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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an implementation of a loudspeaker
system according to the present invention. FIG. 1 is an overall perspective view of the
loudspeaker system with the back chamber removed, and FIG. 1
································································································· Circuit ... treble diaphragm 4 ...... frame, 41 ......
peripheral portion frame, 42 ...... inner circumferential portion frame, 43 ...... center hole, 44 ......
flange, 5 ...... back chamber, shea ...... wall, 5b ...... inclined surface.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system, and more particularly, to a coaxial loudspeaker system KII using a flat diaphragm. The
flat 11 moving plate can obtain relatively flat sound pressure characteristics over the entire
frequency range, and features such as the ability to enjoy the reproduced sound with a stable
sound image are provided, and a speaker system using this can be provided. K has come. In the
case of this flat diaphragm for I / or speaker system, the bass part and the mid part in the baffle
plate. To Sarah, is the speaker system in charge of the treble part ^ -1 = 77,? It is known that the
'Z' mounted configuration. The characteristic of the speaker system using the planar vibration 11
[can be mentioned that the movement of the previous meeting is extremely small, but in the case
of a two-way, three-way speaker system with a baffle plate KtlL attached, a coaxial speaker
system If it comprises, it will become a thing without a change in a sound quality further.
Therefore, it is possible to arrange the units on the same axis easily, as in the case of a flat lf [I
configured a coaxial speaker system using an I-plate, / 1 o], or a cone speaker system. ! がある。
This consideration 'A' is a flat diaphragm and also constitutes a coaxially arranged speaker
system and is characterized in that it is possible to accommodate a treble part etc. in the pack
chamber while being located at the center part of the bass part. The islet will be described below
with reference to FIG. RM attached with the pancreas at ++ of the present invention. First, in the
figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a bass portion diaphragm, which has a mouth shape as a
whole, and a diaphragm for center-to-tone sound and a treble portion 2.3 is disposed. The outer
periphery / jL of the low-pitch diaphragm I is attached to the frame 2-7 rim 7 nail of the frame
through the edge //, and the inner periphery / b is the inner periphery of the frame 1117 Laemri
has been seized through Edge 12. A rim 4141 is formed around the center hole of the inner
peripheral frame, and when the back chamber S is covered on the rim, the rim is fitted to the
opening of the back chamber I. It is done. The outer peripheral frame nail and the inner
peripheral frame are connected to each other at an appropriate point by means of a bridge so as
to be integrally wound. In the back chamber S, the sound pressure due to the piston movement of
the bass diaphragm I is on the wall surface! In order not to be affected by the turtle, the sloped
surface jb is reduced so that the cross-sectional area decreases toward the inner peripheral
frame. In the figure, reference numeral 13 denotes a magnetic circuit for the low-pitched part,
and the magnetic circuit is also formed on the diaphragm of the mid-tone part and the highpitched part, but this is omitted in the drawing.
Since the speaker system of this invention is configured as described above, the outer frame 4
'and the inner frame 3-1-15 o. The back space of the diaphragm is made independent between
the back of the diaphragm in the lower part and the back chamber S, and it is integrated with the
internal frame of the frame 亭. As a whole, it may be handled in the same manner as a multispeaker system, and it is convenient to equip the baffle plate. As is apparent from the above
description, according to the speaker system of the present invention, the middle sound unit and
the high sound unit diaphragm are disposed at the center of the diaphragm of the low sound
unit, and these lids are co-axially lined In the case of a single frame KN, the back space of the
common part, the middle part, and the treble part is divided by the inner peripheral frame (with
the back chamber fixed to the inner part), so a baffle for back chamber right I [K processing must
be done I, I (K, 7 rum 虻 だ け だ け ス カ カ カ カ カ カ 組 立 組 立 組 立 組 立 組 立 組 立 組 立
組 立 と な る と な る と な る.