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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings show a block diagram of an embodiment
of the device according to the invention. . 5 and 6 are front speakers, 7 and 8 are back speakers,
and 9 is a microphone. 11=1−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Title of the device 4 channel stereo # # Remaining
additional device 1 Practical model registration M request range 4 channel stereo r, front left and
right speakers 1 loud voice h microphone Microphone busy h reception this voice t back
Reverberation Vt which makes the point go out when you say it in the speaker. S: Details of W mh 甲 10 ° 肴 #-j 4 channel stereo # r pertaining to reverberation 10 apparatus Pwr in r. In the
conventional rs 4-channel stereo, a matrix [I dairy, a slow aS, or an acoustic tube, etc., uses a
straight line to obtain a double reverberation, and the IAA takes a h. 1 '# 41116! The
composition is complicated and expensive. · 15 貴 寮 リ ニ ン ダ ル リ ス ふ%% − − − − sm 効
果 rssm を 効果 偶 偶 偶 果 果 偶), even For example, FM transport, REC's' 1% magnetic tape or
right / left signal of any Poodaram source. The front speaker amplifies and reproduces and
receives this signal. (11) A microphone is provided, and the input signal is amplified from the
microphone by utilizing the time delay of the arrival signal from the front speaker to the
microphone and reproduced by the left and right speakers r on the back. Re-book: 11 m 1 F will
be explained · The drawing shows a block diadram of the present invention, this one company
first FM release 11. Record, or store magnetic tape for any program source that you can get. The
decoder 4r separates and reproduces the front left and right signals and the rear left and right
signal 1t '°, and the signal to the next f square is amplified by the preamplifier 108 and the
main amplification 114F, and the signals from m1 and h are front left and right The speaker 5.6
and the rear left and right speaker, sK are supplied to reproduce and emit sound. ・ In this
invention, company 4I said front left and right speakers, vs.-B, facing position f four
microphones y-̶ scooped, # microphone 18 four hot! よhlI^? L ゐ believe in t
amplification lll0f. Amplified, wearing, the back of the buzzing voice signal 〆 de 〆 〆 S. Dove
kao. 2 □ L1 engineering msrmt,, eq. 4's mr + Saccharine left cover V-Kao, ・ 114 Controversy
light. '^' °°, 赴,---Xl /-v, s, s. Because it is a thing of A, fk and a front speaker and 8 $ voice etc.
at this time also enters the microphone with a value-bh, the sound of L7 skin care is left, it is this
flV yo hil! I Reverberation effect is enhanced. Also, it is possible to adjust the reverberation
characteristics appropriately by changing the volume 11 from s and r. In the case of holding or
the above implementation-in front of one microphone 會.
Opposite the center of the speaker 5.6, it is 3 ca. るが、こhけ! The microphones of Ill are
arranged to face each other at the front speakers of 10 ° z, s, and the upper deck h o 10 °
audio signals are individually amplified and supplied to the previous sound amplification @ sr to
be effective. 貴 付 加 残 従 来 従 来 よ う マ ト リ ク ス マ ト リ ク ス マ ト リ ク ス マ ト リ ク
ク ロ me me 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11
11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 .4-One one single storehouse ,!
11ノ。 The drawing shows a block diagram of one practical example of the Mizomitory
Dormitory. 5 and 6 digit speaker, 7 and 8 # i back-speaker, 9 digit microphone, agent patent
attorney, 彦 □ 慨 l # '+2 0141 /, "Q-) each 4 /- / L pet t 2 J. 7 ′ ′ ′ ′ δ / σ 1 r! \−、 、
j、? F