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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker showing an example of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view 1 of a vibrating portion of the speaker of
FIG. Required. E · · · · co b DOO, f ...... external terminal, 9 ...... corn suspension, 10E ... flexible
electrically insulating plastic moldings, 14 "14 '... ·········································· Adhesive layer, etc.
········································································· 50-6633 (2) 2nd Concave-74-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a speaker comprising a
printed coil and a connection between the printed coil and an external terminal printed on the
surface of a flexible electrically insulating plastic molding to form a vibrating portion of a general
purpose speaker. It relates to a speaker characterized by using one component. Conventionally,
as shown in FIG. 1, this kind of spi or 'ioj :;-. The vibrating part is the coil (1), the damper (2), the
lead wires (4), 2 (4) ', and the cone (4 yo yo corn cone suspension (9) ,! り。 It is composed of -C.
The damper (2) is a sleeve-like base material formed by applying electric current, impregnating a
resin into a cloth and pressing # 7Jl so as to grow concentric folds, and the inner circular end
portion is insulated by winding a coil 4- The end of the outer circle connected to the upper end of
the bobbin is fixed to the frame (d) to hold the coil (1). Further, the top of a cone (3) made of a
special paper diaphragm is connected and fixed to the upper end of the coil, and the cone (the
cocoon is fixed to the frame by a cone suspension (9)). The electrical input is led to the coil (1)
from the external terminals (8), (By the lead (in season, (4) 'from the lead wire); Ilk (1) is a
magnet (ω and km (6),! The electric input placed in the magnetic field formed by 、 and
introduced to the coil (1) is converted to acoustic tremor. This vibration is properly (= propagated
and amplified) to the cone (3) by the holding of the damper (2). However, conventionally, as thin
line # (4), (4) 'for guiding the electric input to the coil (1), the thin 411! In spite of using 3 soft
bales wound with thin copper foil band on a bundle of cotton yarn or thread, lead (4), (4 / end of
coil winding at the top of cone (3) Connect one part with the cone and attach a part of the lead
wire directly to the surface of the cone (the attachment is fixed from iso-sini, etc. These give an
adverse effect to the above-mentioned cone (the force's proper vibration, Zhou #! I was
impressed with the number characteristics. In addition, in the conventional coil winding 4II
structure, there is a limit to @ quantification of the speaker displacing portion, and the acoustic
characteristics of the speaker are influenced. In order to overcome the above-mentioned
drawbacks and to provide superior acoustic characteristics, the coil and the terminal wiring of
the coil are formed on the surface of a flexible electrically insulating plastic molding by a printed
circuit in order to improve the excellent acoustic characteristics. Enables the lightweight coil of
the coil, and at the same time, without using the conventional lead wire, the conductor layer
provided on both sides of the damper portion as a coil terminal and one end edge of the damper
is fixed to the frame and simultaneously connected to the external terminal As a result, the cone's
appropriate vibration t is inhibited.
