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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an actual case of a
conventional electrostatic microphone unit, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of an actual case
of an electrostatic microphone unit according to the present invention. In the figure, 1 is an outer
case, 2 is an insulating base, 4 is a fixed electrode, 5 is a vane, 6 is a vibrating rod, and 11 is an
elastic ring. 1 1 49 1-52-5523 (2) Correction 2 Figure 5 .12. 19 Correct the drawing as follows.
Figure 1 Figure 2-50 =
The present invention relates to an electrostatic electroacoustic transducer such as a speaker, a
microphone, a headphone and the like. The i electrostatic electroacoustic transducer suitable for
mass production is easy to assemble by a simple structure. It is one to try to offer. (1) FIG. 1
shows an embodiment of the electrostatic microphone unit in the conventional structure, and
hereinafter, a description will be given to the example of the microphone unification. (1) is an
outer case made of a conductive metal, and an insulating base 0 is disposed in the outer case (1).
In the central recess of the insulating base (2), the acoustic resistor (6), fixed electrode (4) spacer
(5), vibrating membrane (6) 1 conductive ring (force is built-in), outer case (1) The end (8) of)) is
crimped and the microphone, 'V:') (, '' Rohon Uninot is configured. (9) h and (10) L is a terminal.
Since the electrostatic type electroacoustic transducer is elastic control, it is necessary to increase
the resonance frequency of the vibrating membrane (6) in order to widen the uniform
reproduction band gold, and therefore the vibrating membrane etc. is made close to the elastic
limit I must be tense (L. Conventionally, as a method of tensioning a vibrating membrane in the
structure of FIG. 1, a film serving as a base material of the vibrating membrane is previously
tensioned by a jig, and a conductive ring (conductive adhesive) is placed on the tensioned film. 7)
After completely bonding and cutting the film on the outer periphery of the ring (2), the
conductive ring integrated with the vibrating membrane (7 + is inserted into the recess of the
insulating base, so the manufacturing process becomes complicated, It was troublesome to
require the jig 2 and the adhesive, and to require an adhesive drying process usually for about 2
hours. FIG. 2 shows / shows a microphone unit according to the present invention), and (1) is an
outer case, and an insulating base (2) is disposed in ν of the outer case (1). An acoustic resistor
(6), a fixed electrode (4), a spacer (5), and a diaphragm (6) are incorporated in the central recess
of the insulating substrate (2). + (11) is made of rubber, plastic or the like. It is a body ring and
presses the vibrating membrane (6) to maintain the vibrating membrane in tension with the
spacer (5). If necessary. The elastic ring (11) can be mixed with a powder of a conductive metal,
or can be made conductive by means such as plating. The method of assembling the microphone
unit according to FIG. 2 will be described. First, the acoustic resistor (3), the fixed electrode (4),
the spacer (5 jt? {Circle over (3)} In order to cover the insulating base (2), a film serving as a base
of the vibration (6) □ moving film is placed in a natural state.
Next, the above assembly is placed in an LL position so that the above-mentioned film squeezes
into the outer case (1) to which the elastic ring (11) is attached. Dimensions at the side of the
outer case (1) and the insulating substrate)) and ';) tear film 敬 v @ gvc khCvh? '-S /) * h, 74 # Acase (1) is tensioned to form a flat surface on the insulating substrate (1) with appropriate
tension on the earth surface, and finally the spacer (5) due to the elasticity of the elastic ring It is
pressed tightly and held tight. After pressing in the outer case (1). The end (8) is crimped. As
described above, the present invention has a structure in which the vibrating membrane is held
and fixed by the outer case and the insulating base, and the vibrating membrane is pressed
against the spacer by the elastic ring disposed between the outer case and the vibrating
membrane to maintain tension. Therefore, they are assembled by stacking of parts, are easy to
manufacture, and have a continuous manufacturing process, which is suitable for mass
production. In addition, even if there is a variation in dimensions of each part or a variation in
dimensions due to temperature change (4) due to the elastic ring, the elasticity of the elastic ring
is pressed tightly against the spacer, and the dimension between the fixed electrode and the
vibrating membrane is The tension of the constant □ is given to the vibrating membrane and
kept constant by the thickness of the pacer.