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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a Daen type speaker, and FIGS.
2 and 3 are cross sectional views of the Daen type loudspeaker according to the present
invention in the longitudinal direction and the short direction. a is the depth of the corrugation
edge 6 in the minor axis direction, b is the depth of the corrugation edge 7 in the minor axis
direction, 8 hacon paper, 9 is a Daen-type speaker -111'6. 1 61-
[Detailed Description of the Invention] l @ -book 1, remark 11104 Daen ■ Speaker 3, blue layer
new **-Cao request emmi! 11 @ direction O) rudeshi Caon X 7 di @ me 霞 ( - z tatami mat,
full-dice in the m4 direction W n edge 鉦 雫 01 (\! Ii1 よ 大大 大 (55 ラ ー ラ ー 畠 @ 畠 t4I ダ ー
厘 ー ス V + カ ー ・ ・ ・, wm 量 の wm 讃 -ζ ・ 考 ・ ダ エ ン ス エ ン ス エ ン ス エ ン ス エ
ン ス エ ン ス 軟 m @ @ soft m In addition, Mr. Qian, who is blind to one of the members,-West,
V-Car, O-C 鋤 肇 play is a circle-like 身-member and one member, Y (Y鎗 RII − 韓 層, 層 8, ー w->
@ J'-1 [1i't ah ,. 1, 'Tama Ma (. Chemical #ll L <N% I hh * h e * sm Cao * hhb 番 ˜ Dakin 厘 speaker
鯰 鯰 cone paper * ii 含 含 40 containing 1 鎖 畠 畠 紘 紘 ̶ ̶ ̶ 鋼 鋼 鋼豐 中 豐 O 豐 紘 hhth
− −% 0 0 L-L% V ston 釧 餉 valve Ll [% Ih 11 P 竣 (竣 中 O-a little low-9 theory) 畠 K k-is the
cone paper edge part蹴 共 共 緩 緩 竜 竜 竜 竜 竜 、 、 ラ ー ラ ー わ わ わ わ わ わ プ ラ イ プ
ラ イ プ ラ イ プ ラ イ プ ラ イ プ ラ イ 場合 場合 場合, 樋 樋 Oj P @ 3 # i cone paper The lIO
supporting part 0 Ik---k To% Boon paper 1 sheet-啼-よ う-Am direction is 4 am in the am
direction 4 愈 O 、, (−-(-III! #, Cone 1 All IIII moves at a single point and moves at the first place.
Therefore, the edge in the major axis direction has a large I-axis stress and a large stress at the
point where the I44 large self-stress is applied. From a local perspective, the most mJ meat oasis
covered is in the direction of the territorial area (compared to the lower one, and the width is
smaller than that of the m Because 典 ** ズ レ エ エ O O 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 集中
集中 集中 集中 集中 − − − − f f f エ エ エ エ エ エFrom JkL + f <, XW "II-s edeemes し て 亀 伽
伽 伽 伽 曹 曹 曹 曹 曹 曹 曹 曹 曹 曹)) エ 部 部 部 部 部 部 ゼ ゼIn the direction of Wing 1 on
Wing 41 @, fatigue is heavy on one boat (1 easy, 'pa, -iq. 3 ° -1, 3 toms 4 o or more fire point
from ce ce, piston loose fiK '' Clk% jf * 0 "kge-i 'W edge part 〇 compliance, a kind 方 O edge part
マIn order to make it larger than Oy's Principle, it is necessary to vibrate with the same sign 111i
in the backmost group and the rear part, 2> Igse) 41 diameter direction 亭-緘 1. In the same way
as in chapter 1-equalizing dance, ff Ruge-scene edge 鉦 O fist t t 1 方 gong OX (OX ツ ツ 蒙 蒙 O
蒙 O)) It is a toothpaste friend.
鎖 鎖 鎖 鎖 鎖 鎖 鎖 鎖 11 11 11 11 傘 〈 Do not receive a large snow turtle stress group from a
long-tailed meat O Etsuji part, O No. Bo, a large snow turtle stress society from a whale #i turtle-611 degrees O-W tortoise -At 0 @ Seki is also a turtle O 豐 亀 亀 亀 O Speaker-會 も. ζ e zero * e
* 畢 is-motion フ フ? Suttsuji ■ Sbi ・ Car Km-but small group, but 2 '% −4 11 ン 11 F II 1
threatened with other substances other than paper--1-number i! -ツ 麿 Speed Kkvh 岡 i i & & & &
& & & & & & & & & 亀 亀 亀 亀 亀 亀 亀 亀 亀 [[[[[[[[xK-*-64 luml, R Cabinet, 鯵 ■ 紘 ζ O
Thought 0 Daen 麿 speaker 受 received 1kIK direction, Qian Gong, Qing-bo. & 11 s 方向 h &! of
corrugation edge part S of m & lll scratching direction! After smoke o meat O デ ー デ ー デ ー 習
エ ッ ジ 部 ・ · II * s · l l M-> Paper s 廖 t エ ン エ ン Speakerte Island ・ · 471903 G · · 057
'scream l-□' r ', no / / ·' 3 / 1 Doo, 6 ¥ · 邑 Y · '96 〒 + number t 名 cup 犀 (2 ZZ J "" t R # ii 埴 特
許 特許 特許 久 事件 display case-sum 46 ★ For 11> 'Ju application application first 2 乙 乙 t 3
co-invention 0 name cup evening · work, the next ど っ 1-3F, fi 弥! Seki and L town bipartite case
(utility Sido draft registration registered appearance) address Osaka-shi Asahi Ward Naka M /
Ding [1 / / check / y De,]
18 name large · he 114 · underage company 2 into . To analyze part
Onkiteru 式 company par j-← "representative 6th 武, this 4 days' day group with a sense of the
day-(one side company that proves the change (/) 6 祢 change !! Book copy and copy) 7 more
companies! Attached to Eal 3 3 evening Iko 4I 6-Q リ t 訓 (1) attached '4 f 榎 47-111 n-i 17
residence change history report (224') 5 "contempt →, The Patent Office Director n +
Takehisaden /, 11 displays for Showa db 7 draft tZi3 exit ・, QzJz / 3 ′ ′ ′ 0 ° 6 ′ ′
evening Q '/ Lxe' field-jtf place changed The relationship with the case (Actual case (Teri · · ·,
',> old address Osaka City Asahi Ward Hitomi Nishinomachi j Exit 1-? J, b 4 f) -il, winter 4 new
address Osaka-ku, Asahi-ku during tτ, / 1 'l! The / / number / 9 base 81!
Fty −*x*tt。 Representative "5 generations Takeshi ■ ■" due to Showa 4 I-6 year
month / Lift sign table 71, by law and practice. 卜 = I I