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Description 1, title of the invention
Electrostatic type tiger / juicer
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of
electrostatic transducers. Heretofore, electrostatic transducers have been constructed using a
metal film formed by vapor deposition at a pace consisting of a diaphragm (aJ active electrode)
and a polymer film C, or using a metal foil itself. And when driving, the electric continuation is
also applied to the vibrating plate (the movable rod) to be a force / sword) to supply or lead a
signal? It is common to do it. By the way, in this case, the diaphragm (movable! With a hole-hole
connection to 10 and a conductive adhesive as 10? The method used, the method of making
physical contact, etc. are implemented. However, even if the method of connection is carried out
in accordance with the method of rL which is carried out as a means of connection, it is often the
case that there are no 4 'money and Xi, which are not reliable There is. The present invention has
been made in view of the above points, and is constructed so that it can be moved without being
electrically connected to an imaging moving plate (movable rod). Therefore, problems such as
failure due to the uncertainty can be made while eliminating the conventional difficult
conducting work? The purpose is to provide a very good electrostatic accompaniment transducer
that has been eliminated. The following drawings? One embodiment of the present invention will
be described in detail by reference. EndPage: As shown in FIG. 1, the surface is provided with no
electrical connection, as shown in FIG. 1, on the same plane as the conductive coating or the
diaphragm 1 on which metal is formed. The fixed poles 12.13 made up of two different phases of
electrostatic charge of different polarity are arranged opposite to each other, and an alternating
current signal source 14'f is connected between crt et al. It is what was constructed. The
electrostatic transducer constructed as described above has finger motions proportional to the
alternating current signal supplied from the alternating current signal source 14 between the
two (i) fixed poles 12.13 to the diaphragm 1.1. A single-drive electric resistance system (sound *
') conversion system is realized 何 71. ることKなる。 In the second embodiment and in FIG. 3,
other embodiments as shown in FIG. 3, which do not use an electret as fixed> zz, z: t, use a DC
power supply 25. 26 as shown in the figure, and use each other. When polarized to the opposite
polarity (Fig. 2), and when the diaphragm side is divided into two parts, ˜ 311. 312 (4S 3 Fig. 9,
other configurations and functions are in accordance with the previous example) There is. In
addition, the diaphragm 1B as shown in the hair 3!
In the case of +1 Th electret, the fixed other system is metal. Similarly, FIGS. 4 to 416 show other
applied% jjf, and the points which are not particularly described conform to the previous case, or
the previous example is used for headphones and speakers as electrical → mechanical
(resonance) conversion. First of all, Fig. 4 is the case of a mechanical (sound wave) →
microphone as an electrical conversion system. Fig. 5 shows the case of substitution machine
(perfusion) → vibration pick-up / zo as an electric conversion system, and Fig. 6 (to Pamatetsu
(K)) → combination of displacement meter as a redundant conversion system. And, this 7L et ri
!!!! (The Ij plate (movable pole) 511 or 7 1 is made of a conductive material as 61, and γ is not
limited to the one with a bow. In the figure, A is amplification r'5? It shows. 77 図 ヱ Figure 9 is
another example of the drive system, m1 example also has 7 ngle system even though n is 7 ngle
system -f :: n-ftL butsusol system, twin single system, This is shown in a different specific case of
the Double-Butschdel system. In this example, the Gutsshu sol type of 71 + 1 (&) + (b) has a pair
of fixed poles 72. It is a pair-pair pair. In addition, the twin single type shown in (a) and (b) of FIG.
18 is unique to this invention) 1) defined between the oscillating students (town W) J pole)
paired in pairs. Oval full size, one crotch! In this case, in this case, a pair of pair FZ and a pair of
moving plates (i: 'T'), sxz and ttrz, which have different polarities with each other at 1 ° C. and 1
° C. Sticky] fixed pole 82I. ssl ! There are two 822, 832 f two-pairs in pairs
(r.sup..gamma. And R.sup.2.gamma. Are provided in the opposite relation to each other). In
addition, the double buttschul type shown in FIGS. 9 (a) and 9 (b) is combined with the butt bush
type shown in FIG. 7! It is a two-piece union. In the above, the ideas of FIG. 21 and FIG. 3 are
shown in FIG. 4 to FIG. 6 and FIG. 7 to FIG. 9, and the ideas of i-th 4 to sixth south are FIG. Of
course, various modifications may be made without departing from the scope of the present
invention, in addition to being applicable as necessary. Therefore, as described above in detail,
according to the present invention, the present invention can be configured so that it can be
driven without losing electrical connection to the working electrode (movable electrode), thereby
the conventional tree It becomes possible to provide a very good electrostatic transducer which
eliminates the problem of troubles due to the inconsistencies K of the simultaneous VC-t and
eliminates the difficult conducting operation.
4.1 Brief Description of the First Aspect 礪 FIG. 1 shows the electrostatic cedar transducer
according to the present invention -7--Examples? 2 and FIG. 3 are the same as the other different
6th embodiment flJk, FIG. 4 to FIG. 6 are the other applied configurations, and FIG. 7 to FIG. It is
a block diagram which shows another drive universal chart. 11 · m1jlJ board (OTM11 <Ij), rzt7s ·
m′H 憧, 14 ··· Source of signal. EndPage: 2