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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are central longitudinal half sectional
views showing the steps of manufacturing a conventional plastic slider, and FIG. 2 is a central
longitudinal half in the case of manufacturing a diaphragm according to the present invention.
FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of a diaphragm for a skier according to the
present invention.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention is a loudspeaker, i.e. a diaphragm Kll
for a cone loudspeaker. The diaphragms of the near-corn cone type loudspeakers, in particular
small cone llj loudspeakers, are moving from those made of conventional paper to those made of
plastic 11. That is, the reason is that even if it is thinly molded, it has high strength, so that it can
be made lightweight, and from the point of view that its production and processing are very
good. For example, as a method of manufacturing the above-mentioned diaphragm made of
plastic which is conventionally and mentioned above, there is a method as shown in FIG. That is,
in this method, first, the outer peripheral edge U of the disk-shaped plastic film (1) has an
inclined surface having a desired inclination angle as in 111 m, and a through hole (22 m) is
drilled in the wedge surface. Sealing and fixing between the opening edge of the mold (2) and the
sample holder for mK (2). After that, the plastic film (1: heated to soften the through hole (22 m)
in the bottom UK of m (2), the space formed by the plastic film (1) and ■ (the phantom) Air
through appropriate means 9. Suction. By the way, the plastic film copy, ···, (1) is in close contact
with the tilt angle of the m (2) as shown in the first cabinet 11 of the 7 O drawing, and the
bottom surface-and this state The plastic film (1) is solidified to become a diaphragm (m) if left
for a while. However, the diaphragm (f) made by FJIl according to the above-mentioned method
has a thickness that is so thin that it can be drawn from the center towards K rather than K when
it is sucked with a strong suction force toward the center during the manufacturing process.
Become. The kernel is very desirable in the regeneration of the frequency range which causes the
min-vibration. That is, the divided vibration area changes concentrically with the central portion
of the diaphragm (B) as a center, and the island high band characteristics become good. However,
while the diaphragm (m) manufactured by this method has an extremely excellent interval
between the fine teeth as described above, it has a defect of the following kind, but it must be
said during manufacture. Because the vibration 1 [(m) Klk rate is generated, the more the
vibration plate (m) is used, the more the vibration frequency is increased, the more the vibration
frequency is increased. The vibration is transmitted <Glossy 〈抄 <皺 皺 皺 皺 大 大 程 程 程 振動
振動 振動 振動 << << << << << << << << << 、 、 、 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響
音響 音響 音響. . The semi-invention is made by paying attention to the deterioration of the
acoustic characteristics as described above when the condition of the cocoon can be made in
several seasons, and since it is ninety-four, its purpose is to make and process it The
characteristics of light and strong plastic diaphragms, that is, good reproduction in the frequency
range that produces divided vibrations, is to provide a diaphragm for speakers.
In the case of x semi-invention 01101, innumerably make innumerable brows at random and
make sure that the condition of each part of the diaphragm becomes uniform by eliminating
unique force by each brow. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a
speaker diaphragm which can well suppress deterioration of acoustic characteristics. That is, in
the process of forming a diaphragm made of plastic film 3] of the present invention, innumerable
wrinkles are randomly provided on the vibration surface of the m-plate. It is Next, one
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 2.5. (4) is the same
conventional plastic film as described above (俤) WK and vibrates at a position close to its
opening edge 61 An annular ridge to form the edge of the plate is formed, and also, in Table 1i
Kpa of the inclined surface (until) random indented asperities (53a) are formed to make V%, so
the weir and 6111 (6) A large number of air vents (54 m) similar to the above-described
conventional ones are also formed on the bottom of the case. -Is a plastic film (a holding work for
sealing and fixing the 410 outer peripheral edge 4 to the 111a OW la mouth 1). Put the outer
edge of the plastic film (4)-put it on (5)-Mouth edge ■ Kl 1 body) For food! Fix IFI. After that, the
above-mentioned plastic film is heated and the sand air is sucked through the holes (22 m on the
bottom 4 of the lll 51 from the heather to the prefecture). In particular, the lower surface of the
plastic film is in close contact with the inclined surface-and-of the II (2). If this is left for a while
in this state, the plastic film 1 will be solidified O, and if it is IIII and IO, it will be the third 3 ml
self-loss plate (1). That is, the portion held by the opening # 11 of 1I (2) and the ring body (6) is
a part for forming a position on a frame (not shown) and an annular ridge axis of @ff 51 As a
result, an edge portion (chi) is formed, and the inclined portion 63 further forms a vibrating
portion (chi). And, according to this method, the thickness becomes thinner toward the center @
<k> K as in the conventional case of one distribution, so that the regeneration of the 11a number
domain which produces the minute mum + is good and the high 斌 characteristic is good. is
there. Also according to the present invention, Table IIIK of random part of the inclined part of
FiWa In the case of random wrinkles and innumerable wrinkles are formed with luster,
diaphragm (B) 0 * moving parts (birds) also innumerable wrinkles (birds) Is to be formed at
random. Shiny, with the diaphragm (B) K! Each 0 m 1 (The power of the wave is eliminated and
the condition of each part of the diaphragm is the same O, Il (!
