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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention. 1 · · · w mark, 1 · · · · display frame, 8 · · · · · · other indicators. -3
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intimidated by an
apparatus for displaying the position of movement. General stereo sound equipment, so-called 4channel stereo HP (not known: n) with sound generating devices such as ff n speakers arranged
in front h-'7) left / right and back left / right There is. In this four-channel chanoner stereo
device, in front of the pivot uJ's operation, as it'm balanced from the speakers of IL, n, etc.! ・ In
response to the pivoting operation of each other in the left / right direction, the balance clamp
which is structured so as to equalize gut size (or f ?: small) from each speaker etc. is also known n
ing. == F 子; =; Stem-In this' 9 lance device, the operating lever is moved (pivoted) over 360 °, so
for example, tap a sliding resistor or a rotating resistor. It is difficult to compare the position wJ
(pivotal movement) of the operating rod by comparing VC such that the operating rod moves
only on a straight line or moves (li-+1 m1) about the same axis. The present invention is intended
to clearly indicate 11 the moving position of the movable member such as the movable + IJ-type
operating rod over such a 360 ° regardless of the simple configuration. The figure shows an
example of the embodiment in which this display device is used for the above-mentioned balance
device. In the figure, l is a well-known balance Q <i + l L, and the device 1 ′ ′ pivots a wellknown force fl: 4F 2 according to the direction of movement of the brow (pivot @). Sound from
well-known (Iil <the 7 beakers mentioned above, etc. is changed by 111! It has Ll <composition n.
3 is a display F4 (which is a synthetic tree 1Fi or a metal rim) having a sphere rh + centering on
the center point of the pivoting of the above-mentioned 2 and along the above-mentioned
spherical surface rL identified by the above-mentioned 2 If you configure it at 360 ° I'll move uJ
Dragon III @ Ura 14 (in, the above-mentioned spherical surface is the makeup that composes the
body) (Nell: eyebrow; eyebrow sheared = square 4 drilled opening 5L The exterior of the cabinet
is exposed 0 <0 n. The spherical surface is provided with an index 6 as a 1-shaped line area γL,
and in the vicinity of the edge of the opening 5 of the panel 4 of the soil or iα, a display frame 7
where a synthetic resin t <y is a metal area In the fixed frame, there is provided another index 8
such as 11 m which indicates the shift position of the index 6 in the frame. In such a device, it is
possible to adjust the balance of the sound box such as the aforementioned speaker by pivoting
the control rod 2 by rubbing the spherical surface of the display portion f) I4 with a finger, and it
is possible to adjust the pivot Position of?
The movement position of the index 6 with respect to the other index 8 can be clearly reduced.
Similarly, in the above-described embodiment, other indicators 8 can be applied directly to the
funnel 4 and the above-mentioned front small portion t43'f1 of a case: translucent plastic etc .;
(Eri + Mb 'x L, balance device It can also be carried out by illuminating the small sub-element 31
of the above-mentioned light with a lamp or the like arranged at 1iiJ of the display part 3 and the
display part 3. Furthermore, the above-mentioned eyelid 2 passes the display part +43 L "1" It
can be carried out by adding 1 to 4 -4-Mami 1 by adding 1 <expansion, the length of the scythe,
and the south capital in the I + I−, vq.