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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a prior art thin
speaker, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the present invention. 7,8 ...... among each of the
diaphragm 6, the outer conical portion, 10 ... ... cylindrical portion, 5 ...... speakers. Figure 1 竿 ˜
竿 ■-65-real opening 48-25731 (2) 'ヱ 3 ■ Toichi-66-
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention relates to the improvement of a
bookkeeping spy-cry which is convenient for high-pitched subdivision by means of a diaphragm
having a small apex angle. . , □ XI-*-4! (+1) □ 1 (Because of the constraints, it is required to
make the gold height smaller than that of ordinary Sbi O. To solve this, flatten the air passage, jI
of the swing plate I gave it up and made the true angle bigger. I have to take a flat soun's loop, l!
Also, the stiffness of corn paper xogang is * b <m * or due to divided braking. In the middle and
high cost areas, 5% p, 3a, 3o The field size 1 鴬 T by the field size is-翳,-. '-' ', ",' 'Q-7A / -Oh 吟! In
this way, in general, thin nubi-kura is inconvenient in the middle and high blue regions, as in the
case of 0 :: b as a solution to the defects in b. I prayed for joy, and 411 motion board J was
crawled. Two folds of the sby kura-ko have a second turn of the second turn 榎 J, so the second
turn of the second turn 2 has a second turn, and in the end of the shoulder, the inside and
outside are lIc road position SC * with the turn-back portion de To cause the so-called low-break
phenomenon to move, to the fire that shows the phenomenon of double sound source of the
phase unambiguously apparent on the qualities t! 4があまた。 This device is like this, l! The
defects in the east's paleon subeio (1st @, the 1st cabinet) are clearly determined at once, and
excellent qualities are obtained even in the high blue region, and this relates to No. 1 l nupy kura.
Looking at this at @ J @, * Vibration plate of the moving plate 4 is an inner brass II 7 and an
outer corner-1 of 1111 minutes C #, a shoulder circle 7. Align l part with Oka one corner and
insult, p inside! The outer shoulder line of the outer conical portion t is narrowed by narrowing
the inner shoulder of the brass portion to the voice coil β-poby, the outer circumference to the
inner shoulder of the outer ll # lI # 111sl by means of the cylindrical portion 10E,當 @ 當 βr-v
履 " -ttD-s-&-SA / -ts 3 pages V section / frame through frame / JICJIII. By doing so, the height
E can be compared with the short conical vibration portion t% of the generatrix, and the apex
angle 、 is more in the inner and outer conical portions 7 than the conventional one. It is
possible to fit in a small angle to l and-. Furthermore, since the test piece circular wedge 10 has a
mesh shape, the apex angle ρ (dotted line) in the short radial direction of the double circular
cylinder in the inner circular ridge Ic # is in the outer conical portion tIc. The so-called Meteor
Necessity //? Revise *, c, ... 1) Oh, yo. 1□8うお、。
The rigidity of the moving plate in 9.1m2F "" "increases dramatically, and as a result, the
shoulder wave number characteristics, □. Division vibration 1. Chair, A 41 by Wa, and j ·, rising
raw sound quality on a significant improvement is obtained. Then, since the junction 10 has a
double-circular shape, the distance from the voice coil to the de-sign does not reach one, so that
the resonance turbidity #ILlk shifts little by little. It has power. In addition, since the inner circle
Jl loss portion and the outer conical vibration portion l are kneaded with each other in the outer
cylindrical vibration portion IO'C, the inner and outer conical vibration sea ★ is a p-puff 31 \.
The phenomenon of waist breakage due to the influence of the compliance earth at a constant
frequency which is likely to occur at the joint because it is a circle shape, and the 合 has a circle
shape. The valley of the middle sound is generated <<, and the ava V in the true blue region is
also small. Thus, according to the present invention, the inner and outer circular ridges 7. The
4Ns speaker reproduces excellent sound quality by the support plate 4 having a shape in which
ε is joined! である。 礪 im * Om simple description 11 C! −-【蟲 畠 J4 薄-断 ス ピ ス ピ 例 −
− −- The cabinet, l1Jli, and the third cabinet are the respective sections 1IIIl and the plan view
of this invention. 7, t + 5 each vibration s! Inside 1, the outer conical ridge IO is a cylindrical part
,! はヌビーカーである。 rA ·· <4P−,) ΔΔt; λ− / aJ−h−1st (2) -1-zone 2, ˜misite / 竿 ω 43 ·
′ ′ − − ···················· . . ,--------------------------------------------------------------------2--------- ・ Pade J'-D ', Pa'
2 '') m ', ...' '7 j' '1st ○
' I τ ''-',' Pa j \ r : L11iL :: (2i7) confectioned silkworm silk "-" 4 "" '"f 1
° 10 ・ display 51 cases Showa 4' 4 years practical use proposal σ green out λ-· 1-θ 〆 ny /
issue 2 @ zvsr ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ Ask! Seki c4 (Practical overpass ml (1)-no,) 1 r3 address Osaka City
Asahi Ward Omiya "J3; rif,?!": Ts: p , Λ new address Asahi-ku, Osaka '1 Palace' Chome 'No. / 9QB 9, 3 □ Name Onkyo stock meeting moon representative Mayu Takeshi +! + L / cause of the
change due to implementation of the House Marking Act February 7, a year. Mouth 2 gorro sand1 H-% l Yu) 69 to-亙-notification (z17 + taste 4 禰 11171! JIg 3 n waiting agency official 1 inch i
虱 λ command / indication of the case) '繭 sum dt year' 'for d [actual 峰 1 箸 0 〆 77 / / ー-1 f'
□ I) fsk book 44.
Set the person c-1-3 name with f! , Relationship with 45 incidents (for the day and τ draft),
Osaka 6 總 L (inside y 7 '' 11/7 number / V 1 day name person Pe tt I training ceremony
company company ,,, New name o / kyo · 沫 式 社 company-gm a tJ t ˜ "(/) document company to
prove the name change! l'd book debasse se), me i 4 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 入 9Q 76 り 3! □
援用 · の 援用 ー
: "5 '
7 ′ ・ 1 ° ′: −4 −4 4 6 6 ... 、 、 · 8 ...