It is intended to improve the speaker's circumferential mantissa characteristic 4 by removing
self-conditions. That is, the present invention has four layers on the entire surface except the end
of the damper part in a soft, electrically insulating plastic molded body having concentric folds,
one consisting of the damper part and the cylinder f part. The present invention relates to a
speaker which is provided with a conductive layer such as a conductive layer facing the outer
periphery of a round collar portion and a solenoid pattern (== print coil formed by ==). As a
flexible electrically insulating plastic molding in the present invention, cloth-Eboxy airi I! 布
Cloth-7 enol rosin, paper-eboki $ '1il &, 祇-pheno, a small thickness of a flexible electric
insulating sheet molding such as resin laminate, or an electric insulating film such as varnish,
polyolefin, fluorine-based rosin, etc. These are used by heating and molding into a molded body
comprising concentric dampers as shown at 3C; and a circular damper portion and a circular
tube portion. In addition, as the conductor layer portion on the surface of the electrically
insulating def-tick molded body 4, as the d, a PIi film such as steel 5 or aluminum is made to be
electrically charged by true wall deposition or plating, or by application such as silver mirror
reaction! And the like are preferably used. Apply coating, drying and solidifying photoresist on
these conductor layers, and C, forming a mask layer with the desired original pattern on the
photoresist surface by the method of 31aT5, consisting of coil and terminal area The desired
circuit is one lint to form a single lint coil and a conductor layer (b), d. That is, the abovementioned mask layer is exposed to actinic light 2 from the upper side, the mask layer is
removed, a developer is used to develop a predetermined relief image by the photoresist layer,
and a conductor layer of a portion not blurred by the photoresist layer Is removed by etching
with an etching solution. In this case, the conductor layer (b) and d are initially provided on the
entire surface of the molded body except for the damper end edge (2) of the electrically
insulating plastic molded body shaft, and the conductor 1mQ4 under the damper portion Is
connected to the external terminal-attached to the frame (2) by means of a hammer 6 or the like,
and the conductor layer α of the first line is connected to the external terminal by soldering or
the like. One end of the tamper may be adhesively fixed via the adhesive layer (b). The electrical
input is led from the external terminal (7) through the conductor layer to the printed coil (b)
printed on the outer peripheral surface of the cylindrical tube portion, and C: from the coil (b) to
the inner peripheral surface of the cylindrical tube And the upper conductor layer of a part of the
damper lead to the external terminal.
The following is a more detailed description of the uninvented case according to one reason. FIG.
3 shows the electrically insulating plastic cage (2) and the printed coil (2) which constitute the
vibrating portion of the speaker according to the present invention of FIG. It is an expanded
sectional view showing the conductor layer (ii), 041 ', external terminal (good), QI 9', and the top
of a cone (3). Thickness 0.5 m-2. Ome degree soft, electric insulating plastic molding (2) (2 in (2),
in the second part of the die bar, the thickness is made of a copper coating on the entire surface
except for the part (2)) Conductor layer α 、 of about 10μ to 50μ ((14 'is formed by the
conventional black plating method, and a photoresist material (eg, 7 parts of KFR Kodak) is
applied thereon to a thickness of 1μm to 5μ) Dry, print a solenoid pattern with a conductor
width of 1.0 麿 and a pitch interval of about 1.5111 on the cylindrical tube part of the conductor
layer, print coil (2) and the print coil and external terminals (2), (2) Forming a circuit consisting
of the connection with the conductor, ie, the conductor layer (2), u, to produce a speaker part. In
order to use this speaker component as the second component, as the vibration component of
the speaker, the top of the cone (3) is applied to the circumference @ + of the cylindrical tube of
the molded body (2) Through the conductor of the damper (at one end of the damper) in the
vicinity of the place where the frame external terminal (至),-'is provided, or through the
electrically insulating adhesive layer The construction is fixed only through the adhesive layer
(ii), and the conductor layers (2) and (ii) 'are directly connected to the external terminals (d) and
d. Mataframe Q (where 1 は 2 is fixed at the bottom of the cone (3) by means of a cone
suspension (9)). In the present invention (in FIG. 2, the cone (3) as shown in FIG. 2) is one end
edge (2) of the damper (9) and the flexible electrically insulating plastic molding (d) The frame is
shredded (: fixedly supported, and the lead wire is not fixed to the cone (3) as in the prior art, and
does not prevent proper vibration of the cone as compared with the conventional case. Also,
conventionally, enamel coated steel 4I is wound around electrically insulating cylindrical tube in
a transverse wave manner, coil increase is stopped by holding agent, and it is attached to a cone
(terminal fitting attached near the verge) On the other hand, a conductor layer (b) provided on
the surface of a flexible electrically insulating plastic molding (b) consisting of a damper-like
damper portion and a cylindrical tube portion according to the present invention; It is connected
continuously with the printed coil formed by the pattern, and it is possible to eliminate the
location of the conventional copper wire attachment at all.
Also, instead of the conventional enameled copper wire winding, by using a printed steel plating
layer C, the weight of the film can be reduced, and the entire vibration portion of the speaker can
also be reduced in weight. As a result, the present invention can improve the nine vibration
characteristics of the vibration portion of the speaker, and can reliably obtain a speaker having
excellent frequency characteristics and C2 excellent acoustic characteristics.