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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
coaxial speaker unit in which the axis of each speaker is the same in a multiway speaker.
Conventional configuration and its b 'v RE. In general, a speaker is mounted in a cabinet to
separate anti-phase sound waves emitted before and after the diaphragm. Also, in order to
reproduce sound with high fidelity, a multi-way speaker that divides a frequency band and drives
a dedicated speaker has become mainstream. In this multi-way speaker, there is a coaxial speaker
unit in which the axes of the respective speaker units are arranged on the same axis in order to
improve the localization of the sound image at the time of stereo reproduction, and the sound
sources are concentrated at one place. A conventional coaxial speaker unit will be described
below. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional coaxial speaker unit. 1 is a speaker unit 7
for high-pitched sound, 2 is a flat diaphragm with a voice coil, 3 is an edge, 4 is a frame, 6 is a
plate, 6 is a magnet, 7 is a yoke, 8 is a bass speaker, and 9 is a ring Flat diaphragms 10a and 10b
are edges, 11 is a coupling, 12 is a damper, 13 is a voice coil, 14 is an outer frame, 16 is a plate,
16 is a magnet, 17 is a yoke, 18 is an inner frame, 19 and 20 .2M is a screw. The above speaker
unit is assembled as follows. The speaker unit 1 for high-pitched sound has grate 6 and yoke 7
bonded to the upper and lower sides of magnet 6, fixes frame 4 to plate 6, and bonds flat
diaphragm 2 with voice coil to which edge S is bonded to frame 4. Complete. On the other hand,
the low-pitched speaker unit is similar to the high-pitched speaker unit, the plates 16. The yoke
17 is adhered, and the outer frame 14 and the inner frame 18 are fixed to the plate 16 with a
twist 19.20, and then the voice coil 13. ダンパ12. The three couplings 11 are adhered to a
frame in a bonded state, and finally, a ring-shaped flat diaphragm 9 with edges 10a and 1ob
attached is placed on the coupling 11 and completed. The high-pitched speaker unit 1 thus
produced is placed in the inner frame 18 of the low-pitched speaker unit 8, and the two are fixed
by a screw 21 from the rear surface. However, in the configuration as described above, the high
sound speaker unit 1 must be inserted into the low frequency speaker unit 8 at the time of
assembly so as to be fixed with screws from the back, and must be reversed and fixed with
screws 21. Therefore, the manufacturing process is increased, and there is a further drawback
that the diaphragm is easily damaged.
In addition, the diameter of the speaker unit for the diameter of the center ball portion of the
yoke 17 is larger than that of the speaker unit for making the magnetic circuit very heavy, and
the yoke 17 is generally forged from a rod. In particular, cost amplifiers are inevitable because
they are made so large and use so many materials. Further, as shown in FIG. 2, when the speaker
system having a small depth as compared with a general speaker system is formed by the abovementioned coaxial speaker unit, the total height H of the speaker unit must be lowered. In order
to reduce the overall height H of the above-mentioned conventional coaxial speaker unit, it is
necessary to obtain the thickness of the plate, magnet and yoke of each speaker unit. However,
when the thickness of the magnet is reduced, the permeance coefficient of the magnet is
generally small, and low temperature demagnetization occurs. Therefore, in practice, the
thickness can not be reduced. Therefore, there is a limit to reducing the overall height in the
structure shown in FIG. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention solves the abovementioned conventional drawbacks, and is intended to mount a high-tone speaker unit from the
entire surface of a bass speaker unit, and to provide a coaxial speaker unit having a low overall
height. According to the present invention, a weir is provided on the inner periphery of an Lshaped yoke extending outward which constitutes the magnetic circuit of the bass speaker unit
of the coaxial speaker unit, and the inner frame is fixed to the weir. In this case, the high-tone
speaker unit is incorporated in the inner frame without turning over, and can be screwed from
the front. Description of the Embodiment An embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to FIG. FIG. 3 shows a cross-sectional view of the inner-shaft type
speaker unit in an embodiment of the present invention. The component names in FIG. 3 are the
same as those in the conventional example shown in FIG. First, the high-tone speaker unit has
plates 5 and 5 on the upper and lower sides of the magnet 6. The yoke 7 is adhered, the frame 4
is fixed on the plate 7, and the voice coil flat diaphragm 2 with the edge adhered is inserted and
adhered. Next, in the case of the low-pitched spill canninit, plates 15. Bond the yoke 17 and
fasten the outer frame 14 and the inner frame 18 with the screws 20.19. The voice coil to which
the coupling cone 11 is bonded is inserted into the field portion and the damper 12 is bonded to
the frame 14.
Finally, prepare the ring-shaped flat diaphragm 9 to which the edges 1oa and 10b are adhered,
the edge 1ob to the outer frame 14, the edge 10a to the inner frame 18, and the coupling upper
portion to the back surface of the ring-shaped flat diaphragm 9, Glue each one. The completed
low-pitch speaker unit 8 is inserted from the top of the high-pitch speaker unit 1 and fixed with a
frame 7 and a screw 21-. According to this embodiment, it is possible to cover the bass speaker
unit over the high-pitch speaker unit by making the yoke of the bass speaker unit L-shaped in
cross section to the outside and providing a ridge on the inner periphery thereof. Since it is
possible to screw in from the front, it is not necessary to turn the speaker unit back to the back
in the manufacturing process, and there is an advantage that man-hours can be reduced. As far
as the size of the yoke in this embodiment is concerned, the material of the center hole can be
made smaller than in the prior art, and since the yoke is not forged but the plate can be pressformed, the cost can be reduced. In this embodiment, since the hole is formed at the center of the
yoke 17 of the low-pitch speaker unit 8, the thickness of the high-pitch speaker unit 1 can be
released into the hole, so the overall height of the speaker unit is high. The height H can be lower
than that of the conventional speaker unit shown in FIG. 1, and a thin speaker system can be
realized. Effect of the Invention As described above, in the coaxial speaker unit according to the
present invention, the yoke of the bass speaker unit is L-shaped to expand outward, and a weir is
provided on the inner periphery and the inner frame is fixed to the weir, The magnet and the
plate of the low frequency speaker unit are adhered, the outer frame is fixed to this plate, the
ring-shaped flat diaphragm is provided between the two frames, and the inner frame fixed on the
yoke side of the low frequency speaker unit A high sound speaker unit is incorporated therein.
With such a structure, since the high-pitched speaker unit to be centrally placed can be fixed on
the entire surface, it is not necessary to turn over at the time of assembly, and the number of
man-hours can be reduced. Since the center pole of the yoke is made of a thin plate, the material
can be reduced and the cost can be reduced. In addition, the hole in the center of the yoke of the
low-pitch speaker unit escapes from the high-pitch speaker unit assembled on the top, and the
height of the entire speaker can be reduced, so that the advantage of a thinner speaker system
can be realized. have.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional coaxial speaker unit, FIG. 2 is a perspective view
showing a thin speaker system using the coaxial speaker unit, and FIG. 3 shows an embodiment
of a coaxial speaker unit according to the present invention. FIG.
1 ··································································································································································· ··· ...... yoke,
14.18 ----- frame, 8 ...... woofer unit, 9 ...... ring flat diaphragm.