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(2,0F 10 yen) + ゝ 1 Title of the invention 2 Inventor 3 Patent applicant address Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma address 1002 Name (582) Matsudo Electric Industrial Co.,
Ltd. Representative and Matsushita Masashi 4 agent 〒 571 address Human sales agency
Kadoma city bold bold gate 1006 46063118 [phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A 48-29421
[phase] published Japanese Sho 48. (1973) 4.19 Japanese Patent Application No. 46-53 //? ■
Applicable patent application 4 乙 (197 /) P, / f 'examination request (all three pages) 1, title of
the invention 1, title of the invention, manufacturing method of diaphragm for speaker
3 臀 臀 V 瞥 -1 讐
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a loudspeaker having a multi-layered structure by bonding one
material and one fiber using a particulate material of fibers and fibers. A multilayer structure has
also been developed as a conventional speaker diaphragm. As the manufacturing method M, after
making the fiber material separately, after hot air and hot press, vacuum dewatering, form into a
predetermined shape, and each layer with t'Lklj adhesive agent It is stuck together and it is
considered as the frequency of a multilayer. In order to use an adhesive agent, it takes a long
time to dry up the dry and if # equipment will come to mind, '+ 糎 上好 L 好 々. In addition, by
using the first adhesive, the mass per unit area is increased, which causes the deterioration of the
sound pressure frequency characteristics, and most of the adhesive is resin-based. Changes in
physical properties due to resin specific S, humidity, and ultraviolet light and deterioration occur,
and Young's modulus as the frequency. The internal loss, the propagation speed, etc. are
adversely affected, and there have been many drawbacks such as the frequency characteristic P
and the destabilized stomach being unstable. The present invention eliminates the abovementioned conventional drawbacks. That is, the present invention does not use the adhesive t-
between each sound, but bonds the natural, chemical, town materials, or these particles by
bonding of the material of the particle itself and the particles 9 #. It is to be folded and made into
a multi-layered lII structure (/ + a method of obtaining a diaphragm). EndPage: Up and down,
manufacturing method of the speaker diaphragm of the uninvented? -Description will be made
with reference to the drawing of real + 1 l 11 seconds. (1) is a first paper material tank in a state
where water e (pulp or pulp particles are dispersed, (2) is 1 ij 1 and a second paper tank, and (3)
is a first paper tank tank as well. Each pipe is connected to the paper making tank (5) by a pipe
141K. In the middle of this pipe (4), its t'L-regulator valve (6) f71 (81) is provided. A constant
amount of stock is fed by the above-mentioned paper making tank (5) K by this adjustment valve
(e) (71 t 8+). In the upper part of the above part A tank (5), reverse holes (9) for air removal
required in case of dewatering are provided j, and in the middle part inside, paper mesh □ mesh
αO To the bottom of the pipe, a dehydration pipe all is connected tl, water absorption,
dehydration pipe a'uvc Vi water absorption, a pump for dehydration drawing are connected, and
to the water tank a3 via this pump action and valve α The pipe 0 is connected j. The water tank
(2) is connected to a water supply pipe (G) via a water supply pump α4) and a valve (G) L2 via a
water pump (4), and this water supply pipe [phase] is connected to the upper part of the
papermaking-(5) Ru.
Furthermore, the upper part hhc of the paper making tank (5) is provided with a stirrer. The
papermaking method will be described. First, open the valve 0 and 07) fully open, operate the
water absorption and dewatering pump 02 and the water supply pump α 4 and insert the water
tank 0 7y into the paper making tank 5), keep the water a 伜 r constantly busy First, open the
adjustment valve (6) in the first stock tank and feed it to the second stock tank (1) a fixed amount
of paper into the paper tank (5), and the fed stock is dispersed with the agitator (G) And machine
the sheet metal mesh QO. In this case, the stock concentration in the paper making tank (5)
gradually decreases, but when the # in the paper making tank (5) becomes about 002%, the '2
stock tank (2) Send a tank (31 swords 1 and paper stock and make paper. Then, when this paper
3 is completely made into paper in the complete 1 f 2 paper making tank (5): =: j # 4 α O Stop
water feeding and make J & water, I 5 paper making tank with water pong 0 ■ 5) Completely
waterproof the water with 力, force, absorb water, dewatering Ryokawa's pump (1 gutter is made,
the water content of the paper making material is dewatered, 3 to 4 times as much as Bepal 71
lid) In the water-containing state, paper making @ + 5 + swords, paper making nets αO are taken
out and removed by hot air, heat press drying, etc. in the same manner as in the prior art to
remove all water molecules Q to obtain a diaphragm of multilayer structure. This diaphragm has
a structure of six layers, ie, a first layer, a second layer Q and a sixth layer (2), as shown in FIG.
Also, the surface of the obstacle is as shown in FIG. 5, and fibers and particles are intertwined at
the junction of P1 Pt I 01 and the second layer, or the second layer (good) and the third layer. It
is rl. As described above, the method for manufacturing the speaker diaphragm of the present
invention distributes fibers or particles such as sacrificial pulp to the water circulating through
the paper mesh, and the water ring ring The above-mentioned papermaking wire mesh = =
multilayer and L , which are dewatered and dried (the is 71-, etc., one-time sheet-making and
dewatering, drying to obtain a multilayer-type a-wa board completely bonded to each other The
production takes only a smoke time, and the improvement of productivity is a total. In the case of
each blade 1 as well, since each layer is bonded by entanglement of rods or particles thereof, an
adhesive can be used to significantly reduce the mass per unit area as compared to bonding, and
the problem of peeling is small. It can also be made stable without changing or deteriorating
depending on environmental conditions. Furthermore, different fibers can be used in each layer,
the Young's modulus, internal loss, and propagation speed of the diaphragm can be adjusted, and
the desired material and frequency characteristics σj are easily overcome. , Is of great industrial
FIG. 5 is a partially cutaway perspective view of the diaphragm obtained by the −j
manufacturing method, and FIG. 5 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the diaphragm of the
same diaphragm. mi 2 + (a) · · · · · Stock tank, (5) · · · · · · papermaking tank, αG · · · · paper mesh,
α 9 · · · · · · water. Nominee patent attorney Toshio Nakakoshi et al. 1 person EndPage: 26 Other
than the above-13EndPage: 3