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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view showing an embodiment
of a channel display switching device according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an
enlarged plan view of the relevant part. 1 ...... cabinet, 5 ...... scan E ·· lamp, 16,1γ ······ display
board. -103 one
[Detailed description of the invention] Several functions (r. Chan T, 9J of Le, was each an L wing
that exhibits each function? % At machine height %
% record or
tape% jll I ··· 1. IL; Change time to 2ch / L and 4ch 'Y-le for U. ・ If there is any kind of bipa,
check whether it is in the equipment power, season rfill, or no ability condition. There is a need
to display something in order to make Takumi 49-7446-02'i (1) i, the present invention is a
display switching device of the above-mentioned channel 'X: f; positioner 9-structure d; f) ff 4 t' 'c
L d 4 X (y-fco operation !: 'I try to provide a device that can be reliably switched at the same time.
In the following, the details will be described with reference to an embodiment shown in the
drawing C. 1 is a cabinet such as a stereo, etc., and a predetermined place C... Is formed as a
loading portion of the cartridge 2 containing the tape. When the control lever 4 is deployed in a
pivotable manner by pushing the j- portion into the charging portion in a fine manner, the
operation of the 2-channel and 4-channel switching switch 5 on one side of the lever 4 When the
lever 6 is in constant contact and the lever 40 is pushed, the switch 5 is appropriately operated
to switch the stereo etc. to the four channels. I: The cartridge 2 described above is removed as
shown by the solid line in FIG. 1 for the 2-channel or 4-channel force I. The other end is shown as
a solid line in FIG. This is formed in the shape of month 1 without removing 3.9, and the tip is
scraped off; when loading the cartridge 2 which is removed 7 ... "49-7446-03 k ': t (2)-4" When
inserting a small-sized cartridge that does not press the key, ie, does not operate the switch 5 and
does not operate the switch 5 or the like, while inserting a small-sized cartridge that does not
delete the tip, its tip (more The lever 4 is fully depressed to switch the switch 5, and thereby C
automatically switches functions such as stereo. In the figure, 8 is a head provided at the inner
side of the cabinet loading portion 3 and is C at the time of loading the cartridge 2 into the
loading portion so as to face the chip 7 and the ridge C. There is. So the main idea is 1. In the
configuration as described above, the side 11 of the switch 5 is provided with a train + l'J in
conjunction with the work J (I11 'moving part such as IJtl6) at the side 11 of the switch 5. Cavi T
connects the tip of -l of L-shaped arm t 111 pivoted to the wall of Soto 10, and the other ji 'A' of
this bile 11: tail C through support plate 12-illumination lamp 13 !
In the figure, 14 and 15 in the figure are formed in parallel to the front lf + I of the cavity 1 and i
and the window holes, respectively; 2 channels and 4 channels are displayed in each of the 1 and
9 holes. Display panels 16 and 17 are provided, and the movement of the run 49-7446-04f) 13
accompanying the switching of the switch 5 causes the display panels on the side to be
illuminated. There is. 18 is a lead wire of the lamp 13. Note that the lamp 13 is supported by the
support plate 12fr: arm knee 1. As shown in FIG. 2, it may be oriented so as to always face the
display plate as shown in FIG. In addition, the support plate and the arm I may be fixed so as to
point in any direction when moving. In order to insert the cartridge 2 whose tip is partially
removed into the loading portion 3 of the cabinet 1 as shown in FIG. Follow without the switch 5
being actuated; The treasure 13 and the armrest 11 do not operate, and the lamp 13 is stopped
at the position 1n of the clothes. In addition, when inserting a cartridge with a different number
of channels from the number of channels I into the loading part of the cabinet; when inserting a
cartridge having a 71j-shaped ridge, "l't" l Vsbt <-4 " "5" (4) and switch 5 is switched, and at the
same time, link 9 interlocked with the switch is actuated to center l14 + [ll around pivot point 10
As a result, the lamp 13 is moved from the position of the display plate 16 to the next display
plate 1 to illuminate the plate. According to the device of the present invention as described
below, according to the device of the present invention, the channel switching switch is
interlocked to provide the ream F 1 ′ ′, and the tf is connected to one end of the L-shaped
armrest that is movably disposed in a part of the cabinet A lamp is attached to the other end of
this arm ti so that the lamp can be moved to any force of the channel display board provided on
the front face C of the cabinet by the operation of each company accompanying the operation of
the switch. Therefore, the channel display can be reliably switched simultaneously with the
switch operation, and since the configuration is 8 and extremely I, there is such an effect that
assembly work can be easily performed in a short time. I4: Brief description of surface Fig. 1 is a
side sectional view showing an embodiment of a channel display switching device according to
the present invention 4j, Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of the main part, 5.49-7446-06 □ A large
plan view.
