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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the present invention. 1
[Detailed description of the invention] [headphone 0 is the sound of each channel on the left and
right directly separated by the left and right ears to listen to the left and right three-dimensional
feeling or too much tension, center voice or localized in the head There is a sense of discomfort
like listening to the 2 stage in a row. In addition, because i1-1 was in the head, it was worn,
causing pain, etc., and was unsuitable for long-term listening. Zon II's purpose is to eliminate the
drawbacks described above, to localize the sound on the front, to sharpen the threedimensionality of the left and right pavement, and to obtain natural hearing like the external
skater. Listens to one voice simultaneously with the left and right ears, and feels the difference
between the angle and the time, the sound distribution etc. (1 node-cost) To explain in the
drawing, the voices from the left and right O sby or -1,1 'are merged and mixed in the mixing
cavity 2 and the left and right voices are distributed by the extended empty cylinder of 3.3'. To
reach the earpiece 4.4 '. According to this invention, the same as the taste of external speakers <,
* also put out the stage in front of the sound 7w to listen with a turnout, and in particular the inhead localization of the central voice, which is a drawback of conventional headphones It has a
feature to make it position outside the head. 4, Fig. 101 rate explanation is a plan view of the
device. 1, speaker lambda mixed cavity 3 length long cavity simple 4, ear part practical model
model applicant Takeshi Komiya (2) ltl 73 '5' '401f ** 1 C "n 11 11:% on) 3 -'FA.