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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal side view showing an
embodiment in which the present invention is used as a speaker. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1:
..... Perforated metal plate, 2 ...: Immature magnetic polarization material 3 ......... fixed electrode, 4
...--spacer, 5 ... peristaltic electrode . = Speech signal t & -35. 21616 (2)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a% O ′ ′ ado
over improvement of the electrostatic IIO electric blue-sound converter. As an electric writing
transducer for this kind of a longitudinal type, a polymer material obtained by attaching a metal
electrode to a piece 11 is pre-polished 8. The metal electrode of the pair of materials is later
stretched. A voice voltage is applied along with a bias voltage of 1 ° and a voltage of 2 °, which
is a configuration to arrange a fixed-attribute-type battery via a space number on both sides of a
well-built, well-conducted piece. Since the sound can be obtained by the change of the
electrostatic suction action, an outer-bias voltage is required, and since the diaphragm is
polarized, the stable material is relatively charged and has a multilayer structure. The diaphragm
OIl amount and the stiffness inevitably meet various problems such as being difficult to meet.
The present invention is intended to provide an electroacoustic transducer of electrostatic type in
which the fixed electrode is subjected to electretization to improve the above-mentioned
drawback in order to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks. That is, the permanent magnet
polarization material 2 such as ethylene tetrafluoride-two parts is attached to or welded to the -1
side of the porous metal plate 1 to perform permanent magnetic polarization by electretizing the
9-electric electrode 3. Inside the space at the desired interval, interposing the spacer 40 with a
suitable material such as a metal tube or film equipped with a threat l11-Electrode 5-A or-A
birdhouse indicated by gsa The signal is added to push-pull to show an example of use as a
speaker. 4) 21616-03-'3 The present invention has a constitution as described in item t, and the
purpose of its use is to use a permanent plate such as ethylene tetrafluoride on the m-side of the
porous plate-plate l. The magnetic polarization material 2 is placed in a high temperature
atmosphere of about 280 to 300 ° C., and a direct current electric field of several ポ ル ト O
port is applied to perform temperature adjustment to normal temperature to show permanent
magnetic polarization. Since the fixed electrode is electretized, it does not require the infrared
part bias voltage of the conventional electrostatic type electroacoustic transducer. And even if it
is a positive power source, it is fixed in the conventional case. □ Since several member moving
bodies were used by overlapping on the run to apply the same bias voltage between I poles, the
selection material is limited, and the stiffness of the diaphragm itself is inevitably large. However,
in the case of this proposal, the material selection of the vibrating electrode can be made
relatively arbitrarily Now, it is possible to measure the weight because a single vibration #h is
sufficient, and without adding a high bias voltage, only the audio signal current ^ frequency
width, for example, a [electroacoustic conversion up to the wave range A'L31010-OA is very
excellent in mourning and so on.
4-One brief explanation ■■ Longitudinal side -1! Showing an embodiment of the present
invention used as a speaker l′ ′ r ′ ′ i ········ Porous metal plate, 2 ... Permanent magnetic
polarization material 3...峯 峯 上 上 献 1 ;; 代) 1)) 2 −;------. -J; 9-21 (Yar C ζ 鴫 da '· 7, / = = 畳 声
讐 地 t 1 t I-7-6 (d-モ 1 t 11 Mo Chi sum No. 1-"印 q qQ Presentation · □, 謙 / 1- 191616/11
procedure correction book 1 6 $ 9 昭和. j · 1 Patent Office Secretary 1, display of the case 1972
utility model registration application No. 18149 2, the name of the device electrostatic type
electro-acoustic transducer 3, the name to be corrected ′ ′ Related applicants Osaka
Prefecture Osaka Osaka -Shi, Abeno-ku, Bisho-en 2-chome, No. 6 to 26 Kamikawa Masami,
Masayoshi Kamikawa 4-4, Agent No. 542 No. Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Minami-ku,
Nihonbashi Suji 1-chome 謬 / (3446) M 鎌 1) Ka °°° "'"' ', Line 11-6, the object of 7) and 7-!
diiFU)HIt5! l1.。 4 ° (2) specification and drawing A "Amendment writing
utility model tatami brass bill 01111 a separate sheet o)) light. Correct the λ-soda by II4 paper
O>. & @ LIn1llilN20 line tikblK2X1 line MfC11411 voltage · · · · · "and add" voice voltage is
corrected as a nine fan house ". 4 Same as above, line 2-line 3 to line IK "I need something from 4
to 11 one," and correct "some-because it is h", correct. aOkagami 82112 line 11 and 13 line I Kr
41 fi J and 5-7 み are corrected as "charging" and 鵞 f. a) Same as above, 2nd row, line 16Correct "or film" and & Jh-j "X is a film J which deposits metal." 7, plj: 1lf3 buying 3 lines ■
"Saying j and wrestling [correction to 家 1 home. ajk J III 3 summer line 19-Kr * m * s min J and
41 r high h m Watanabe I 1 min "and tTE t, t. Correct Magnet and Charge on page 4 at
line 6 of Kameokaka. □ ・ ・ ・ Shizaki Se 1 1 ■ 1 兇 一! -32 Practical new S brass request Om
Perforated metal cage 1O-i 111 Ki! 12 Effluent substance 2 such as ethylene fluoride 0 ice
permanent charge poisoning material 2 is stuck or painted and permanent belt! A polarization
consisting of an appropriate material such as metal foil or metal by interposing seven interspaces
HESEVENER 40 by pairing the polarization with ff and clathrate (9 Electretization Normalized n
Electric n 1 i 3 at a desired zero threshold) Power @? Electrostatic layer electroacoustic ** a
equipped with '-'. -Wing 14-14 o'clock (1 o'clock t)-P # house land o Keri y; ft 2 N 1 g-l IQ 14; I /
m-1 x 11-brass bite