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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a speaker according to
the present invention, in particular a high-pitched speaker, wherein FIG. 1 is a front view, FIG. 2
is an enlarged sectional view of the main parts, and FIG. FIG. In the figure, 1 is a frame, 2 is an
edge, 23 is a small hole drilled in the edge, 3 is a diaphragm, 4 is an arrow, and 5 is a center cap.
f 1 α 63-real open 47-17632 (2) t 2 theory f, 5 Δ-Hz-64
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention is a speaker Ii! It is to improve the ll wave
number characteristics. Compared with the large speaker of the conventional magnetic circuit,
the magnetic damping force is small I / -1 rounding Equivalently, the q of the vibration system is
large and the bass loss same wave number is attached! Generate resonance O peak at 4 〆 (f-),
and worsen @ wave number characteristics to vh. Especially in the case of small IIO high-pitched
speakers that use the puck chamber as a guillotine, not only the magnetism is small, but also the
Q of the p equivalent Kli recommendation system becomes large by the attachment of the puck
chamber and the vicinity of the bass resonance frequency Cause a mountain of resonance. The
present invention was made focusing on the point on the edge, and the purpose of the point is
that the edge is a friction resistance caused by the viscosity when air passes through the small
hole of the edge. Try to provide a speaker, which can be lowered. In the case of the s home plan
omO11, the sound comes out from the outer surface of the lower part resonance frequency near
the bass resonance frequency, passes through the small hole of the edge from the back surface,
goes out to the speaker 0III, and the out-flowing is substantially reverse phase Because both will
be offset each other, both bass! The speaker which can lower the m-wave number is M and K,
that is, the present invention produces an # 1 air-viscous N1 noise resistance at the edge of the
speaker, as the edge of the speaker vibrates, In addition, a speaker having a large number of
small holes for offsetting the sound of the surface of the diaphragm and the sound of the a-plane
at the vicinity of the low-pitch resonance frequency is provided. Next, when one embodiment of
the present invention is cooled and collected in the drawings, (1) is a frame in which a mounting
hole (a hole with a hole 11al and poison are formed integrally). At the edge where the outside
IAII & Qrr is adhered to the frame I1 of the frame, the inner w4 is loosely attached to the outer
peripheral edge 151 of the vibration 1 [day 4]. The pottery [] is an arrow paper, and the pottery
is an order cap. The above-mentioned is an all-around 0 @ construction, and in the present
invention, small holes n of (2) Km many are drilled. In order to explain the action based on the
above-mentioned nineteen diseases, when the joint part moving plate + 3) vibrates, and if the
shedding movement vibrates by nine, air passes through the small hole, When receiving
resistance when this 9! Due to the viscosity of the air, the quality of the speaker decreases due to
the resistance to friction. Also bass common li frequency (fal near a! Vibration board of the board
(3) mK? ? The sound coming out of the surface of the 'I' vibration diaphragm and the long
surface coming out of the long hole-from the front of the speaker to the front of the loudspeaker
in opposite phase (or alternatively near i phase) Resonance cycle # 1. (% O ′ ′ cTo that the
peak of f − disappears and the flat frequency a characteristic as the sts # I line shows as a
The present invention has a number of small holes at the edge of the above-mentioned 九 -drilled
K from the edge of the edge @ wIK 4 j! The viscosity of the air causes drag resistance, so the Q of
the spill force is reduced, and also, when it comes out of the back of the sliding plate near bass #
恨 11M1X number, t and phase out of the small hole ll + II + 14 The low lapping resonance cap 1
(the peak of f @ 1 is eliminated, so that the overall l6IfL number characteristic can be obtained as
a whole, and it is particularly effective for use in a general sound speaker. 4, an illustration of
11ll ll L of the drawing shows an embodiment of a speaker according to the present invention,
especially a bird # speaker, FIG. 1 is a front view, 42 is an enlarged sectional view of * S, tgs
figure FiiI l wave number wait 1 It is a figure □. -□ □ □ □ In the drawing (in the frame, (2) is
an edge, Cl5r, a hole is drilled in the window, (3) Fi diaphragm, <4) is an arrow,) is a dragon It is a
Utility model registration applicant / (Ionia Inc. f da 思 思 −-文 1. 1.). The same -1 Hide, And,
Corolla Y7 □ fill / 42 L σ Ilbt Mussel button II l Out person Act Near Stock Board q ˜ Hθ-fJ & /
1-1 1 1 1 1 1. 4, ff / no 2 ′ ′ δ f D field 1-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 6 cloud tank :, -4 voice, □-J) &
other than the above inventor fyrtWte 16/4) Address Tendo City Yamagata Prefecture Ooji Kuno
book 1 o 77 Address 1) Iwao