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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of the present invention, and FIG.
2 is a side view of the present invention. 1はプレイヤー、2はスピーカー、3はレコードボック
レコーダーのふた。 -3- Judo 48-10402 (2) Higuchi-1-1
[Detailed description of the invention] 11111 E $ Ik 2 Record Fl, with a bracket with a screw No.
2. Utility model registration request 011 ■ Stereo of various snow 02e-Stereok processed so that
ref-4af and the like can be put in a car box, nursing plan OIs narrow 1 bright t) * Nflt * is a stereo
O 1 car! O stereo is a stereo with Lef-Flys processed so that Lef-Faf can be put into the cousin
Conventionally O stereo has less space for putting Lef-r's vans, and the Leap-F's have 54P water
defects There was a draft that was fake in order to remove that fault, explain this to the cabinet &
process the speakerbob 21070 part of f2 into a 5 lev-r bag and let it be v as the destination is
also vス ピ ー カ ー Speaker 1) @--C-(To make it a preference to make two records D record r box
at two points O line one power-119 box C one cover with 119 C In the same way, 1 good and
various ((If you want to use a car, please do not hesitate to do anything!) Play 1 t-2a! The game is
played with an iP9, a car, a car and a lev-f. S- [Car 4 is a two-pre-coater 4-'1111611611 @ i 1st
cabinet 響 本 響 雪 正-■ 1st cabinet is a non-bulk O side gastrointestinal tract 1 play? -2) [--car,)
is a Lef F box, 4 is a two pre-coater ,. j 紘 play t-OA gauge 6 is Lef-Fl t? IクスeAた。 11th
anniversary of the expansion. Lid 48-10402-02 Aquifer ** Squeeze out λ side early lead-1 to 1 I
1 1 μ 羞 1 0 1 M '0 O OO Q Danger z'-) 3 Now [email protected] '-648-10402-03讐 1-Ikf 汲 士 勉 名 、 名 上