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2 inventor (same as patent applicant) address name 5 patent applicant,-, b) "" "" 50080. ■
Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 5211060, published by Japan, 52. (1977) 1.13
Agency serial number? ', The specification-4 (1, the title of the invention
Device-equipped microphone that switches between voice transmission and reception
5. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention allows an operator to perform any
operation by replacing the microphone attached to a general wireless communication device with
the device-equipped microphone of the present invention that transmits and receives by voice. It
is possible to have a conversation even while the work continues. Conventionally, many common
wireless communication devices press the switch attached to the microphone to switch between
transmission and reception. For example, when making a wireless call while driving, for example,
while driving a car, hold the handle with the microphone in one hand The switch attached to the
microphone was switching between transmission and reception. As a result, traffic accidents
often occur in places with poor road surfaces. In addition, during the pouring operation in the
blast furnace, since it was extremely dangerous to work with one hand, it was necessary to
temporarily stop the work and make a call. According to the present invention, a microphone
attached to a general wireless communication device can be removed and a microphone
incorporating a device that transmits and receives voice can be easily attached to the
communication device by any person, and can also be switched manually. Since there is no need,
it is effective enough to improve work efficiency and safety. Patent applicant Ms Hiroaki End
Page: 1L display Showa so 轡 Application No. 80737 2 name of the invention 送 受 音 声 音 声 音
声 装置 装置 装置 マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク 係 る 補正 補正 Page Page Page Page Page EndPage:
1 L 事件Name of application Showa so 願 Application No. 80737 2 Name of the invention 音 声
ー 音 声 ー 装置 ー 装置 ー 装置 ー 装置 ー 装置 装置 基 マ イ ク 基 基 基 補正 補正 関係 特許 特
許 特許 特許 特許 特許 番号 Address Fukuoka Prefecture Munakata-gun Munakata-cho Ninosato
5-3-47-302 & Date of correction instruction 70 days 1975 "\ NEndPage: 2