II) A plate with no vibration, and it can be seen as a piece of paper, so it is also influenced by the
acoustic characteristics, which means that good reproduction can be achieved. The present
invention 111B is a good one with high sound characteristics due to the above IIK-1 and there is
no wrinkle which adversely affects the acoustic characteristics, and the manufacturing and
processing are also harmful birds. tmwe ** tst Ming No. 111abb shows knee for producing a
plastic maveka according to the middle vertical break 11. The second ■ is a central longitudinal
rod * W ■, the first ■ 辻 亭 g # in relation to the proposal of the diaphragm in the case of
adding a diaphragm for K 亭 K l Speakers) 纏,-Ω, · · · · · · · An example of a perspective view ■ C
no. t In the figure (4 is a plastic film, (B) is a diaphragm, and (for) is a spell. Utility model R *
Applicant Pioneer Co., Ltd. Deputy person Bunno Ogino-· (-v Oka-No Hideo Haga? -(., G '1'- .. 13 I
to μ, N, J (' 'tile' 's', A' \ to ·; i M 2! '23 · 22 °! □, 11 慇 2 1 □, 51; · · · · · · · · Bustling! 1-4 air 嬰
71: − 2-1 1 □,-procedure correction (1) June 25, 1972 display of the Patent Office
Commissioner Ido Hisashiden 16 case Showa 44 utility model registration application No. 25005
No. 2 device name 11? & Yl1My / speaker I @ ash horizontal 3, property name details to be
complemented 見 4 噌 麹 41 噌 麹 6 staff J4, the relationship with the honors-1 to complement
iE 111 people fl11 Tokyo-Tode Ward '* @ a4 'Chome' 15th No. 5 (tu) Mr. y, Pioneer Corporation
& Agent Address Tokyo Din-Y H (Town 2-1-1 (Iino Building) 〒 100 Den El (9 (50213171)
(Representative 1-37 Name (2410) Patents 瀧 ′ ′ 'I' I l I 、, 6, date of correction instruction
Showa year 117, number of inventions increased by correction & & content of correction as per
attached sheet 儂11m111144-23003) This point-KJIL-The following aS <秦 譬 Shoko. L LIIJ III 登
録 ense ense ense ense 4 ense ense ense ense x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 241 241 241 241 241
241 241 241 241 241 241 241A 11llt 10 行 quantity 1111 NKr home place 111tJ Heika ... · · · ·
· · · · 4 because the heart h, "and 1 r book of h4 @ 1 lil! Loudspeakers, tatami mats to improve
speakers eatms 1 * 4e island for '' and 11 '110' 'of' 2 outlets' 'and' i 'meeting' of the reef (2) 'and
4a 14 members 1i 11 r I Kr' eO get m # AJ and 6 Number e1 (.
"Good for freeness" and 4 tin 6 ^-12 lines "-(2) 's" to take the heart [r Foot-of] and 4] 7] 1 纂 6 to
纂 8 纂 9 "・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Effective JKtw. "There is a t" "· · · · · · · · · in the present
invention IIII all F) in the table of the daughter oblique axis-made a random number of # Il
number--also by In the diaphragm 0, aI 鋤 l1B (arms)-black number 0 @ (B easy) is also randomly
greedy rL. The Gang T plan is made by the above method 1 ttq 振 ■ only r ζ m determined-in Ix
<, −1 −1 ン 如 ド ー ム ド ー ム ド ー ム 徹 徹 徹 徹 ph: can be ーAs mentioned above, 4 本 **
** は は mk mk mk mk mk mk mk 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 歇 歇 歇 歇 * 歇 less alK 4 4 power ^ 力
force of life slavery If it is 1%, the m 歇 O bell produces 1j 1 of 1% a & a-d dispersive 1 j 1 赦
characteristic in the divided oscillation region and flat reproduction to the high sound limit R
wave number without ◆ ◆ The aRa characteristic can be obtained. In addition, the innumerable
chopsticks are set to a higher frequency of III # IL 赦 due to the browning effect of vibration
caused by holes. "* * 傭 傭. Applicant Pioneer Co., Ltd. prostitute-Humi Fuminichi ,,. To 1 person