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Aki M9 4, 'XStl cattle 1 Secretary's name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Masaharu Matsushita [in Japanese] [Japanese] Patent Office of Japan ■ Japanese
Patent Office ■ JP-A-51-2414 公開 Published in Japan 51. (1976) 1, 10 ■ Japanese Patent
Application No. 4f-44θf2 The office serial number No. 1 unit dances one unit and one unit.
称 1 名称 1, title of the invention 2, claim category 11.3 way 1 ka more than that speaker mount
of Cl no multi way speaker 71 Vr hey f + / j? Even if the distance RIF between the centers of the
two speaker units that cross over is disposed within 20 ctn, the speaker 1 is characterized by
Speaker equipment 5
3. Detailed description of the invention In accordance with the present invention, 3 multiplayers
vw more than one multi-way speaker vrp, rough motion f between each speaker unit f from the
sound pressure characteristics, phase A speaker 1 with excellent mentality and directivity
characteristics is provided. Traditionally, each multi-way speaker system in 3 windows 1 woman
"r 乙 each speaker unit on the powerful surface" (t,) arrangement and position in the position ft
'Ii, the appearance design and proportion with 17 In order to facilitate the placement of the
speaker unit and the mounting structure of the speaker unit, each of the speakers 2 (7 + 1/4 RV l
71 FI woofer 12 n): J-car, as shown in FIG. 3 to tweeter 14 to No. 1 bas eta, its six-th-order r
acoustical castability σ] cross-over Zhouzawa Nou near position 1 [% property, inferiority of
directivity characteristics or large (the defect that occurs夛 ・ っ 大。 (? 9 Figure 1 1 · f music
σ) such as 1j program source complete, 1-1 to listen to the poem r, each 2 Bikaninitto is one to
be heard that the sound from the listening bean V to the sound V to reach direction The
difference between the two is large, ATi 're called the reproduction of the issue of the footnote of
the sound image or the issue of the instrument has! Mがあった。 As in the upper F ′ ′, it is
possible to live in the vicinity of the number of loss over laps 0, and to generate sound of
inferiority of directivity, inferiority of directivity characteristics g, Ii′il frequency from different
speaker unit 2 It is a cause. Although this k-th crossover is good at rH to avoid the inferiority at
11 and a full range single cone type speaker system is good, the flaw of this step 1 point is the
Zhou Xu Wei school where directivity characteristics deteriorate. Since it is necessary to use it,
and ν; 41 progress region is used, it is that the sound pressure resistance causes peaks and dips
and the phase characteristics deteriorate. EndPage: The present invention provides a high fidelity
UJ nubica costume which has a combination of a speaker with fiir lamp, a multi-way σJ
subwoofer and a single cone type speaker system user σ). If you listen to music with a
conventional ツ ス ピ ー カ speaker system, if the speaker unit is attached at a distant position,
the basic sound and high γ P can be created with the sound of k musical instruments, and it can
be heard from a large place. According to the present invention, the basic sound, the store, and
the toned sound can be heard from the very same place, so that the musical property possessed
by the instrument is also rare. It can be done. Hereinafter, 7E will be described with reference to
the first embodiment of the invention. When placing the speaker unit close to each other, it is
better to approach as close as possible, and the distance between the two f sources l111 that
cross over with each other is coarse movement with the listening position movement; is
Generally, when you hear the sound of the same station θV emitted from two sound sources, it's
1 of them! If the extended time is' fr on a sphere of 0.5 to sec, it is said that the phase shift can
be determined. If this dimension is made into 5 m 5 ec, it becomes about 17 crn of the value
multiplied by the sound velocity 340 m / sec. This is about the distance between human ears, but
the upper value of 0.5 mg ecr + average value has a deviation of ± 0.05 m5 ec and a maximum
of 0.55 tosec. Its size corresponds to about 20 crn. Therefore, it can be understood that the
distance between the sound source centers of the two crossover speaker units should be 20 crn
or less. Embodiment of the present invention, as shown in FIGS. 3 and 8 of the present invention,
in FIGS. 3 and 4, the distance between the woofer-1 and the squawker 2 is 20 m, and the
distance f13 between the squawker 2 and the tweeter 3 This is an example in which they are
brought close to each other. Fcg5 Fig. 7 shows an example where the distance between the
centers of all the speaker units of woofer-1, squawker 2 and tweeter 3 is within f 20 cm, Fig. 7
and Fig. 8 are a 4-way speaker system and between woofer-1 and squawker 2 Distance f 20 cms
Skooka 2 and tweeter 3 +2) Distance 8 K 13 cm, distance between tweeter 3 and super tweeter 4
close to 1 ocrn is an example. Even in a multi-way speaker system with four or more windows,
the F1 comb and r speaker units can be distributed. In the speaker arrangement of the present
invention N1. According to the present invention, it is possible to prevent deterioration of phase
characteristics and directivity characteristics at crossover number #, flat sound pressure
characteristics, phase characteristics, and directivity as shown in FIG. 10, π. Important for music
playback to obtain characteristics' f! It is extremely advantageous for the improvement of the
localization of the sound image, and the instrument also has an effect that it can be reproduced.
4, a brief description of the drawing is 1, Figure, 2 front view of the conventional speaker tears in
Figure 2, ft! 3P-8. Implementation of non-explosive 9 in evening E. Front view of the speaker
chain in 1g, furnace, Fig. 1 in 9 ((i,... 10 and FIG. 10 are directivity characteristic diagrams of 00
and 300 of the embodiment of the present invention shown in FIG. 1・・・・・ウーハ−12・
l11スコーカ−13・・・−1ツイータ、4・・9−eスーパーツイータ。 Attorney Nakao,
Toshio Nakao, one of the agents 1 Winter Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Port 8 Fig. 4 EndPage: 2 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 6
8 (# aNn ++ (Oigata) (J Shi J front wave breaking (Hz) many °: · 1 part 1 figure (3)
technical mosquito (ligl) 6 !! Other than the second invention invention and agent (]) inventor
address same place address same place name Shu Shuzou name new house Shu 3 address same
place Matsumoto Michi name Matsumoto Miji promotion office same place (2) agent 81EndPage: 3