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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial longitudinal sectional elevation view
showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2a and 2b are perspective views
showing another embodiment of an elastic support used therefor. . 1 - s ..... alarm device body, 1 /
bottom of ...... alarm device body, 2 ...... resonance tube, an inner end surface of 2l ...... resonance
tube 3 · · · · · · · Piezoelectric element diaphragm, 3 l · · · · · · the upper surface of the piezoelectric
element diaphragm, 3 "· · · · · the lower surface of the piezoelectric element diaphragm, 4 · · · · ·
elastic Support, 5 ..... A storage chamber of the electronic oscillation circuit, 6 ..... a circuit board, e
..... an electric element. Table 1 Figure 2 (α) (b)-175
[Detailed description of the invention] Review 08 祢 Piezoelectric element 11F report-L * 析 鐙 ll
Ill O O alarm sm alarm sm body (1) from the upper surface to the inward side) self-step, this four
in 411 + 110 (A phantom 'is brought into contact with the piezoelectric element atToWfilo
111111', and the body (1) oath · (1j ′ is contained in the IjI property X support 14) is pressure
aS to the djJilr under the diaphragm (1) , Vibration & tslJ under fHmrt inertia f19Kl! Eleven
bodies (1) O 鷹-(1) t K piezoelectric sew alarm 轟 OS construction to be handed down. 3, i # skin
O detailed Iil Aiko o 4 east, akinetic internal KW, II electron emission-electrically connected with
the island II, the piezoelectric element diaphragm which loses to the inner surface of the
resonance cylinder O is integrated The cost of the O cost is nine by the elastic body, and IjI I is as
perceptually understood as a piezoelectric (1) compliant-、, 櫨 O 圧 電 O piezoelectric element
watso * Contact with JII EIOll and the end face of the resonant cylinder O having a straight line at
a straight line 04 東 え − ζ ζ 板 一定 振動 振動 振動 板 板 嶽 嶽 板 板 板 板 板 板 板 板 板 板
01 In order to stop the one part IIIIJ plate osigt, there is a contradiction that it is necessary to
widely take up the adhesive part & h & h. This jt ζ 九 矛 矛盾 solves contradiction contraption,
1F first board O − 鎖 w w 着 着 劇 少 少 振動 振動 振動 o 振動 振動 げ ase ase ase 九 九 幼 爵 爵
It's like 40. In the following, 夷 aS will be described as a figure に, 警報, alarm, Jll1 body opening)
011 m from the inward mat, mat: 2- "1" 700 ° "" · + 0 "" □ 1冨 j そ O O straight !! This happens
when this O-oscillation-it is straight to drink with O-oscillation 0III! ! Cedar board. ζO diaphragm
(葛) is the resonance tube 1! lO station and body-11 (a perimeter! (2) A road board (.) Is attached
to the inside of the next storage room, and the circuit board (.) Is incorporated with a transistor, a
resistor, an electric weight it such as a consonde, etc. 11tg I + @ and electricity at] Kll 緩 緩 緩 緩
緩 緩 発 音 す る 発 音 す る 発 音 す る 発 音 す る 発 音 す る 発 音 す る 発 音 す る. The lower
surface of the 0IIIIIJ plate (1) O (a dense body t1 + 0 祇 surface (in the case of the tiger WaX
insert 14 attached) is in pressure contact with the surface). 01 01jIl body (4) butterfly, shake # I
plate (薯) O vibration should be attached and disturbed at a time @ or h as a material, as a
material, sponge stop such as fretham foam is good, one hundred thousand The shape is 鵬 v11 I,
some ^ is N in Fig. J, / letter addition f @) [4 as shown in Figure 4, disc-like) 1 uniform contact J
is also 閤 閤 ク ク 7 7 + :% 0, xlcq% area [01 1 to M (J!
, ST Mad j # Jt have also O O 4J L, that L? 11-Meta body 14 + & 11 111 IN 11 707 m + 8) & a
1 melt 111F III to M-fixed, or 4 pairs of remnants before and 1 -1 [1 season and t-adhesive layer
kl @ ^ fixed by Make the set "free"-elastic! Only by pressing the straddle f41, 4Jl is required.
Attachment of the weir (1) I to the elastic fork (4), the adhesive layer 4 hjln when butterfly,
appropriately place the convex (凸) on the weir (1)-this is attached to 4 such as Oa There is hand
# 4. As described above O, Kiba] lI is a piezoelectric plate-plate illO above # 13) ', and 龜 J + Ie
margin II small (and then resonant four μ) to be richer s + 0 downward (S) The body 麿
1111 (1 j 'll CI [# key elastic elastic body (剖 剖 よ う 夏 夏 O O 鑵 鑵 鑵 鑵 鑵 鑵 鑵 鑵 動 動 動 動
0 = = r 'Large 1, 1-J: ^ 鉤 鉤 食 違 っ 4 different sound big influence · · 41 off 1 な ど such as O
during use less O 蓼 藏, excellent air resistance nine piezoelectric vote child @ 41 t # One thing is