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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic perspective view of a conventional
device, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of the principle of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a
perspective view showing an example of a piezoelectric pickup according to the present
invention. 1 and 2 are piezoelectric elements, 3 and 4 are supports, 5 is an armature, 6 is a
damper, 7 is a support, 8 is a cantilever, 9 is a sound needle, and 10 is a vibration transmission
system. Fig. 1 J4 7 Fig. 2 is corrected as follows. FIG. 18
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
pickup in a 4B @ -415 @@ stereo sound board, and in particular, it is safe against excessive force
and slip applied to the tip of a cantilever 1 That's why we try to get a good frequency 411
quality. // IIQ K A conventional bending lid piezoelectric pick-up cartridge is shown, where the
piezoelectric elements (11, C2) are arranged in a figure eight shape, and these elements
respectively make up the sound amun 45 @. Then, a cantilever (8) having a placement needle (9)
at one end is disposed below the element +11121. The cantilever (the river is held at its base by
the damper te +, and an armature (5) is provided in front of one member (6).
47−31606−0 2! Matters) Armature (b) is formed with projections (21m) and (ab) in
an inverted eight-shape upward, and the projections 01) and (5b) are the lower surfaces of the
elements (1) and (2) Configured to touch each of (3) and (4) are elements (1) (! It is fixed to the
cartridge by the support 1 and (7) is attached to and detached from the cartridge integrally with
the vibration transmission system (11) holder including the force / chiller (8) and the member
(6). In the structure of this conventional device, for example, when an excessive displacement is
added to the tip of the cantilever <-181 like 11 L on the surface of the recording disc, such as a
car by mistake, the protrusion of the armature (5)ゐ) There is an element (5b) in the element (11
(tb included in the gap of 21). The armature (5) must be deformed to a large extent in the
reversion to make this move. When handling is bad, a large turtle force is applied to the Ka
element (11 (2119 is a cantilever 悌) to degrade the cartridge characteristics. There was a
shortcoming. What is this device? In order to solve such defects as -0, 11 years, the example of
Fig. 7 is shown in Fig. 3 1 1 year 'i □ work, 86,-□-L? 11 [111 jiti 1. In the present invention,
the armature (5) is attached to the end of the cantilever (8) opposite to the end where the fneedle + 91 is attached, and the armature (5) 8) is provided. In the illustrated example, the
piezoelectric elements +11 and (2) are provided in the lower eight of the vibration transfer
system a as an inverted eight-shape, and each has an inclination of 4511 with respect to the
sound board surface, and the center part (5a) The case where k and (5b) are in contact with
element (1) and (2) from above is shown as being in pressure contact.
In this case, the vibration transmission system O · as a whole is accommodated in a holder (not
shown) K, and the damper (6) is supported by the holder via the holding portion (61). The
movement of the ts motion transmission system shaft is as follows: In the conventional example
shown in the figure, the needle pressure 8 acts downward on the attachment point C of the
placement needle (9) in the octograph, and the middle point of the wf -'- a AK power B is upward!
The center or fulcrum BK force T of the damper (6) acts downward. Now, assuming that the
distance t between AB and the distance between AC and Oigi, that is, the length of the cantilever
(8) is J, in this case 47-31606-04QImR-J8 = 0 ** @ (11SR-'us 冨 T (1 坤・ ・ ・ Fist ・ ・ ・ 12)
Ar chair (51) The largest force acting on the chair (51) is the force of the damper + 61 K acting
(1 + fl). J-611 s shows an actual numerical example. 'Mm 2 m, 8 厘 2 g, so that R 6 g and T-4 g,
and R is 1.5 times T. In the configuration of the present invention, the center or fulcrum Q of the
damper (6) and the armature (5) are attached at eight points. This maximum force is the damper
(6), that is, the fulcrum AKK function A-ff chair (5) K is the reverse KR (1-1-〒), a half, that is, the
above-mentioned numerical value. In the example it will be 1.5 times smaller. Therefore, even if
excessive force or shock is applied to the setter needle (9) or cantilever + 81 K, this is absorbed
by the member 16) K, and the damper 16) K plus the repulsion force and the sand become
smaller in the armature (5) In addition, therefore, the presence of an armature with an anchorage
with a jail-shaped catchment, which resists the twist during excessive deformation of the
armature (5). · · (4) '47-31806 05 or 11 to fully utilize the characteristics of the p stalk
characteristics are good. Furthermore, when the vibration transmission system is placed at the
upper side, the needle replacement can be made from the upper side or the front side and has
extremely easy profit.