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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial perspective view of the speaker cord
according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional view of FIG. 1-- and FIG. 3 is a
partial enlarged view of a core wire . 1 ...... oxygen-free copper wire, 2 ...... insulating coating, 3 ......
insulating tube, 4 ...... core, 5 ...... sheath.
[Detailed description of the invention] Name of the invention 1 name of the speaker code 2,
utility model registration request cIIIIIfi) 11111! A speaker cord with a stutter watt structure
formed by using a thin insulating coating over a steel wire O 褒 as a semi-insulated Litz wire core.
lul draft no Jlkil! The device is a speaker code EI! The speaker code KWII is suitable for further
improving the reproduction characteristics of the speaker system, and more in detail the
butterfly system. For the speaker cord, 紘, litz wire inside stutter watt structure-etc. are used.
However, while the litz wire has a relatively good frequency and bone property, the transmission
1 is hot (the terminal treatment is II @, stack On the other hand, in the case of the watt structure
line, the magnetic ILII is III, while the transmission 1 is large ((frequency, frequency is IIk, etc.).
Therefore, this invention is intended to obtain a speaker cord having a certain Mw one-point tube
solution as a whole in addition to the solution of each one), and the #I acid bulk II 0 II 0, 伍 / bar
7jlk insulating coating In this book, the core is made of Litz Ia, which is in a semi-insulated state,
and the stack watt structure is formed using them. Therefore, the details of this invention will be
described with reference to the attached drawings. First, in m, the symbol I is an oxygen-free
steel wire to which a thin glazing coat Yt, which works with a polyurethane resin! A plurality of
these are bundled and accommodated in the insulating pipe 3 made of polyvinyl chloride resin in
polyethylene to form a core wire φ which is a lip melt. This core! Each no 41 to configure 蓼 ヲ!
The steel I l-no is not completely recorded Ke and is in a semi-glossy state, and in the case of end
processing, in other words, in the case of soldering, pre-processing is facilitated. The core wire
44 is housed in a stack watt structure in a sheath S made of four-in-place vinyl so as to connect
the core wire positioned on the Zj corner I with the core wire. The speaker cord r of the present
invention has the weir configuration as described above. In other words, it is a folding place of
oxygen-free steel flit. In the case of copper purity of 99, 9 @ or more, transmission distortion is
small, and it is a secular change), half a absituence □ □ □ □ 111 # tpc litz wire, skin effect at
high frequency is maintained While all solder processing is carried out, even if the insulation
coating is thin, no oxidation occurs due to the use of an oxygen-free steel wire. In addition, due to
the stacked good structure, the inductances of the respective core wires are canceled each other,
the impedance is reduced, and the magnetic induction is difficult to occur.
As is clear from the above description, according to the speaker cord of the present invention, the
oxygen-free copper Il! Is covered in a semi-insulated state, and it has a Ritz edge of 0 ′ ′, and
has a stack watt structure from K. Furthermore, since it has a stack watt structure, it has
excellent characteristics as a speaker cord, ie, transmission distortion due to oxygen-free copper
The reduction of the magnetic induction by the stack watt structure on the frequency reduction
OmJ by Litz liK, further reduction of the magnetic induction by the terminal can be obtained, so
that the end effect is also easy.