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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an example of the
360-degree directional variable directional uni-directional microphone device of the present
invention, and FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of another embodiment of the microphone device of the
present invention. Fig. 3a is a schematic configuration view of a composite type microphone used
in the microphone device of the present invention, Fig. 3b is a top view of the microphone
element viewed from the direction of AA 'in Fig. 3a, and Fig. 4 is equivalent to the microphone
element Similarly, FIG. 5 is a directional characteristic diagram of each transducer element of the
microphone element, and FIG. 5 is a directional characteristic diagram of each transducer
element of the composite microphone of FIG. 6} and FIG. 3a. I, If, I, IV: microphone output, T:
transformer, P.I. M: Potentiometer S: Slider, 11.12: Microphone element, 13: Ribbon vibrating
element, 14: Pole piece 15: Permanent magnet, 16: Sound tube. Fig. 1 1-61-47-24.1.28 (2) Fig. 2Fig. 3b / Fig. 3/4 connection ヨ ト ト 3/62 62 actual opening 47-24128 (3) Fig. 4 Fig. 6 Fig. 63
Fig. 6 Fig. 63
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present specification Ill is a 4-tome O relating
to a directional direction single-finger type Maitaiphone II capable of turning a main spindle 7
meat by 340 M1. 1′/1′? '4' 1-2a +23-o ': 4 ;,-(5, ": J40 WD rollable in the main axis
direction * @ 1 pointing direction 87 variation single fingerness! As a conventional method of
obtaining the TERAGON #M snow, as described in the description of the application of the
original person, as described in the specification of 臀 @ 蓼 # # # 9 コ 5, first, with the
omnidirectional microphone λ area, the main-7 direction There is only one way to form a s4 owl
W s @ L to obtain a directional direction variable-directional microphone w-phone and further to
add an output of an omnidirectional mitalephone to metal a nest-directional output. But by such
means # 'i each! There is a drawback that phase interference occurs in the high range due to the
large distance between the illuminations, a finger pattern is aside, and the seventh place of f is
unclear. The purpose of the X-invention is to place a microphone of the above-mentioned type,
which has been placed in a suitable manner so as to eliminate the above-mentioned defects. It is
to be held for seven years. This invention is the same-flat circle KOJ1. Necessary) 90 square
corners "M 1 unidirectional microphones with the direction of the main axis 15 as the direction
to write I l in the difference, each smells a circular potentiometer-and- Circular potentiometercircular potentiometer-畔 split) dj listening also IJ · 汐 =-the same microphone four phone
terminal or adjacent to one thousand points-cut off sequentially By IIM, all the moku m w w ン ン
出力 出力 出力 脅 威 脅 威 脅 威 脅 威 脅 威 脅 威 脅 威 脅 威 脅 威! It is assumed that 41 units
have been ordered so as to sequentially supply the outer S channel to each one rotation angle of
O #. We look at the invention of the prey to the drawings. The 11th Kushimoto Invention! 11 way
composition jl showing how l of Ik p Hong 鏝 snow! It is a figure, 1 in P, M indicates resistance
distribution or sweep-out circular potentiometer-this daily additive potentiometer P, MO! The
resistance value of the tube is profane! Ital 麹 麹 (1 イ ン ピ ー ダ ン ス II 倍 FIR IFIR II In other
words, the output of the circle 1IIO resistance 匍 t6 microphone W honby dance 1! It shall be
consistent with IR. 8 ° is a large slider so as to slide integrally on one of the circular
potentiometers P and M with a distance of ttoto from each other. The figure shows an example in
which the impedance value of the vibrating element itself of the microphone microphone is used
as a circular l Tendiometer P, the MO solid line portion is a conductor, the broken S portion is an
insulation body. , 4'l-'24L1'2B-fake-mipa too-->-> ≠ 4.
Assuming that 転 is the slide angle 8 of potentiometer 8 (P, M), マ イ ク, microphone field phone
outputs I and IO 2 are obtained as 罵 oct at O1 '<く I I, and others! The amount of white paper
output and ■ are released to position on the slider B or insulator associated with these outputs.
In the case of 90 <φ ≦ ltO, the microphone 4 and 4 operate and the bag is opened. The same
operation is performed in the same manner, and thus, there are 411 single-directional
microphone four-phone outputs whose main axis direction is each of the whole meats that are in
the same orchid-in the summer-in the summer-. 1 ˜ fV 09 $ 11 @ For all microphones
gastrophone output of 合成, 140 @ "oriented universally acceptable to sequentially supply each
synthetic output to the outer Wl- over the rotation angle W range of each de-O Quality singledirectivity! It's a bird to realize it's at. JWJ shows another embodiment of the leather design, each
of which is the same as the case of FIG. S2 figure-1 circular potentiometer, mo s s s s s s is in the
position shown in the figure. Ita stomach umbrella output ■. ', $ 4' 1 '2412 R-C) S,'; '-'; -10 ffi!
