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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of an electroacoustic transducer for understanding the description of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
frequency characteristic curve diagram, and FIG. 3 is a transducer according to the present
invention 4 is a perspective view of the disassembled state, and FIG. 5 is a sectional view of a
state in which a plurality of the transducers shown in FIG. 3 are accommodated in the
headphone. 1a and 1b are back electrodes, 3a and 3b are conductive layers, 4 is a diaphragm,
68j 6b is an electretized film made of polypropylene, 7 is a conductive layer, 10 is a signal
source, 11 is a transformer, 13, 13a and 13b are fixed. Plates 20.20a and 20b are charged films,
18, 18a and 18b are electretized films, 19 19a and 19b are conductive films deposited thereon,
22 is a diaphragm, and 23a and 23b are high resistance layers. is there. 1 1 47 1- 52-422 (2) yA
1 Δ 澹 υ 歇 〃 η η λ 吹 W f f − 3 口 − − − ユ ユ 痴 痴 痴2h to Igtij Qb 21 b 13 b Hp-- 11
11-20 b 5 Fig. 5-48-real open 52-3422 (3) Fig. 4 1 'la 1' 1 la 13 a "21 a (cross = 2" "m 2 θ azp
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION A tfi acoustic transducer is considered which uses
a diaphragm made of a polymer film in a recto-lectret fashion. Referring to this -gIlfjl1 diagram,
(la) (lb) indicates a pair of opposite poles disposed opposite to each other, which may be formed
entirely of 41 [material, or a synthetic resin as shown in the figure. Opposite ridges (within i !!) of
main plates (2 ridges) (2b) formed of 011e edge material of i) Each layer K is formed by vapordepositing gold H 4 such as aluminum so as to form a layer (3a> (3b), and the back 1i (xm) For
example, a capsule (5) of headphones is configured. Is this diaphragm (4) four? A conductive nm
is sandwiched between two films (6 @) and (6b) that are electretized to the well-known polarity
shown. In practice, this diaphragm (4) has metal layers (7), such as aluminum, respectively
deposited on the-side of each film (6a and 6b), and the respective gold plates-(7) are brought into
mutual contact. And united. (811 bsb) are vents, (9a) and (9b) spacers. Therefore, the external
signal source [1] corresponds to the external signal source [4] by applying 7 JO to the layer (3a)
(3b) dark of the back electrode (1a) (lb) via, for example, transformer 1.111 It is possible to use it
as a key, that is, as a headphone. However, in such an electro-acoustic variable musical
instrument, the diaphragm (4) t-.. As a material and a large king thick L! % TA has to be taken
into account, so that it was an inner ring or a curiosity to use a smaller or thicker waxy wax.
Moreover, in the illustrated example, the Fi conductive layer (7) is inserted as the @ moving plate
14) from the relationship of providing a pair of back electrodes (1 m) (12)), and films (61 And 6b
can not maintain the electrical balance of the back plate (1 m) (lb) of the mobile plate (4), so that
the thickness of the entire 蚤 IIh plate (4) is much larger. It becomes. Therefore, the mass of the
movable plate (4) is increased by such a configuration, especially I! There is a defect that the
characteristic of cutting to the ii frequency is deteriorated. In FIG. 2, the horizontal axis
represents the frequency f, and the vertical axis represents the response db. This is a case in
which the single wave number characteristic is received, and it is a case of using a converter ttli
(12 in the first south) as a polypropylene ttli work board with a total thickness of 12.7μ.
The present study has overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks and proposes a transducer
which has a uniform distribution in the distribution of the boundary, and the present invention is
applied to the headphones in FIGS. 3 and 4 The case will be described. (13 &) and (13b) receive
an opposing pair of identifications "4L, which are formed from a conductive material such as
aluminum, and have a height of 1Ef! It acts together and forms the housing t-shadow of the
transducer (capsule). Fixed plate (13s) (3)-Slide N, a large number of sound emitting holes (14mJ
& (14b) are formed in the center of the monument (13b), 1 a spacer made of synthetic resin etc.
