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° C Tachibana · · · Showagu February 6, 782, B δ δ people 4 · agents 89 2 ° address fi river
Kanazawa city Otemachi No. 2 24 telephone (3) ') a-2 bi 5, alley]- 11 records of a document □ ■
Japan Patent Office
Public Patent Publication ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No.
48-345260. (1973) 5.19 examination request existence '(all three pages) Office internal serial
number 1 o Japanese classification Akira Akira NJ 臀 l title of the invention
Support mechanism for centering the speaker,
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a mechanism for
supporting a voice coil M vibration system of a speaker, wherein the voice coil vibration system
is suspended in a balanced state by an appropriate device, and used for a speaker-1 speaker. The
magnetic circuit is characterized in that it is held at the most correct position in the magnetic
circuit gap by the electromagnetic force of the voice coil. In order to improve the efficiency of the
speaker's bass reproduction, it is necessary to lower the bass resonance frequency, but for this
reason, it is necessary to support the vibration system as much as possible to reduce the
stiffness. However, if it gets too soft, it will generate a transverse vibration IL and become
distorted, or it will shift from the correct position in the magnetic circuit gap as the years go by,
and abnormal noise will occur due to the contact between the voice coil and the magnetic circuit.
To leave. The support for the center of the voice coil vibration system generally used is a
concentric wave waveform damper manufactured by cloth resin impregnation molding and it is
excellent in linearity and anti-II properties, but the bonding part with the vibration system is
large The damper also emits an abnormal sound directly, and a peak or valley is generated in the
frequency characteristic due to a reflection wave due to a dan, a drop, etc., thereby deteriorating
the sound quality. Also, because the shape retention is performed by curing by resin
impregnation, the stiffness can not be too small. H 0 EndPage: 1 There is a so-called retention
method by threading as a means to remove the above-mentioned defects, but the tensile strength
of the yarn Fine adjustment of A by 1-Thus, since the magnetic circuit is kept at the right position
in the air gap, temperature and humidity are large, and aging and the like due to stretching of the
yarn can not be avoided. Since it becomes unstable when the paternal line is made loose, it is
necessary to pull with a certain strength or more, and the stiffness can not be made too small. 0
The present invention can eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks and can reduce the stiffness
C. The mechanism and operation of the embodiment of the present invention will be described
below with reference to the drawings. In Fig. 1 (1), the center bottom 41 of the diaphragm is
attached to the diaphragm, and the center bottom 41 of the diaphragm is suspended at a fulcrum
(1) via a thread (3). The magnetic circuit gap is suspended and inserted (6) one by one, and the
peripheral portion (7) is attached to the yoke (9) via a free edge (za). Figure 1.2 is a perspective
view showing the suspension by the above-mentioned thread, but it is hung on the fulcrum (g) so
as to be balanced with the weight (S) through the voice coil vibration system (, ヲ thread (3) It is
a suspension. Thus, the voice coil can be freely excited in any direction with a slight force, so that
the voice coil can be held at any position within the magnetic circuit gap.
In this figure, although the support is in the direction of g, it may be support in three or j
directions, and may be support at multiple points. Since the present invention is t as described
above, holding the voice coil in the correct position in the magnetic circuit gap does not change
the position of the voice coil as long as the balance is maintained, but It seems that there may be
a change in fishing rod during many months, or a change in voice coil position due to an external
force, or if it is an IL-like (such as hatching or 11-'- If O (the actual use condition: in f 'chair -x,
IAH, -1 white iii is ε 41. Υ υ V V QVtL 1− 1-1−-) · j in 11 磁 気 magnetic 1 ward: pk + ino, in
・ transferred to I 7 t, 1-21: (-1, 儲) I force · " ) Jlii 2 と σ) 外 使 使 使 使 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J
J J J J J J J J 冬 冬 〈1− 1− 1− 〈1− 1− 1− 1−. (If t is the support of the present invention, I
@ customarily used IL, conventional yarn single thread 1 cut V cut 1 1)% C 1 adjustment is
necessary, the yarn Strong (dual 142 is 7 so the stiffness is small and f4-Father's voice coil is in
good condition with little force because it is fL with strong magnetic force and t always vibrates
at the most stable position And vibration of yarn m · · ·: 111 抑 I) without IL I + 當 e ひ ず み
distortion with less sound quality L fL% 葦, the number of low resonance river slope is also
sufficiently low with 仁 and IIffF, , D 唖 1 This is an invention that has excellent fL / IJ. Hiro, '4 if
if 5j singlems, j 妃 14! , / I; IJ '4 shot 11 /! +: I r r ヒ 1 l-(1) ltluj ii ('irfn + yi, the first 2 L i is a part
17-Figure Q? I じ (1) is all formic acid (, 2), 1 scoil (3) is a thread (g) is a fulcrum (, 5) is a bit of
乙 (乙) is a part of μ j 仝 [7] is a periphery Part (J) is 7 Shi-Era f (Ri) Hajime's First Patent
Patenter-Mr. Taga) Person's Day Dan I L ifi L! ■ EndPage: 2 (4 pieces i L '1 town 1 j s rr), i ノ
」 昭 1 1 J 72 2 2 X, ξ 1 · · 1 Secretary of State Secretary ヲ (乞 挙 (-(Toz / メ yF Person who
changed display 3 part (MI place) of the address Kushiroba address (resident) No. 2-24,
Otemachi Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture Name (name) patent attorney C36f7) M Tajima -1 le
EndPage: 3