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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional side view of one embodiment
of the device of the present invention. In addition, 3 is a sci-ka, 4 is a lamp, 5 is a radiation part, 6
is a hanging part, 7 is a ceiling. −65−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION IO This invention relates to the placement of a rear
speaker system for 4-channel stereo. In a recent stereo device, there is a tendency of 4 channel
stereo formation, for example, 15 speakers are arranged on the front left and right and back left
and right of a listener using 4 loudspeakers, and the stereo sound is pseudo hall blue acid The
noise is produced as a 5 land sound. However, it is difficult to have a stereo room in the general
home ˜ ˜ <span room furniture and tools are often placed in the JIKFi2 like part of the JIKFi2 for
this reason, even the rear speakers outside the stereo playback device '' '' 48-43632-02 There are
still things that can not be done. Accordingly, the present invention provides a rear speaker
device which can be distributed to an optimum position without losing a place. The present
invention will be described according to the following drawings. In the embodiment shown in the
drawings, two wedge-shaped frames 1 and P are overlapped and a support plate 2 is horizontally
disposed at the center of the inside of the large sphere, and the upper surface Ka speaker 8 of the
support plate 2 is The lamp 4 is installed to construct the radiation section 5, while the 10Im
radiation section 51, the cord for 10 conduction to the speaker 8 and the lamp 4 is taken out,
both are covered with cloth or synthetic resin, etc. Of the radiator 5 having the speaker 3 and the
illuminating lamp 4 internally supported by the suspension 6 and suspended on the ceiling 7 by
the suspension 6. Here, a large number of sound release holes for the speaker 8 are formed on
the entire circumference of the above-mentioned upper frame 1 and the lower frame 1 'is
suitably light-transmissive. It shall be formed of a material having a property. The 9th invention
of 4 chi · 林 3 オ ア xe xe xe-48 48-43632-03 Eyo. Kayo, 5 甲;-Because it is configured to be on
the boat, the room in which the stereo is installed is small, and even if various furniture and
others are installed in the room, it depends on the installation location of them. Regardless of K,
the rear speakers can be always installed at five optimum locations. In the case of listening to a
normal stereo, the room is relatively darkened, for example, the main lighting lights are often
heard by turning on a spare light provided with an interior design, but the rear speaker device of
the present invention According to the present invention, it is necessary to provide a lamp that
corresponds to 10 spare lights, so it is not necessary to separately install spare lights in the
room, and this spare light can be used according to whether the stereo reproduction equipment
is driven or not. It is also possible to turn on and off.