The field strength is obtained as a list O, and the microphone outputs of-,-are m-connected. Each
miter four phones 1 degree 1.1. In the case of tl-rigidizing each of the mitered gastrophones,
each of which is a W, it is easy to use 10,000 o's of O-pathway disease release. This invention i
Itada hon II 曾 is! Itaphone output i ˜ ■ each another single directivity! Spring from Ik four
phones. Or Figure 11: One shouldering m vibration elements as shown! It is a bird of prey with a
turtle that 亀 m ホ ン 壱 element in 亀 phone. Fig. 31 shows a miter gastrophone element having
a ribbon vibration element close to that on the same -aSS, and the respective main directions of
the OY microphone elements are orthogonal to each other 1 / &. And make the directivity of the
output of each ribbon vibration element alone or collapse-directivity! It is a composite type miter
four-phone which is designed to take out the output of each ribbon vibratory element in detail by
properly determining the sound cao indoughness of each part * J + U garden is the J J turtle-O
mu Seen from people-from the perspective! It is an Il I figure on the Iku 4 phone element. Fig. 31,
Sugar Jb Figure-// and l are ribbons! Ita 111 Hong vote child. /31′! Ribbon vibration
element, I is a pole piece, 15 is a long j 4 'l-m X' 2-E c) b,-"'1: 1 l,': 5 parl 賃 1 1 仇 仇 (凶 τ T ) To
11-0 fee! Show each tube.
The reference figure is the equivalent channel of the ribbon microphone V phone element 1 /
double # i / J alone. ここに)。 Excitation force acting on 10,000 ribbon vibration elements. , JM5OII # is an electromotive force acting on the O ribbon vibration element on the other hand,
(kcKk rich), /, I @ = previous sound 4I 14s angular frequency, Caw sound shielding. a 111!
The effective distance between the Zen vibrating elements, llF is an angle i indicating the
incidence of one sound wave when the ribbon swing bulkhead O front face is O, i) the town is the
ribbon vibrating element l! t * ee, t: are vibration series w, r, s of each ribbon vibration element
are parallel acoustic resistance and parallel stiffness including acoustic 1iIi 'and acoustic
resistance, respectively. View from each transducer element in the tR reference diagram. , 比例,
the output proportional to I11? If you ask for the condition that the output becomes unidirectional for S gold to be emitted. "/ Y 寓" 4 "" G 菖 + ("10 units of sound. Fig. 5 shows the
output finger lll1 of each ribbon vibratory collection of friends and food by thickening O
prefecture outside, Fig. 4 shows two ribbon vibrators having directivity characteristics as shown
in Fig. 5 Each of the miter * and the bulky is arranged up and down KJII jllll IJ &-as indicated by
the miter V phone #e ':)-each of 9-9 -lights-' 241g-0 '14' 1 '□ "I. Fig. 6 shows the guidance of the
output from the Bonn vibration element. The output directivity characteristic of each ribbon
continuous element of the microphone element of 1.1 shown by ** at 1.1 is f? Each ribbon
vibration of the 2 # 2 tf * 10,000 microphone elements shown by% respectively shows the state
force directivity characteristics of the snow child, therefore, the combined type shown in Fig. 3a!
It is also possible to use the town work element field power of II / W4-which can be used as an
output i-permission of Fig. 2 Kk. In this case, it is possible to use a potentiometer-F, which
operates as a directional 7-gray rotating device, a double-type miter shooting phone shown in the
figure, and a 1-kl leather microphone. In addition, the 1st and 2nd 示 す II 示 す 円 形 シ オ シ オ
シ オ 瘤 動機 瞬 瞬 足 足 足 の み の み の み の み の み の み の み 10 10 10 10 10 導体 導体 導
体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体 導体I am selfish with one ant. # # KX
devised! イク! Hong il snow is an electric turtle remote control by controlling the direction of
the microphone remote control by alternating the miter four twins 2 circular potentiometers 1 go
to store, program production, only one direction O-Suitable for selective sound collection. ') 7p, tq
-24ri: s-bY4' '□ ■ ■ Brief description of the Figure 1 is the present invention JtO11 pointing
direction variable uni-directional !!!
FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing seven examples of a telephone device, FIG. 1 is a perspective
view of another embodiment of the miter gastrophone device O of the present invention, and FIG.
76 is a scissors used for the microphone and siphone attachment of the present invention.
