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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows the principle of the piezoelectric acoustic
wave generator, and FIG. 2 shows an explanatory view of the device to which the present
invention is applied. 1: Metal E, 1 ': Piezoelectric composite, 8.8': Oscillation circuit, 9, 9 ': Power
supply. Figure 1 Figure 2 45
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
acoustic wave generator. As shown in Fig. 1, the piezoelectric sound wave generator has a
piezoelectric element (2) with silver electrodes (3) (supports) on the front and back, and a full
bridge plate (! )) The composite is integrated by bonding with the whole adhesive 14), hereinafter
referred to as a piezoelectric composite), and the composite is connected at its natural frequency
by connecting it to the 4 辰 circuit (61) by the lead 11llll (5) Flex and vibrate. Generate sound
waves: those that occur. Conventionally, since only one composite based on the above principle is
used, its timbre is monotonous, and in order to obtain a large sound, the power supply voltage
becomes large, etc. '' 4B-78120-0214F: ' There was a drawback. The present invention is
characterized in that two or more work area complexes are vibrated at the same time to produce
sounds, thereby producing timbres so that loud sounds can be produced even with a low power
supply voltage. 1 Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. 1 In FIG. 2, + 711fi is a piezoelectric 1 complex having different
resonance frequencies, and is connected to the lead (51), respectively, to the oscillation circuit f8
(13 ') and the power supply +91 <s. And these are resonated at the same time '-[flBf, lk [l!
1Ki−tlf、*@Wuso。 PBP of xO, 5'C, and piezoelectric element are two composites
f7071 consisting of 55φ x Q, 5t, and the resonance frequency of 魁 7) 2.55 KHz, the resonance
('ln L ambience 160 Ω, resonance frequency of (7) For 50 KH 2, resonance impedance 160 Ω,
vertical direction 50 (volume in dB (i), 1, -t + lX voltage (dB) 12 V 24 V conventional (sword only
74 dB 9 ° convex tlf only 73 dB 8 cpd J 3 proposed (7 + + 7 f used for simultaneous----! 85dB
98dB 4B-78120-031) Even if the same power supply voltage, the volume increases by about 1
QdB compared to the conventional one, and it may be a low power supply voltage to obtain the
same volume, and small when using batteries etc. It may be something. The tone changes to +71
(the absolute value of the resonance frequency of 75 and the frequency difference between them
(referred to as Δf), and +8) +85 the same version. Even when using the continuous sound
oscillation circuit, the complex (7) is 2.67 KHz, and when 2.6 is 2.65 KH2, the sound resembles a
cry of a cricket or a bell insect, (7) is 2.76 KHz, +752. When the 65 KHz and Δf increase, a sound
resembling an interphone called "bee" is produced. At this time, the consumption current is 5 to
11 mA, which is a fraction of that of the conventional bell or buzzer, and the battery is very long
Also, compared to conventional bells and buzzers, the piezoelectric complex generates sound due
to resonance phenomena, so the 9 frequency characteristics are very sharp, and arbitrary
frequencies can be created mainly by devising the dimensions, so a large number of timbres can
be easily obtained. Have a clue to make things. The circuits +8+: m and 11L sources (9) and ω
may share one circuit or one power supply, but (8) is a continuous circuit, (8) 4 B-18 120-04 is
an intermittent circuit, etc. It is small to make the tone of Eri more and more to the combination
of. As described above, according to the present invention, there is an advantage that various
tones can be produced because sounds are generated to vibrate a plurality of complexes
simultaneously, and a large volume can be obtained even with a power supply voltage smaller
than the conventional one.