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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are a conventional speaker, FIG. 4 is a
cross-sectional view of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of a circular tube
of the present invention. 4 is a circular tubular material, 5 is a cut, 1 "is a diaphragm, 6 is an edge
portion. -109- real opening 48-22542 (2)-110-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker of small
amplitude distortion in which a circular tubular soft material is used as an nailing material of an
edge in a kashi layer dynamics beaker. In the conventional cone 漕 イ 電 speaker # C, the screw
plate 勘 Nl $ Ji 延長, the central part is extended: l) There is one with 1 '-3' * (@ / figure) To make
the II II lll1 tatami mat smaller, C: lρ Ge Wvp 深 deep ((, increase the song of the song 2 II Illil E /
t 廖 廖 vx vx de vx $ 9 s beta g V W 伸張 part is stretched Stirring #JJl (Being enough that the
mechanical strength is -KA is not good. Therefore, llcIII width is large (I can not take it, and if I
input a little large input, ll increases to 1 large. It's a firepoint-an island again. In order to
eliminate the two disadvantages, 1 "co-page 1 @ J '-of the material is coated with soft rubber or
the like, and 1 ro-Wml is feared and the outer periphery of the diaphragm l' center part There is
a C-stucked speaker (1st one), Shitoshii, 20 Sbby-body-11 people who measure IIJI with large
compliance in Ela 1g λ ' The width of 'is large (if it is necessary, *-board /' 有 of center 蕩 4
width # # width becomes small and the radiation efficiency is reduced 4c, Eytsa'o *, The play loss
is huge, so-called midrange # # 鰯 (and the rally wave number when the rally belongs to ml seven
times degraded significantly and accumulates). Also, in the case of a large amplitude, there is a
risk that the cost m may be forged, as the m below the edge of the edge-'is 1IIC III within the
space. 1, 2 肴 draft solves all these drawbacks S 1 B 倉 て て j j jll Jll 1 嬉 I て 1 瞥 す る と す る
と O 円 O 軟 軟 軟 軟 円 円 円# # S length 1, direction ■ − − − − wosi 、, the maximum
amount of $ OL 6 direction e 1 m を 鋤 楓 鋤 楓 中 中 中 7 7 7 7 7 7, 7; , 'P 4J' 1% g & * '3 bird's
feces *', aH <H-Brass crush 4 + Tono J page In this way, the compliance of the Era v part 4 can be
taken large and large, so it is a good idea The distortion is small, and the linearity of the 4111
yarn is greatly improved. In addition, the width of Ela v @ 4 can be reduced to a few minutes of
the conventional one, so only one plate / inside 04D half 1 is Okura (Since the radiation diI 薩
becomes large because Things increase significantly. Furthermore, there is an advantage that the
compliance of the value of 櫨 A is 4 h to 4 h 4 by using a circular tube of a flexible material such
as rubber, which is easily available, and it is also advantageous in the case of rice).
tた。 Since the R's part of Ela 11114 is in the lower darkness of Toru / II, support the outer
circumference of the frame 5 and support ν ク fit inwards) to make the inside soft 4 large. Thus,
since Ela Ml @ 4 can be prevented from being a WI leg, it is possible to effectively use the space
in the frame J #. According to the example, the speaker C / i of the 4 fists and Qs and the outer 1i
10s and the thickness 0. /0. Using a rubber tube of J-layer weight, the edge width is # tomb
aSS <conventional / Jm position). Brief description of di page 鱈 ig +-1 ile 鱈 は is a speaker of the
conventional example, 1 s グ ー is a sharp view of the circle of this idea, the WIwi figure of each
of the moat, 3 暑 よ 吋 吋. Da is a circular tubular material, j is a break, f · IIIIJj plate, 4 is ela y @.
7) to-= ". □ to ˜ x, · L,"-1 to 1, j, \,-, · ""--·, Choir '5Q,', : 11 z @ f S '' 1. · · · · · · · · · · · · 4 ω 1 1. , −12,
3 ′ ′ under 1: j 13 (, ',:, ++ :: n 11 11, 484 〜μ to 11 11 二 6 り 6 ≧ ′ ′-' / 7 no.虱 / /
display of the incident 'Jj Showa a year 宙 宙 穿 出))! @ Rgo 6 ′ ′ 8 M-Haruka 1; Person who
changed the 3 name Formerly known as the company I I □ f I 0! Name resistant to Onchiyo
representative Goshiro Takeshi (, C □ '4 autopsy attached ll I stub's record (/) name to prove a
change of name) virIrJ "°" "□ □-Company registry book copy is this Shoglow 7 oyt , TjK,
attached about 2 poor faith tree-07-1- :, ':' · · '' 1 Showa tm 4 e 卑 tt month ye Patent Office
Commissioner Iku Takehisaden l Showcase d ≦ year Utility model 0 issue * @ oia No. "241" "8"
"□ □ relationship with the case where the address of b-3 was changed (utility model registration
iis 16 persons)-h シ sh シ t s t す t le le le ! / / Dargu old address Osaka City Asahi Ward Omiya
Nishinomachi j chome 11 ,? , New address Osaka-ku, Osaka-shi Nakamiya l T mouth / / number
19 Ding. Name Onkyo stock company d-1 representative Goro Takeshi (due to repositioning due
to implementation of the House Display Act on January 1st at 1 year. ミミ〕