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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway cross-sectional view
showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a characteristic view of the same
as in FIG. Support part, 7 ········· Holder integral, 11 ············ Pivot body. 3iノ
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present discussion relates to the support of a
cartridge. The cantilever of the conventional mold seed cartridge has a structure supported by a
base-IIIt elastic body, and (1) 48-18102-02 can be one can, but in this structure, the elastic body
is supported at a single point -Because of the vibration applied to the elastic body, the elasticity is
distorted and the bank is deformed 1 and the vibration fulcrum of the cantilever is unclear. It has
the disadvantage that the characteristics of the cartridge become unstable. Body 1B Company
was considered to work at the above point, and the base end of the cantilever was freely
supported by a crane-the position of the vibration fulcrum was clarified to reduce distortion so
that the crotch was squeezed all over the whole area 1 The frequency characteristic is to provide
a cartridge having a stormy feeling. Next, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described with respect to -11. (1) is a hollow cantilever which is made of aluminum or the like
and has a tip 111Kllll 11.2 gradually IL @ small Ell, and the plaster needle (2) is attached to the
gIIAll of the wedge cantilever (1) 9 Ao-1 o 1 n ')- n'2 Further, a damper (3) formed of an elastic
material such as rubber is plated on the outer periphery in the vicinity of the base end portion of
the cantilever (1). The #i stone (4) is plated on the inside of the proximal end of the cantilever (1)
with K, and a conical-recessed wedge support (5) is formed on the outer end face of the stone (4).
There is. A magnet (6) is provided outside the proximal end of the cantilever +11. The following
K (7) is a holder integral, and a pressing portion (8) is formed by integrally or separately
attaching the holder integral (7) to the inner peripheral portion in the vicinity of the IIII wedge
opening edge of the holder integral (7) ), And the damper fllK barbed damper (3) inserted in the
holder integral part (7) is crushed and crushed. (Qapt-18102-04, = 1 ;, ˜, τ-, years old. In this
holder integral ()), a screw hole eIA opened at the rear end face is affected, and in this screw hole
(9) K, the pivot 11 @ of the above-mentioned stone (i) is pivotally pivoted on the ganglion. The
pivoting body a force formed on the tip of the supporting bi-pot S- is adjustably screwed. In
addition, the damper (3) and the pivoting body 41] of the castwood ruder integrated () are filled
with silicone grease 2 in the air cylinder which is closed. Then, the vibration of the front needle
(2) is transmitted to the cantilever (11), and the cantilever (1) is pivoted between the pivot
portion (5) of the receiving stone (4) and the pivot-like portion of the pivot The magnet ((roll)
swings and vibrates as the center.
̶ 龜 龜 i @ iIh of the sound quality by adjusting the tightening amount of the recording U body ·.
According to the present invention, the front needle is a tip end of the clamp 48-18102-05: a
pivot (5) t formed at the base end of the lever (1), and a holder integral for mounting the
cantilever (1) Because it was pivotally supported K71 llb provided in 71 so that it could be
vibrated. The cantilever (1) is oscillated about the pivot point of the pivot (5) and the scallop, so
that the oscillation fulcrum is fixed. Special +! Figure 2 (4) Fertility-acupuncture) is improved. The
characteristics of the persimmon fluid (Ride 2 (@ (謳 纏 纏)) are stormy, distortion is small,
transient characteristics are also excellent, and sound quality is a stable cartridge with improved
characteristics. A stable cartridge e (jl) supporting a cantilever at one point. Brief description of
the fake IlI '11 Figure 1 notched a part of the cartridge showing one embodiment of the present
invention, * tSa, Figure 2 a ceramic characteristics (5) ap-1, n1ll 06 "L: li. ・ Ψ. fi)--cantilever, (2)front needle, (3)-damper,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------fi)--cantilever, (2)-front
needle, (3)-damper--- 4944 719 days Examiner Koga M. real mm * Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. Kinsha
Shinohara agent Kiyoshi Serizawa Jri 1- Sawa 1 Serizawa-1 S 'l 4.2 l / / 101i) 9 wall Sy -Gji'7 IIdi
et al, ez, da 104 O # 7 X) k2 Jo 4) 2 "" puff 7 to sick person rare + to 'home', 5. List of attached
documents 1 (1) specification, +11 + · n (5) Application Spring check request 1 letter · L (2)
Figure 而 IT '· · · 3) Committee IT: I1; '1 蒐 4) Request, I? Second-hand book 116, agents other
than the above (3) agent 48-181 [) 2-09 Shinjuku 4 Shinjuku, Tokyo 4 Go tJ 6 fl ground 1 Ando
Building (〒, 1 fO) 6276 Punishment "same place Egj 樺B6366 patent attorney