between the outer peripheral edges of both (15m) and (15b) are interposed, which are adhered
to the inner surface of the outer Wl image of the pair of fixing plates (13a) Hz and (i3b)
respectively, and the circular surface of each spacer (15m) or (15b) Through holes (17b) and
(17a) all through which the more projecting bins (16m) and (16b) are formed in series with the
other spacer (x5b) or (15m) and the fixing plate (13b) or (13a) The projecting portions are
crimped (11 attached) to mechanically connect the (6) plates (13a) and (i3b). According to the
present invention, it is preferable to use a metal Thg 4 made of a polypropylene resin or the like
and made of an aluminum-only metal Thg 4 on the − side of the main film (18 r and x 8 b) made
of polypropylene resin etc. And (19b) completely formed imperial membrane (20a) and (20b),
these conductive M (19m) and (z9b) k fixed plate (131 and (z3b) fixed with conductive adhesive
Attach the # * MA (20a) Nt (20b) inside (2) K of the fixed plate (131 and (l)). (21 g) The warp (21
b) is a sound emission hole formed in the film of the cathode (4) "2t", r '. In addition, in order to
electrically connect the fixed plate and the guide membrane, at least one of the sound release
holes (21 @) and (14a) are in communication with each other and (21b) and (14b) It can be
communicated and filled with conductive paint. Also, the polarization polarity of the main films
(18a) and (x8b) in this case is determined by selecting the state VC shown. Fixing plate 03m) and
(lab) 1 vl Icu れ と and 2 1 l Vi hold all the limp board (22 full stretch. As this diaphragm {circle
around (3)}, one made of a polyester resin material having a hardness of 3 to 6 μ can be used. In
the present invention, a high resistance layer (23aH23b) is formed by steaming a very thin layer
of a metal such as aluminum, for example, in a thickness of 1 m.
This layer (23a) (23bJtri) may be any 10,000. Attached to both sides of the diaphragm (10) and
loosely attach the rings (24a) and (24b) to the peripheral edge of this work plate, respectively,
and between the two decision plates (13a) ML and (13b) Therefore, by sandwiching the spacers
(15a) (15b) in the dark, it is possible to stretch between the sliding plate 1 and the fixed plate
(z3) 13b. In addition, it is also possible to use gold J4W1 as this wedge-plate. In such a
configuration, as shown in FIG. 3 (5) /, .tau..sup.7 '), for example, from the external signal source
11 between the conductive films (19a) and (19b) of Teigein (20m) and (20b), as shown in FIG.
The imaging plate (221 is photographed by applying a signal tube through the signal tube
through I + 3 (in FIG. 3, Example 1 via the fixed plates 13a and 13b), the headphone change #
Act as a # vessel. According to such a configuration, since the imaging plate itself does not need
to be, for example, electretized kA [i @], it can be formed in consideration of only the purpose of i
@@ itself or all that it can do. Therefore, it is possible to use one that is ugly compared to the
moving plate 14) of the converter 5) received in FIG. Because it can be used, it can be vibrated by
following the frequency easily, so that it has 埠 f & gold that can increase the term
characteristics, especially the toss characteristics. The curve 4 in FIG. 2 shows the frequency
characteristics of the case where a 6-color polyester film of four colors is used as a moving plate
in the modification 44 of the composition 31 to the fourth strain, which is more obvious than
this. Like [frequency Ifill! It can be seen that the component is wide vc + h. 6), 2 and 3 According
to the present invention, electrostatic force is applied to this photographic print by high
resistance m (23 m) (23 b) 'd-tear on the surface of the movable plate e 2' 3 It is possible to make
the electric field distribution partially inflexible, and to this the pulse plate of the electrification
plate can be prevented from being pulsed. As a result, it is unnecessary to avoid all occurrences
of @stomach, and it is possible to mix the [email protected] frequency characteristics as described above.
History [4 # awake olfactory (20iB 20b) can be considered to use them only for their eyes 4%,
that is, it can be large or small, so its length uses a large charge effect be able to. Fig. 5 is a plan
view 6t Lfr of the state (6) of the converter (5) according to the present invention shown in Fig. 3
housed in a gold headphone, where (S) is the case of the headphone, (2) is the seeding cover, 1 is
an ear bat, and (support) is a head bat.
still. cllj and C (Axes slide bar and holder respectively. Herrad butt c9 Knf head non-case + I! It is
4 to decide the upper and lower position of 61. Since these configurations are conventionally
known and are not directly related to the gist of the present invention, detailed description will
be omitted. Such a (7) door 【4I ゝ 一 paradox phone is determined almost the same size as a
whole, and] 房 は は 変 換 VC 1 Figure 1 described converter (5) is one The length is assumed to
be stored. The transducer shown in FIG. 3 according to the present invention can also be stored
in this headphone with one rod length and one record, but it is possible to store a plurality of
them. Therefore in this case each converter) 5) l addiction? It is configured to be smaller in size
by a factor of 2 than the converter (5) in the case of storing it. In addition, it may be one town,
and may be thinner than father. In addition, it is a matter of course that the present invention can
be applied to a headphone, a speaker, and a microphone VC%.