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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are cross-sectional views of a
conventional edge. 3 to 4 and 5 and 6 are cross-sectional views of a sound absorbing end
according to the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a bonded portion with the frame% 2 is a
bonded portion with a cone.
[Detailed description of the invention] [Suji-Kar] [-I] Ib of the cone, I 1111 t 6 of the cone to the
frame, but I (2) also the island, and therefore do not exhale the ms of the cone. In other words,
with Ivf's essential condition ム, 、, シ E せ 5Eat 仁 仁. B, X wpt itself does not sound e. C, Cone,
"IIIHI transmitted to 1 Ivf, $ 41 in the nip,"-r L 曽 豐 2 2 辷 辷 辷 辷 辷 条件 IP IP IP に に に 11
ス 11 ス 9 ス fr-1733 -The car's frequency characteristic produces a large mountain and a letter.
° C generates distortion of sound. For this reason, conventionally, Free Air 2 is called cloth. The
shocking cord material such as rubber and ure 9 'J is used as an echo (Fig. 1) if it is waved (Fig.
1) as shown in Fig. 2 (Fig. 2). It is added, but to the condition of B and C! I can not beat it. That is,
since it is a book which has been compressed as in the conventional Ella f 従 来, llltl figure and
FIG. There is a drawback that it becomes a generation weight of harmful sound waves, and does
not store vibrations due to transmission from シ-シ from シ-ば ね]-ば ね-へ 歪-歪 to cause
distortion of sound. In order to prevent this kind of S 臀, this invention is a deity effect of Eyachi
V, and for example, as in the case of firing ureoshi, a thickness 2 containing a large number of **
airborne grass-is used as material 2 For example, FIG. Inside of 1s5, as shown in Figure 6, should
be glued to the cone! ::, glued to the frame, squeezed into thin- and non-uniformly-shaped, the
middle-band of the outer periphery 2 outer shell in a thick shape, its carved wedge,]- It is
arbitrarily determined according to the type of tumor. In this thick middle-band, there is a built-in
moxibustion, an innocence-like moxibustion, which is self-evident to exert the roaring effect of
the dream. Nu, the cost of fine brown internalization helps 1 cartilage of the material, I freely
shape I! Because of Jllh's ability, it is natural that 1 m of resistance is not damaged.