Sパ″100. Cabinet, 5 ++ + 7 7 9 9 + ++ 、 (,:, 杆, 11 ,,, Arm Fft 13 "" lamp, 16 ° ;: 17 · · · ·
display board applicants Matsu F Electronics industry shares Ih Hitoshi lj-9 '· 1 □: 1 @@' '1, 1' (6)
49 near 446-07 also 1 '7 old figure, 265 de, y2 / 3 oval-74 a 6 "'L ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 31027---1') r
term S2 /, E core", · · · ·:, 155 '' /: I, Valley · / 2/3 / De "744o49-7446-086, other invention stand,
utility model registration applicant (1) ぢ draft. + 1'T'f, i'F,:, "j," "5." ':', '', 'I-', 1006 pine 1 city, '),;
Atsushi Sugiki (2) Utility model registration applicant flI summer 1 name full name 49-7446-09
procedure correction book Patent office director's director number 112247, E) 25 '? 'Ga [-1,
display of the case 1984 name of the application 4878 town' 2 name of the invention device
display switching device of the channel in the audio equipment person who makes a correction
Related applicants Osaka J1 °, ■ · · il '11 'l,' Hatsu 00 ·) J3 two JI public jJ '"LIJ', IrJ" ':' ',' 'two'; ',:,
::, E,', t, i: generation No 17 (publicly jl: r? 14, agent Osaka city Tennoji ward "3P madojiru (001:
3) patent attorney valley 2nd unga of 2 Honcho 5 Nga:-"-:. 5 Date of correction order 4 mer 1020 ¥ Target of application amendment 7 Contents of amendment As indicated in the attached
sheet, submit the application for correction that corrects the inventor's name a # l Documents
certificate l, oath, book 1 Certificate of transfer prefecture-Ding; ° ·, 49-7446-10 Ding □
Application for utility model registration January 1955 Mume l Patent Office Secretary 1 the
name of the device @ ヒ @ 器 器 チ ャ ン ネ ル 器 チ ャ ン ネ ル 干 干Esouchi table reception 5 ·
moxibustion device 2, each Haji wound (one person 1 Koshi 而 ノ ミ Nomiko '閂 1j' j l II IIIi
address Matsudo Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. inside (2 '41 "not-one friend 1), l ? '+, (, Practical tri
recordings; 911 address 1'J (Funmen Emeishan),' i'l 'I' II IIi address LL- name · 5829 Matsu F
electric wealth; Matsu 1-City Jichi 54, agent 1 1 place: +1; (',' ζ city people l: 'tl', if, ...: ",-, +, \ · · in1 ', L ',' f (6, 0 + 3 j f p 1: 1: 'z 91 + soda □ 6 I: l: Hi 2. t °' l: 1 ', ": 4 (+ v>" ° "1.". (1)Lイ
IA (· Li [what ro-ー 呻 F-呻 === === 51: 本 □ □ ((, S, 'j: jl', + 5.1 W ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 111414 -5 ·
around '' T49-7446-11i 2 ... 6, other seven draft old °, applicant for utility model registration (1)
old old drafted in one place + 7 ° 'j gate Tsuba ·' 1 · convex (River 61 , 1, Nei 2, 1 (Sat; '1.
Internal name Suginaga Sugi '匈. (2) Utility model registration station one person 1 "· Name 497446-12