blocking capacitor, l10.10 ······································································· 2
balances for balance adjustment. Variable resistor, 12, 13, E right side line, E ... common ground
line. Fig. 1 鴨 鴨 · Fig. 2 ■
Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, Teru Ryou balances the left and
right balance of the amount of the current at the base of the transistor and the emitter by a direct
current by means of a direct current. In breath. ...) I will go on a real chest case. The m / figure
shows the weave of the island of the cold ginseng by turning on the m 諒 switch 7 of the battery l
which is remote from the radio receiver and the low harmonic amplifier which amplifies
relatively low frequency signals. 1148-82901-021a: J operation is performed by utilizing the
poverty of & 3. 1aJ15 shows the integration of the low frequency layer path and the control
path, and the left side of the path is between L-1 and R- by changing the current flowing to the
base and the emitter of the transistors J and K '. 1 is a path for changing the impedance between
1 and is connected in parallel to the high impedance input circuit of the low frequency amplifier,
and the right portion of the path is the 餉 a circuit and the movable portion p of the volume-tone
Im resistor 6 Therefore, the transistor II and the 2 '' II current change together, so the L-N
cabinet and 11-1's invidance also change together, and this circuit's loss of energy loss in a lowfrequency ground instrument can be simplified. It is possible to adjust the volume m to Also, the
balance and phasing f'jt resistors // & // 'can change the current flowing through the transistors
及 び and 別 々 separately to perform left-right balance-adjustment.