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-'· Patent application (3) 1 title of invention-detailed document 1, title of invention 1, title of
invention 4 channel stereo to r phone
4 channel stereo-o headphone (one person) representative Masaharu Matsushita Tono
5. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a dophone to a 4channel stereo capable of reproducing 4-channel stereo sound without loss of sound field in the
sound field. Recently, a 4-channel system has been developed as stereo, and it is sweated @. In
such four-channel stereos, using a dophone is considered to be the most attractive to those who
are sound-centered. Recently, as headphones for 2 · 7′ζ 04 channels, research has recently
been advanced, and some have been put to practical use. In this practical application 4 channels
to v) '* 7t, 1 @ 2 m fl C shown "f". Expenses 1 figure, to 矛 211, to a) company, in the dohon case,
two full-range speakers t *)%-(1) are attached to this het ° phone case (1), while the cane face! It
is used for the rear side and the rear side. Then, the 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K iK earpiece (4) of
Dohonkaenu (1) is attached and connected to the hair band (1) via these adjusters (6). In such a
configuration, since the full-range speaker (R, (8) t-is used for each channel, the intermodulation
distortion in which high sound is changed by low sound 111 becomes thick and sound image
localization due to high sound becomes Hurry up, each channel separation worsens, the sense of
the sound field of the 4 channel mongo is diminished, and the effect as a headphone that
reproduces only 4 signal tubes can only be obtained, &, The present invention eliminates the
above-mentioned conventional defects. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings of one embodiment. Yellow 5! ! ! In (4), in Fig. 4 (7), the dohon cane is
shown, and a low acoustic speaker (8) is attached at the center of the headphone case (7). As this
low sound speaker (8), a large, apertured speaker excellent in bass reproduction only is used.
Then, with this low sounding spy-h (in the state of being centered on the IIIK caustic, 83,
members for high sounding speakers ζ 9) are disposed on the front and the rear of the ear. This
high sound dedicated speaker [9), (2) can be used, for example, a point sound source speaker
tube made of a small diameter and dome shaped diaphragm excellent in only high sound
reproduction. In this configuration, the electric circuit of the dophone is as shown in FIG. 5, and
the signal of channel 1 is the front high acoustic speaker (e), and the signal beam of channel 3 is
771 Ii. The high-pitched sound portion of each channel is reproduced, and the low-pitched sound
portion of the channel 1.6 is reproduced by the low-sound speaker (8>) connected in parallel to
the 瀘 11L: inductance (2).
Note that in Fig. 5 and in Fig. 4 (d), 至 represents an adjuster, O represents an adjuster, and (財)
represents a warp band. As mentioned above, to 44-Yannel of book 1 light, Dohon is five. The
superimposed signal of the two channels is applied to the central part of the dophone case to
reproduce the low-pitched part low. Since the speaker for sound is arranged and the speaker for
high sound t which arranges the treble part of the signal of each channel on both sides is
arranged, it reproduces both high 1 and low sound from the same speaker and beaker Unlike, no
temperature modulation distortion. <, Channel separation became big, and I could play in the
reproduction pipe line 1 rich in the sound field. ★ For low volume dedicated speakers t-7 μ and
shared with the rear, it is possible to use a large-diameter speaker tube, and for high sound
Svinica, the installation device is free and it is not good. A speaker with excellent characteristics
can be used, and the reproduced sound of each range can be made excellent. Such Ells have f1
points and are of great industrial value. a, riia @ O brief explanation Ji 1a! 1 shows a
conventional 4-channel stereo, a-face view of an F-phone, 2 a cross-section of the same portion, 5
g a 4-channel stereo of the present invention, a tatami mat showing an example of the theory of a
dophone The view, the bruise 4WJ is the same cross-sectional view 51Il to the same, between the
electro-path of the main part of the dophone, (71 ,,,,, headphone case, tsr ,,,, low acoustical piece
Loudspeaker, blur), QQ, ..., ai acoustic 'for nubika. · Name to alternative Toshio Nakao Toshio 1
list 1 Figure 3 EndPage: 2 Figure 4 W Figure 5 Figure 6 Inventors and agents other than the
above (2) Agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma 1006 EndPage: 3