Stylized! The outline of the italyst phone 5 is shown in the figure, and the microphone element
seen from the 3111R No. Jalllo mu-muguang is iis on the microphone element, the second S is
the equivalent of the miterphone element on the other side, FIG. FIG. 411 is a directional
characteristic diagram of each vibration element of the equal W * element, FIG. 411 is a
combined view of the third turtle figure,. 1 ° 1 · l · 7% 1. , V4 * "1 'output" "° ° ス ス j l j l M-M
P P t t /-*-1 s · 1111 motion / /, / J 10. ! W w w w w / 3 · · ribbon vibration element, l · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · permanent magnet / / · · · etc. sound pipe, (1,-741-(T)) ';'; ': FIG. 1 T' / J? M% · S7,--1
/ /--+ S \ output / / / '\ / / / / 11, 11, \ 177'-\ I / / / / '/? \ \ 'Bow) ll' · S, 1.1 trio '' ,, S + X 117 +
'1-\ \ if / r' 1 \ \, \, / I / \ \, ',-. \ ゝ \ / 7 / \ \ \ \ \ '' / Ts ˜ ˜-1 'seven force summer Go IJR-0 娼2412 X-10-11 = 2 −-→ →, Ika 82 T blood car' anyT "One house x, I Mike anen * hxEa f f- / T
ratio car Fig. 3-a Fig. 16 · · 3- (support) / l 15/3 / 6" 模 3, -1A · 74/4 Ar "' '□ 342 and 41-'; 珂 巳
イ 1. Tortoise 2] Yogu-1 pa 16-Nini →-→ Figure 4 m 6 m (p 12 ー IE = 十 = 10 F, 9 · · · "'Figure 6
@ 6 η シ ー シ ー: シ ー: Sea) 1g self 'tq + main ILion finger self 4! 1 student [). / 110 'θ · 〜 ˜ 勺
-' 270 '2 series. ・4vl−2412? ++ 12 · · · '' · · · '': (21 drawings 1 13) 1 letter of attorney (%
〜1-3 ˜ 1% to ˜ S-˜% ('IN-noble-06, said Non-inventor, utility model registration applicant or agent
(1) Invention and (2) Agent's location 1j Kyoto Chingoda-ku Sakai rVJ 3-chome 2nd 4th mail
number 100 Emeishan Building 'Ingua floor telephone ( 581) 2241 (third generation) υ (5925)
Name Patent Attorney Sugimura Tatsuhide ̶ same place '% 7205) Name Patent Attorney
Sugimura Kosaku 4! -1-'z 4 to 2m-L'g · 1 □, S detention, n 44 L + mouth · 0 · □ 11 I) 4] 芹] I
Patent Office IK Hatasaki Sakuden% Dove 1, Showcase Showa Showa of the Case Wu Xin $ 1 j!
Application No. 1 〒 1 No. 2, 4 140 140 degree pointing direction 111r variation uni-directivity
of the invention!
It's an umbrella 羨 3 place correction 3 'Ifl' l, 'relationship' practical model wall-Gang Footwear
(431) Japan 麓 襲 ★ 4, agent bunch JJ capital · generation lil ', "7山 ′ '3-1 12 12' l +1 '; 乙 2
mountain' · Ertz tube 1 1 also 1 (581 '+ 2241 r'-+ ',) (+ 317) B 1 logic 1 Shin Sugimura Near '1
person 5 ° 6, complement 11: object 7, □ ,. , 6 (7 °-"°" 4 "-γ 2 B-4-1-= = → second
generation porter 運 杉%-% out J4 ・ · 1 臂" "" "-" " '-' '' '' '-'-'- 4'7124 + nitrogen -15,' ':' 粕 # J de
Patent Office value N 寵 土 九 11 9 λ 1, the display of the case Showa% year practical new iI!
Registration-Application No. J41t / 2 Name of the device Jolt degree pointing direction variable
single-directivity! Italophone device 3, relationship with the person making corrections Utility
model no. Fa applicant (4 river Japanese people's transport association 4, agent Tokyo Chiyoda
ward 霞 霞 丁 3 霞 4 霞 No. 4 霞 デ イ デ イ デ イ デ イ デ イ 電話 58 58 581 ) No. 2241 (for
generation t (1317) f PPI 3 Sugimura Nobu and Chika '? + 5 ° 6, correction target fR ropecontent wsowm kameshima O column ■ 7, content of correction (as attached sheet) · /, the
following correction correction to the 1st line of the cop n. "Sexual patterns are impaired" 5
carrier? II: Sugimura Satoshi, 1-4-1-24 L 2 '3-46,: 141. Rt)