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Representative Asahi Saeki 41 agent address Osaka City-J Sobno-ku Nagaikecho 22nd No. 22 V
Yabe Co., Ltd. [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JPA 51-6702 Might '11dI * / Invention Name
Pressed Niu exhibition, a single mechanical deformation of "B" J's sweat, an enemy that vibrates
and excites over the deformed part of the recording medium having a length of +1 r @ In order to
convert air pressure while introducing the mechanical pressure applied from the regenerating
ttics form part, the air bubble generated by the mechanical pressure to the regenerating element
is provided. An elastic conductive material provided on the piezoelectric conversion element to
form one thousand thousand other elements for leading out, and a lead forming a square
polarization for deriving electric quantity generated in the piezoelectric conversion element The
main 41 regenerating apparatus which is provided on the conductive material and leads out
electricity generated in the piezoelectric conversion element through the conductive material and
as a playback needle holder.
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a pressure regenerating
device #L. For example, a pressure-up or stretch-pressure regenerating apparatus used for a
video disc, a mechanical deformation section formed with a gap of several microns to several f
microns, and the deformation section on a recording board on which information is recorded. 1)
Move the extrusion movement with a very small regenerating needle / with a width of 40 feet as
shown in Fig. 1 (a), middle) as small as only 100 microns, and the regenerating needle / received
from the 鴬 IC part @ mechanical The force is transmitted to the E at tE, it is transmitted to the
very small pressure conversion element 2 and is converted to this electricity 'IIt, and it may be
troubled if the electromechanical force is too much, so it is more than necessary EndPage: Made
of an aluminum pipe etc. to hold the regenerating needle as a mechanical force absorbing
material EndPage: An elastic material such as rubber, plastic or the like between rubber and
plastic etc. Is inserted. However, in the above-described suppression angle device, the lead @,? It
is necessary to have two by all means, this reproduction needle! Because the piezoelectric
transducer was attached, this increased the number of manufacturing processes as a pressure
regeneration device. #The practice of ultrasonic bonding of lead wires, which is the most internal
work, was less, and it was practiced twice. It was expensive and expensive (and it was too long in
time). The present invention is a misery and simple configuration that overcomes these
deficiencies, and is described in the following general example while having ten seasons jlL
configurations that seem to be not much different from conventional ones. Is it 4 mouths
extremely? It is an object of the present invention to provide a pressure regenerating device that
supervises the function that has been awkward. ! mT, "4-271 JCC * # 4 k" 6. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · • A piezoelectric conversion
element 22 is provided on the writing needle J1 in order to electrically replace the n while
introducing the mechanical pressure applied from the reproduction needle J / J deformation
portion, and the piezoelectric conversion element 1 is To form one of the electrodes which
absorbs the mechanical pressure which is introduced into the main body and which is caused by
the mechanical pressure on the piezoelectric transducer 2 and which forms one of the electrodes.
A conductive material (for example, conductive Mic rubber, 4 conductive plastic) cocoon 5 to
form the other Titm for producing 4 electricity 1 generated in this soil deformation 2 element
22- λ,? Is placed on the lower surface of the piezoelectric R element 22, and the adhesive
material 25, the affixing material 25, the regenerating needle, 2 /, and the piezoelectric element
(to hold the element 25 etc. The tip of the holding lever 26 is in contact with the surface.
Now, when the Nikki needle 2 / is subjected to dilation pressure transfer 1 on the base plate, the
deformed portion can be brought back to its original state in a state of being released from the
contact state with the Niyu needle 21 By force, the rear end of ft, 2 / is subjected to mechanical
pressure, and this mechanical pressure is introduced into the piezoelectric element 2-2, and is
converted into electricity. This electric silk soil 4 turtle cocoon 5 and a holding lever roller made
of aluminum pipe etc., formed by ny, is one power t pole 1 earth ground 1 and the other lead
reed 31 In this external 1-1 path, the reading and reproduction of the tS report recorded as a
mechanically deformed portion on the recording board 1 is performed. Because there is no
uninvention in the upper group, there are 2 lead wires for naive lieutency that were required to
be pressed internalization ++ 1t because it is necessary (ant or 7) The number of wire bonding
processes by ultrasonic bonding is reduced by half, and it is extremely easy to manufacture. And
many judgments such as lead to shortening of production time. Is a suppression endophysis
device diagram of this axis light. 2 /: A raw f [ko 2: pressure change element! 3: Lead 25: Cross
section + 1! 6: Lever attached lever EndPage: 2