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1 '1 L L (¥', (K ll +, -1 dl application (1)) f fn 47 GF '-"month / z [12, invention and a name / s
name-先 外 (2 people)) 3 3. Applicant's address section [1 city di; ..., limit I city 21 [118 number
tag / name (188 ')', iY 株 式 stock accounting-1-1 of 47 attached ports 47 () 95753 '· ip ·
Japanese Patent Office Public Patent Publication (jj 特 開 昭 48 '75 x 20 20 訂 IX ([昭 +8. (L'17:
"111 (-, '+1 (酊, hold! % I (I ぐ 2 9 9 j, 3 (來 1 1 1 j j II II f グ f '+ (17)) /, 72 trial -1 · · · · · · · claims
this one (; knee 3j'j H '>') 1 勺 1
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45 g specification t name of the invention Cartridge for stereo The cantilever for nailing the -1
record h claim of the present invention, and the cantilever of the left and right channel signal
detection layer provided with an umbrella-β prince so as to make a 9e degree to the force / (Support one- & two-hole elements, one Hall-in-one-field # C, and a change in sound groove
Kj6111k of the record board, and one-in-one by the two-hole elements The stereo 轡 歇 cartridge
which makes the left and right channel signal 4kIIL ryurisu C and the layer thickness to 轡 歇
respectively. It is arranged at an angle of exactly 90 degrees with a vibration system that can
vibrate freely up and down and left and right as a single system of a stereo cartridge that
converts left and right channel signals 1 # charged to # of stereo record into electrical signals.
Some have two displacement-electrical systems. It is well known to use an electromagnetic
conversion element (e.g., a Hall element) as an overpowering-air conversion mechanism. As
shown in jl +1 + 11 囮 (1), when current σ is frozen to the current terminal of the semiconductor
il + and a cough semiconductor (1) K magnetic field is applied, the perpendicularity of the
magnetic field shown in FIG. It is the Hall effect which is obtained from the output (V- is the hole
end chilling) proportional to the component and electric power 1) and the number effect is
411211NC. Hall element 1 of the layer No. (7) is the hall element of the stone channel layer, and
the magnetic substance-(9) is located in the 41st pot, respectively. Record needle along record #
of Fm up and down or left and right depending on <ME according to left channel layer's
knowledge and hole channel for blind channel, respectively-Electrostatic ME pressure 4
"EndPage: 1"-90 degrees to the cantilever "N" of this cantilever People to another 4Ii1 in a
magnetic field was 廖威 is a straight-Maro crawling 11 cicada Doshiki.
As in the case of ML et al. 111, the magnetic fields for the left and right signals are mutually llA
small as in formula 111, and 1M1 ° 1 is required at the toothed place, so-1 1ilIIC1> 1 Will
occur. In the 1-hole imperial attachment, the position is long from the fulcrum point, and the
4Wc sub-positioning amount becomes large, but the equivalent weight of the iron-system is large
(μ, μ high, and the high-range IIIm is pushed down. The present invention is constructed to
obtain a stereo signal by making two hall elements halved into a 90 degree inset--two Hall
elements in one-mms. First of all, 1-1 wax is explained and its movement gland is explained. Axis
1-The center of cantilever-(+ guon + Ho kl nest 16 X 7 j is fixed at 90 degrees in lever)- -If the
recording needle fixed at the tip of the cantilever is fixed to the tip of the cantilever and is rotated
only by the left bias by the child # of the i-dot, handle it by setting it on the arc B. If you are rich
in brass, right 儂 only arc ODT / c 8 て 、 i i つ 信号 ホ ー ル チ ャ ン ネ ル チ ャ ン ネ ル T T T T
T T −1− −1− −1− −1− I-I K right channel n + n * out hole Dumplings (7) are equipped with
1mm K. Further, the Xa7aM fraction of the constant boundary 1 to which the Hall element is ... is
mX *] l7e- respectively. If only the command cord cap left channel signal is recorded, the record
needle will move along the arc 1 at the fulcrum-center of the center if it is taken first, and if the
record V needle moves to the position of the mark, the left channel signal detection Hall element
(a straight 4ml # Lt; c! If ImIy * os # + lsgin # is black, then 1+ in the axis \-, and By becomes a
bias magnetic field, and an output 1M proportional to aK can be obtained. With this, the bridge
direct transmission field applied to the right channel traffic signal # I 〃 〃 子 は 1 1 1 x x x x x x
信号 信号 信号 信号 信号 信号 信号 信号. When the record needle is treated as a grade QD and is
processed IA, the output of only the clothes channel signal detection M1 line ル bulk ff) K is
obtained. In the 4111 示 す A 1 1 1411, one example showing one embodiment of a single bottle
is a cantilever, and a record needle is attached to the tip of the cantilever. The left and right
channel E No. [7] # I-h is set to be perpendicular to each other (6), and the other end of the
cantilever is im * and not lazy The force y telever Ql + is rotatably supported by the center guide
mK by means of the damper rubber − by means of the tension wire. No. la-supports the damper
rubber-4 ^-Guy F1?
ある。 The structure of this is a cartridge of overturned 1st carp A / @ and 1IW4 like. If a fixed
reef # @ 1 IlilO is formed from one side as shown in the first ink for the todo azalea that becomes
the structure, it is a member. In this case, if the opening of the application 411 field is a general
rule, then if it is S-, then if it is a farming (, the left-w degree light-circumferred t 鴨 what flag 6
ma r 橿 纏 扛 か & Even if the bias magnetic field applied to the left / right channel compensation
remarking ho A / ONSI is functioned, the effect on the output power (MaH) is not consumed.
More than escaped main axis-stereo l @ cart 譬! The magnetic field applied to the Hall elements
for the left and right channel signals which have been made is one, and there is an advantage
that one of them is not necessary. As shown in I [KIN4 Figure 6-s6 Cabinet, the equivalent mass
of the vibration system is also a small book (and there is no C with a high T II HIL inferior Tf,
since this -4 child is a t4 threat). 4 11 l 1 ior 11 description Illlii # 'i book-# effect @ am @ f, &
cabinet for 2 ・ の カ ー ト リ ッ ジ ・ 励 カ ー ト リ ッ ジ ・ を 履 ・ を −1 2 −1 −1 −1 −1
−1 1. 1. 1. 1. The second box indicates a threat 暴 or eating habit-a garden showing a cropping
job, II 4 弧 s s 6 arc 6 鋤 '@ (showing an example of a cartridge で- 4 th-1st -1 th sl I is a flat
picture-, 5 iai is 1 * * sij 伺 島 絢 東 絢 m-m-record needle of the island 4 east----cantilever, (嚇friend Naya Signal layer 楡 蟲 嵩 ル 嵩 嵩 子, (71 y y ネ 噌 11 自 罵 亀 亀 亀 亀. 梼 11 & prisoner
1 斂-mmt IEndPage: 25, other than the above inventor's name pa '7 ゝ ゝ 乃 純 1) net-\ 21 21EndPage: 3